- Chamber Music -
(String Trio)
String Trio (2Vn.Va)        
Bach,J.S.           15 Terzett (3-part Inventions)  IMC \3,650   CM5B001
Beethoven,L.v.      Trio C Op.87  GH \3,520   CM5B008
Beethoven,L.v.      Trio C Op.87  BHW \2,640   CM5B002
Beethoven,L.v.      Trio C Op.87 for 2Vn.Va/Vc. AER \1,380   CM5B009
Beethoven,L.v.      12 German Dances (May) IMC \1,790   CM5B007
Cremont,P.          3 Easy Trios Op.13 for 2Vn.Vc. or 2Vn.Va. PF \3,780   CM5C003
Dittersdorf,C.      6 Sonatas Op.2 (Morgan) Ama \2,880   CM5D001
Dvorak,A.           Terzetto C Op.74  GH \2,280   CM5D009
Dvorak,A.           Terzetto C Op.74  BA \2,380   CM5D008
Dvorak,A.           Terzetto C Op.74 (Sourek)(s&p) MMP \2,200   CM5D007
Dvorak,A.           Terzetto C Op.74 for 2Vn.Va/Vc.(s&p) AER \1,880   CM5D010
Dvorak,A.           Kleine Stucke B Op.75a (with Gavotte for 3Vn.) Sup \2,000   CM5D004
Dvorak,A.           Trio (Kleine Stucke) B Op.75a for 2Vn.Va/Vc. AER \1,240   CM5D011
Fuchs,R.            2 Terzette Op.61 (Paeuler)(1847-1927) Ama \4,560   CM5F001
Haydn,J.            12 Trios Vol.1 IMC \2,700   CM5H001
Haydn,J.            12 Trios Vol.2 IMC \2,660   CM5H002
Hofmann,R.          Trio G Op.112 (1844-1918) Ama \3,040   CM5H004
Kodaly,Z.           Serenade Op.12  UE \4,550 # CM5K001
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento No.3 C K.439b/3 (Klengel) BHW \2,640   CM5M009
Rolla,A.            Trio d  WW \1,600   CM5R004
Rolla,A.            Trio F (Terzettino F)  WW \1,500   CM5R005
Taneiev,S.          Trio D Op.21  RF \3,250   CM5T001
Taneiev,S.          Trio D Op.21  IMC \3,740   CM5T002
Ysaye,E.            Trio [Le Londres] (1858-1931)(s&p) BSS \8,740   CM5Y001
String Trio (2Vn.Vc)        
Bach,J.S.           15 3-Part Inventions (Hoffmann) IMC \3,150   CM6B003
Beethoven,L.v.      Trio C Op.87 for 2Vn.Va/Vc. AER \1,380   CM6B024
Boccherini,L.       6 Trios Op.4 Vol.1 HV \3,260   CM6B011
Boccherini,L.       6 Trios Op.4 Vol.2 HV \3,260   CM6B012
Boccherini,L.       6 Trios Op.6(Op.9) (Pauler) Ama \4,560   CM6B013
Borodin,A.          Trio g (s&p) Ama \2,280   CM6B025
Borodin,A.          Trio g (s&p) (Stephanie Preucil-Walter Preucil) IMC \3,020   CM6B026
Cremont,P.          3 Easy Trios Op.13 for 2Vn.Vc. or 2Vn.Va. PF \3,780   CM6C001
Dittersdorf,C.D.v.  Divertimento E (Boschini-Pachovsky)(s&p) Dob \3,890   CM6D001
Dvorak,A.           Trio B Op.75a for 2Vn.Va/Vc. (s&p) AER \1,420 # CM6D004
Hagen,P.            Tonango (s&p) (1969-    ) FH \3,210   CM6H022
Haydn,J.            Trios (Divertimenti) Vol.1 Hob.V:1-4,6-8,10-13 GH \7,700   CM6H002
Haydn,J.            Trios (Divertimenti) Vol.2 Hob.V:15-21 GH \6,080   CM6H003
Haydn,J.            Trios (Divertimenti) Vol.3 Hob.V:D1,F1,B1,A2,C4,D3,G1,C1 GH \5,610   CM6H004
Haydn,J.            Divertimento G Hob.XI-89 (s&p) HV \1,840   CM6H008
Haydn,J.            Divertimento D Hob.XI-91 (s&p) HV \1,840   CM6H010
Haydn,J.            6 Divertimenti Hob.IV:6-11 for Vn/Fl.Vn.Vc. GH \5,420   CM6H018
Haydn,M.            Divertimento No.1 D  CV \900   CM6H011
Hoffmeister,F.A.    3 leichte Trios for Vn/Fl/Ob.Vn.Vc. (Moargan) Ama \2,940   CM6H019
Hoffmeister,F.A.    Terzetto Scholastico for 2Vn.Vc. or Vn.Va.Vc. IMC \1,640   CM6H016
Mozart,W.A.         Kleine Stuecke from K.1,2,3 & 15 (arr. by Giesbert)(s&p) BSS \5,040   CM6M012
Mozart,W.A.         Trio B K.266 for 2Vn.Basso(Vc) BHW \1,430   CM6M003
