- Brass Ensemble -
Brass Duet
Duos for Trumpet and Bariton(or Trombone) for Beginners (ps) EMB \3,130   BE2Z101
Brass Trio
Bardin,M.R.         Sonatine en Trio F for Tpt.Hr.Tbn. (s&p) Bil \2,230   BE3B001
Berlin,I.           Alexander's Ragtime Band for Tpt.Hr/Tpt.Tbn (Holcombe)(s&p) MP \1,440   BE3B002
Poulenc,F.          Sonata for Hr.Tpt.Tbn. (1922) (P.Jones & E.Howarth)(s&p) Che \2,460 BE3P001
Trios for Brass for 2Tpt.Tbn. (Perenyi)(33 pieces)(s&p) EMB \4,080   BE3Z101
                     Anon, Alle, psalite cum lyua; Regnart, Song; Morley, Canzonetta;
                     Banchieri, Song; Weelkes, Madrigal; Youll, Madrigal; Anders,
                     Fanfare; Purcell, Canon; Pepusch, Allegro; Corbett, Adagio; 
                     Faber, March; Mattheson, Bourree; Fischer, Gavotte; Rameau,
                     Choir; Rameau, Tambourin; Handel, March; Handel, Menuet;
                     Sammartini, Allegro; Daquin, Rigaudon, Haydn, Menuet; Reichardt,
                     Vivace; Mozart, Trio [Magic Flute]; Berton, Canon; Cherubini,
                     Canon; Hering, Canon; Schubert, The linden tree; etc.        
Christmas Carol Suite for Tpt.Tpt/Hr.Tbn. Vol.1 (arr. Holcombe & Nagle) (s&p) MP \2,250   BE3Z102
                     The First Noel; Hark,the Herald Angels Sing; 
                     Joy to the World; God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman        
Music for Weddings for Tpt.Tpt/Hr.Tbn Vol.1 ( Bill Holcombe) MP \3,000   BE3Z103
                     Allegro Maestoso; Ich Liebe Dich; O Perfect Love;
                     Bridal Chorus; Wedding March;        
Brass Quartet
Arensky,A.          Serenade B Op.39/3 for 3Tbn.Tuba (Brown)(s&p) IMC \1,490   BE4A002
Clarke,J.           Trumpet Voluntary for 2Tpt.Hr/Tbn.Tbn. (Holcombe)(s&p) MP \1,440   BE4C003
Frescobaldi,G.      Canzon terzadecima a 4 for 2Tpt.Tbn/Hr.Tbn. (s&p) MR \1,710   BE4F001
Gabrieli,G.         Canzoni 1 & 2 for 2Tpt.Tbn/Hr.Tbn. MR \1,760   BE4G001
Gabrieli,G.         Canzoni 3 & 4 for 2Tpt.Tbn/Hr.Tbn. MR \1,760   BE4G002
Gervaise,C.         3 Dances for Tpt.Tpt/Hr.Hr/Tbn.Tb/Tuba (Reeves)(s&p) Che \2,630   BE4G005
Glazunov,A.         In Modo Religioso Op.38 for Tpt.Hr.2Tbn. (s&p) IMC \2,210   BE4G003
Goldman,E.F.        On the Mall for 2Tpt.Hr/Tbn.Tbn. (Holcombe)(s&p) MP \2,160   BE4G006
Villa-Lobos,H.      Choros (No.4) for 3Hr.Tbn. ME \3,550   BE4V001
Quartets for Brass for 2Tpt.2Tbn. (P.Peter)(s&p) EMB \4,080   BE4Z108
                     1.Berton, Canon 2.Diabelli, Allegretto 3.Weber, Hunter's Chorus 4.Weber, Graveside
                     Song 5.Rossini, Toast for the New Year 6.Schubert, Nocturnal Serenade 7.Schubert,
                     Spring Song 8.Schubert, Graveside Song 9.Mendelssohn, Farewell to the Forest
                     10.Mendelssohn, Comitat 11.Schumann, Don't be angry with the autumn wind
                     12.Schumann, Tambourine Player 13.Bruckner, Tantum Ergo 14.Brahms, The Moutains
                     have sharp Peaks 15.Tchaikovsky, The Doll's Funeral 16.Tchaikovsky, Neapolitan Song
                     17.Rimsky-Korsakov, Carrying bindweed I walk 18.Bardos, Christmas Cradle Song
                     19.Bardos, Christ,Lord of the Ages 20.Schrammel, Vienna is Vienna 21.Bodnar,
                     Fanfare for Four 22.Szenasi, Chaplin 2008 23.Deep River 24.Down by the riverside  
Brass Quintet
Arnold,M.           3 Shanties Op.4 for B5 Nov \3,110   BE5A003
Bach,J.S.           Fugue g (The Little) for B5 (Romm)(s&p) HL \3,400   BE5B013