Mozart,W.A.         4 Trios C,D,F K.439b/1,2,3 & B K.266 IMC \2,970   CM6M005
Mozart,W.A.         3 Trios for Fl/Vn.Vn.Vc. C,D,F K.439b/1,2,3 Ama \3,040   CM6M006
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento No.2 B K.439b/2 (Klengel) BHW \2,070   CM6M007
Paganini,N.         3 Ritornelli (Vescovo & Noguera)(s&p)(1782-1840) ESZ \9,230   CM6P006
Paganini,N.         Theme and Variations A (s&p) (Nanae Iwata-Patrick Jee) IMC \2,970   CM6P008
Purcell,H.          4 Trios (Monkemeyer)(s&p) BSS \3,360   CM6P005
Stamitz,C.          Trio G (score=Vc & Vn.I,Vn.II part) BHW \2,000   CM6S002
Stamitz,C.          Sonata F (Lenzewski) for 2Vn. & Vc.(=FS) Vie \1,660   CM6S003
Play Trios for Strings (arr. by Jack Long) (s&p) (10 pieces) Bos \4,880 # CM6Z104
                     1.(Everythis I Do) I Do It For You 2.Consider Yourself/
                     I'd Do Anything 3.Eine kleine Nachtmusik (Medley) 4.Flower Duet
                     5.How Deep Is Your Love 6.I Have A Dream 7.Lucy In The Sky With
                     Diamonds 8.One Note Samba 9.The Very Thought Of You 10.What Can I Do      
はじめての弦楽トリオ・アルバム(國嶋由香里・竹内絵美・石黒豪監修)(score only) ヤマハ \1,980   CM6Z111
                     1.星に願いを 2.魅惑のワルツ 3.ムーン・リバー 4.青春の輝き
                     5.ホワイト・クリスマス 6.Fascinating Rhythm 7.少年時代
                     8.人生のメリーゴーランド 9.浜辺の歌 10.アメイジング・グレイス
                     11.私のお父さん 12.愛の挨拶 13.水上の音楽 
                     14.カッチーニ、アヴェ・マリア 15.ベートーヴェン、メヌエット        
やさしく弾ける弦楽トリオ・アルバム(國嶋由香里・竹内絵美・石黒監修)(score only) ヤマハ \2,200   CM6Z114
                     1.レット・イット・ゴー 2.ひこうき雲 3.君をのせて 4.彼こそが海賊
                     5.バロック・ホウダウン 6.花は咲く 7.二人でお茶を 8.ワルツ・
                     フォー・デビィ 9.故郷 10.ワーグナー、婚礼の合唱 11.ブラームス、
                     ハンガリー舞曲第5番 12.花のワルツ 13.トロイメライ
String Trio (Vn.Va.Vc)
Bach,J.S.           Goldberg Variations (Sitkovetsky) Dob \7,710   CM7B002
Bach,J.S.           Goldberg Variations (Bartholdy) (s&p) BHW \9,480 # CM7B029
Bach,J.S.           Sonata G & D (arr. by W.Thomas-Mifune)(orig. Gamba Sonatas) Kun \2,260   CM7B003
Bach,J.S.           Sonata g (W.Thomas-Mifune)(orig. Gamba Sonata No.3) Kun \2,260   CM7B004
Bach,J.S.           15 Three-Part Inventions (W.Link)(s&p) BHW \5,420   CM7B024
Bach,J.S.           15 Three-Part Inventions (Hofmann)  IMC \4,100 # CM7B005
Bach-Mozart         6 Preludes & Fugues K.404a Vol.1 (No.1-3) BHW \2,640   CM7B008
Bach-Mozart         6 Preludes & Fugues K.404a Vol.2 (No.4-6) BHW \3,150   CM7B009
Bach-Mozart         4 Preludes & Fugues K.404a (Set 1) IMC \2,480   CM7B010
Bach-Mozart         2 Preludes & Fugues K.404a (Set 2) IMC \2,140   CM7B011
Beethoven,L.v.      Trios Op.3,8,9/1-3 & Duo for Va. & Vc.  GH \10,070   CM7B012
Beethoven,L.v.      Trio Es Op.3  BHW \3,710   CM7B015
Beethoven,L.v.      Serenade D Op.8  IMC \2,930   CM7B025
Beethoven,L.v.      Trio G Op.9/1  BHW \2,640   CM7B018
Beethoven,L.v.      Trio D Op.9/2  IMC \2,750   CM7B019
Beethoven,L.v.      Trio c Op.9/3  IMC \3,330   CM7B020
Beethoven,L.v.      Serenade D Op.25 (Seraphin Trio)(orig.Fl.Vn.Va.)(s&p) IMC \3,910   CM7B026
Boccherini,L.       6 Trios Op.14 G.95-100 GZ \9,590   CM7B031
Boccherini,L.       3 Trios Op.14/4-6 (Bormann) HS \4,560   CM7B027
Boccherini,L.       3 Trios Op.38/1-3 (=Op.47/4-6)(Altmann) IMC \2,150   CM7B022
Boccherini,L.       6 Trios Op.47 (Op.47/4-6 = Op.38/1-3)(Pauler) Ama \4,200   CM7B023
Cherubini,L.        2 Trios (Paeuler)(1760-1842)(s&p) Ama \3,040   CM7C001
Dittersdorf,C.      Divertimento D Krebs 131 (ps=vn & IMC \2,150   CM7D003
Dohnanyi,E.v.       Serenade C Op.10 (1877-1960) Dob \7,710   CM7D004
Dohnanyi,E.v.       Serenade C Op.10 (1877-1960) IMC \3,650   CM7D008
Dvorak,A.           Terzetto C Op.74 (The Seraphin Trio)(s&p)(orig.2Vn.Va.) IMC \5,900 # CM7D005
Dvorak,A.           Miniatures & Gavota (The Seraphin Trio)(s&p)(orig.2Vn.Va./3Vn.) IMC \5,400 # CM7D006
Elgar,E.            Salut d'amour D Op.12 (Birtel)(s&p) BSS \3,710   CM7E002
Farkas,F.           Notturno Op.2 (1905-2000)(s&p) EMB \2,460   CM7F003
Faure,G.            Pavane Op.50 (arr. By Birtel)(s&p) BSS \3,140   CM7F006
Fibich,Z.           Poeme C from Op.39 (arr. by Birtel)(1850-1900) BSS \2,420   CM7F004
Francaix,J.         Trio (1933)  BSS \5,320 # CM7F001
Gardel,C.           Por Una Cabeza g (Birtel)(s&p) Doh \1,670   CM7G002
Haydn,J.            3 Trios Hob.XI:74-76 (Op.32) (1732-1809) IMC \2,230   CM7H002
Haydn,J.            3 Trios Hob.XVI:40-42 (Op.53)  IMC \2,520   CM7H003
Haydn,J.            6 Trios Vol.1 (No.1-3) Hob.XIV-125,115,101 (Morgan) Ama \2,940   CM7H014
Haydn,J.            6 Trios Vol.2 (No.4-6) Hob.XIV-117,108,112 (Morgan) Ama \2,940   CM7H015
Haydn,J.            3 Divertimenti Hob.XI-114,124,108  IMC \2,480   CM7H004
Haydn,J.            6 Divertimenti Vol.1 Hob.XI-53,87,96 EMB \2,460   CM7H005
Haydn,J.            6 Divertimenti Vol.2 Hob.XI-101,114,117 EMB \2,750   CM7H006
Haydn,J.            Barytontrio No.26 G Hob.XI-26 (Preema)(s&p) Ed49 \1,660   CM7H017
Haydn,J.            Barytontrio No.27 D Hob.XI-27 (Preema)(s&p) Ed49 \2,160   CM7H018
Haydn,J.            Barytontrio No.28 D Hob.XI-28 (Preema)(s&p) Ed49 \1,870   CM7H019
Hindemith,P.        Trio No.1 Op.34 (1895-1963) BSS \6,650   CM7H010
Hindemith,P.        Trio No.2 (1933)  BSS \6,650   CM7H011
Holst,G.            Trio g (1894) (s&p) SJM \4,310 # CM7H016
Jolivet,A.          Suite for String Trio Bil \2,390   CM7J002
Joplin,S.           Bethena G (Birtel)(s&p) Doh \2,010   CM7J001
Kreisler,F.         Liebesfreud & Liebesleid (Birtel)(s&p) BSS \3,710   CM7K004
Martinu,B.          Trio No.1 (1890-1959) Sup \5,420   CM7M017
Milhaud,D.          Sonatine (s&p) TP \3,060 # CM7M004
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento Es K.563 & Fragment G K.Anh.66  GH \4,280   CM7M005
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento Es K.563  BA \3,710   CM7M006
Mozart,W.A.         Streichtriosatz G K.Anh.66 (completed by Beyer) Ama \2,660   CM7M011
Mozart,W.A.         3 Divertimenti B K.439b/2-4 (Vieland) IMC \3,560   CM7M013
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento No.1 B K.439b/1 (Klengel) BHW \1,570   CM7M014
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento No.4 B K.439b/4 (Klengel) BHW \1,570   CM7M015
Piazzolla,A.        Verano Porteno for Vn.Va.Vc. or 3Vc. (Thomas-Mifune) Ton \5,200   CM7P006
Pleyel,I.           3 Trios Op.10 (or Op.11) (1757-1831) Ama \2,940   CM7P001
Reger,M.            Trios Op.77b & Op.141b  GH \5,320   CM7R001
Reinecke,C.         Trio c Op.249 (s&p) MR \4,320   CM7R013
Rimsky-Korsakov,N.  Hindu-Lied G from [Sadko] (Jung) (s&p) BSS \2,280   CM7R014
Schubert,F.         Complete String Trios  BA \4,280 CM7S003
                     D.471; D.581 1st version; D.581 2nd version; etc.