Bach,J.S.           Sheep May Safely Graze for B5 (Watts)(s&p)(手書き譜) HL \2,600   BE5B016
Bach,P.D.Q.         Fantare for the Common Cold for 2Tpt.2Hr.Tbn. (Joke Music) TP \1,700   BE5B005
Barber,S.           Adagio for B5 (arr. by McNeff)(s&p) HL \3,500   BE5B006
Beethoven,L.v.      Turkish March Es for 2Tpt.Hr.Tbn.Buba (Frackenpohl) HL \4,250   BE5B007
Bizet,G.            Carmen Suite No.1 for B5 (Canadian Brass)(s&p) HL \2,400   BE5B009
Bizet,G.            Carmen Suite No.1 for B5 (Holcombe)(s&p) MP \4,500   BE5B014
Brahms,J.           Hungarian Dance No.5 g for B5 (J.C.Schott)(s&p) Lauren \3,610   BE5B017
Debussy,C.          Le Petit Negre for B5 (T.Caens)(s&p) Led \2,090   BE5D005
Dvorak,A.           Largo from Symphony No.9 C for B5 (J.C.Schott)(s&p) Lauren \3,610   BE5D006
Elgar,E.            Pomp and Circumstance (Trios from No.1 & No.4) for B5 (s&p) Che \3,350   BE5E009
Elgar,E.            Chanson de Matin for B5 (Harvey) (s&p) Che \2,150   BE5E010
Ewald,V.            Quintet No.2 Es Op.6 for B5 (Empire Brass)(s&p) GS \3,600   BE5E003
Ewald,V.            Quintet No.3 Des Op.7 for B5 (Empire Brass)(s&p) GS \3,000   BE5E004
Ewald,V.            Quintet No.3 Des Op.7 for B5 (D.E.Thomas)(s&p) MEx \4,200   BE5E006
Foster,S.           Jeanie, With The Light Brown Hair for B5 (Holcombe)(s&p) MP \2,250   BE5F003
Gabrieli,G.         Canzona per Sonare No.4 for B5 (Page) HL \3,400   BE5G002
Handel,G.F.         Suite from [Water Music] for B5 (Canadian Brass)(s&p) HL \2,800   BE5H009
Handel,G.F.         Water Music I for B5 (Vaigl)(s&p) Sup \1,760   BE5H011
Handel,G.F.         Water Music II for B5 (Vaigl)(s&p) Sup \2,520   BE5H012
Handel,G.F.         Hallelujah Chorus for B5 (F.Mills)(s&p) HL \2,600   BE5H005
Horovitz,J.         Music Hall Suite (1964) for B5 (手書き譜) Nov \3,590   BE5H010
Kamen,M.            Quintet (Canadian Brass Series) (s&p) HL \5,250   BE5K004
Lutoslawski,W.      Mini Overture for B5 (s&p) Che \3,590   BE5L004
Mozart,W.A.         Turkish Rondo for B5 (Frackenpohl) HL \4,250   BE5M002
Mussorgsky,M.       Pictures at an Exhibition for B5 HL \8,400   BE5M003
Pachelbel,J.        Canon C for B5 (Mills) (s&p) HL \3,400   BE5P011
Praetorius,M.       Dances of Terpsichore No.1 Sprig Dance for B5  S&B \1,380   BE5P008
Purcell,H.          Purcell Suite for B5 (Mills)(Canadian Brass)(s&p) HL \3,400   BE5P010
Reger,M.            Maria Wiegenlied for B5 (Breuer) (s&p) R&E \2,210   BE5R004
Rimsky-Korsakov,R.  The Flight of the Tuba Bee for Solo Tuba & 2Tpt.Hr.Tbn. HL \3,400   BE5R001
                     (arr. by Howard Cable)(s&p)        
Rodriguez,M.        La Cumparsita for B5 (Kompanek)(s&p)(手書き譜) HL \3,400   BE5R002
Rossini,G.          Largo al Factotum [Barber of Seville] for B5 (Kulesha)(s&p) HL \2,600   BE5R003
Sousa,J.P.          A Sousa Collection (Medley) for B5 HL \3,750   BE5S007
Strauss,R.          Zarathustra Fanfare for B5 (Canadian Brass)(s&p) HL \2,800   BE5S010
Suppe,F.v.          Light Cavalry Overture for B5 (Holcombe)(s&p)(手書き譜) MP \2,600   BE5S011
Verdi,G.            Hymne und Triumphmarsch from [Aida] for B5 (Peterle) (s&p) Pfeffer \3,780   BE5V003
Verdi,G.            The Anvil Chorus for B5 (Holcombe) (s&p) MP \2,700   BE5V004
Amazing Grace for B5 (Henderson) HL \3,400   BE5Z101
Christmas Crackers for B5 (arr. by J.Iverson) (s&p) Che \3,790   BE5Z106
                     Jingle-Bess-Deck th Halls; A Carol Fantasy;
                     We wish you a Merry Christmas        
White Christmas (Berlin-Henderson) for B5 (s&p) HL \3,500   BE5Z116
Christmas Jazz Suite for B5 (Holcombe) (手書き譜)(Medley) (s&p) MP \3,000   BE5Z121
                     Deck the Halls - Silent Night - Jingle Bells -
                     God Rest You Merry Gentlemen - We Wish You A Merry Christmas        
Brass Sextet or more
Albinoni,T.         Adagio g for B10 (Mills) (手書譜) (s&p) HL \5,950   BE6A001
Bach,J.S.           Arioso Es for 2Tpt.Hr.2Tbn.Tuba (s&p) Prague \2,160   BE6B004
Bach,J.S.           Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring for B10 (Canadian Brass)(s&p) HL \3,500   BE6B002
Bach,J.S.           3 Chorales for 4Tpt.Hr.4Tbn.Tuba & T (Reeve)(s&p) Che \4,790   BE6B005
                     1.Gelobet Sei der Herr Mein Gott 2.Wachet Auf! 3.Nun Danket alle Gott      
Clarke,J.           Trumpet Voluntary for 2Ttp.Tpt.Hr.3Tbn/3Hr.Tbn/Tuba (s&p) Che \4,190   BE6C001
Copland,A.          Fanfare for the Common Man for 4Hr.3Tpt.2Tbn.Tuba,T.Prc. (s&p) BoH \3,910 # BE6C002
Dvorak,A.           Songs My Mother Taught Me for 2Tpt.Hr.2Tbn.Tuba (s&p) Prague \2,160   BE6D005
Dukas,P.            Fanfare from [La Peri] for 4Tpt.3 Flugelhorns. or 7 Hr. (M.Speziale)(s&p) CF \2,070   BE6D003
Gabrieli,G.         Canzon II from [Canzone e Sonate (1615)] for 3Tpr.3Tbn. MR \3,340   BE6G015
Gabrieli,G.         Canzon a 8 (1615) for 4Tpt.3Tbn.Tbn/Tuba (s&p) Che \2,390   BE6G008
Gabrieli,G.         Soanta Pian'e Forte for 3Tpt.Hr.4Tbn. (s&p) Che \4,070   BE6G006
Gabrieli,G.         Symphoniae Sacrae (1597) No.4 for 4Tpt.4Tbn. (s&p) MR \2,520   BE6G012
Genin,              The Carnival of Venice for B10 (Howarth) (s&p) Che \3,350   BE6G016
Gershwin,G.         Porgy and Bess Suite for 2Tpt.Hr.2Tbn.Tuba (Kopacek) (s&p) Prague \5,010   BE6G014
Hazell,C.           Three Brass Cats for 4Tpt.Hr.4Tbn.Tuba (s&p) Che \4,790   BE6H002
Hazell,C.           Another Cat:Kraken for 4Tpt.Hr.4Tbn.Tuba (s&p) Che \5,310   BE6H003
Lauridsen,M.        O Magnum Mysterium for 3Tpt.4Hr.3Tbn.Tuba (s&p) TP \4,490   BE6L003
Otradovic,A.M.      Loutna Ceska for 2Tpt.Hr.2Tbn.Tuba (1653) (s&p) Prague \3,860   BE6O001
Scheidt,S.          Benedicamus Domino for 2Tpt.Hr.2Tbn.Tuba (s&p) Prague \2,160   BE6S003
Schiassi,G.M.       Christmas Pastorale for 2Tpt.Hr.2Tbn.Tuba (s&p) Prague \4,630   BE6S004
Stamp,J.            Declamation on a Hymn Tune for 3Tpt.4Hr.3Tbn.Tuba.T.Prc. MMP \2,200   BE6S002
Williams,J.         Quidditch for 4Hr.3Tpt.3Tbn.Tuba from [Harry Potter] (s&p) HL \2,890   BE6W002
Londerry Air B for 2Tpt.Hr.2Tbn.Tuba (s&p) Prague \2,310   BE6Z103
Brass Quintet and Piano(Organ)
Pierpont,J.         Jungle Bells for B5 & Organ (arr. by Cable)(手書譜) HL \3,000   BEBP001
Hindemith,P.        Konzertmusik for Strings & Brass Op.50 (ms) EE \4,740   BELH005
Hindemith,P.        Septet for Fl.Ob.Cl.BCl.Bn.Hr.Tpt. (ms) EE \3,230   BELH007
Horovitz,J.         Music Hall Suite (1964) for B5 (fs) Nov \2,990   BELH001
Stravinsky,I.       Histoire du soldat (ss) Che \3,590   BELS004
                     for Cl.Bn.Tpt.Tbn.Vn.DB.Prc. & Narrator        
武満徹              Garden rain for brass ensemble (ss) Sal \1,920   BELT001
ネルソン      アーノルド・ジェイコブスはかく語りき パイパース \3,080   BEPN003
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変わることがあります。 また載っている楽譜が売り切れたり、載っていない楽譜が新たに入ったりしますので
fs  : full score        os : octavo score        ms : miniature score
pt  : parts(solo無し)   ws : with solo part(s)   ws : with cembalo
B5 = 2Tpt.Hr.Tbn.Tuba   B10 = 4Tpt.2Hr.2Tbn.2Tuba
PTpt = Piccolo Trumpet  Eu  = Euphonium    T = Timpani  Prc = Percussion
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