Schubert,F.         Trio No.2 B D.581  BHW \2,830   CM7S007
Strauss,J.(II)      Tik-Tak Polka Op.365 (Birtel)(s&p) Dohr \2,360   CM7S016
Strauss,R.          Variationen uber ['s Deandl is harb auf mi](1882)(s&p) BSS \3,330   CM7S013
Taneiev,S.          Trio D  IMC \5,400   CM7T001
Ysaye,E.            Le Chimay po.posthume 1927 (1858-1931)(s&p) R&E \6,380   CM7Y001
Discover the Beatles (Arr.N.Dezaire) for Vn/Va/Vc.Vn/Va/Vc.Vn/Va/Vc. (s&p) de haske \3,200   CM7Z131
                    1.Ob-La-Di,Ob-La-Da 2.Hey Jude 3. Get Back 4.Sonething 5.All You Need is Love    
Eary String Ensemble Playing for 2Vn.Vc.or Vn.Va.Vc. (Sassmanshaus)(sc) BA \2,460 CM7Z132
String Trio (others)
Albrechtsberger,A.  Divertimento F for Vn.Vc.DB. (s&p) Ama \2,280   CM8A003
Albrechtsberger,A.  Divertimento C for Va.Vc.DB. Ama \2,280   CM8A004
Albrechtsberger,J.G. Divertimento D for 2Va.DB. (s&p) Ama \2,280   CM8A005
Albrechtsberger,J.G. Trio c for Vn.Va.DB. (Proto) Lib \3,600   CM8A002
Bach,J.S.           15 Three-Part Inventions for Vn.Va.DB. (Proto) Book 1 Lib \3,960   CM8B001
Bach,J.S.           15 Three-Part Inventions for Vn.Va.DB. (Proto) Book 2 Lib \3,960   CM8B002
Beethoven,L.v.      Trio No.1 Es Op.3 for Vn.Va.DB. (Proto)(orig. Vn.Va.Vc.) Lib \4,230   CM8B007
Beethoven,L.v.      Trio No.4 c Op.9/3 for Vn.Va.DB. (Proto)(orig. Vn.Va.Vc.) Lib \4,230   CM8B009
Breval,J.B.         3 Trios for Vc.solo & Vn.DB.  Ama \4,560   CM8B006
Dohnanyi,E.v.       Serenade C Op.10 for Vn.Va.DB. (orig. Vn.Va.Vc.) Proto) Lib \4,320   CM8D001
Gatti,L.            Divertimento a tre for Vn.Vc.DB. (1740-1817)(s&p) FH \4,580   CM8G003
Haydn,J.            Divertimenti Hob.XII-19 for 2Va.Vc. WW \1,520   CM8H002
Haydn,J.            3 Trios Op.53 for Vn.Va.DB. (Proto) Lib \4,230 # CM8H004
Haydn,M.            Divertimento Es for Va.Vc.DB. (s&p) YE \2,470   CM8H007
Hoffmann,L.         Trio A Op.1/1 for Va.Vc.DB. (1738-1793) WW \2,100   CM8H008
Hoffmann,L.         Trio A Op.1/3 for Va.Vc.DB. (1738-1793) WW \2,600   CM8H009
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento Es for Vn.Va.DB. K.563 (arr. by Proto) Lib \4,230 # CM8M003
Mozart,W.A.         3 Divertimenti K.439b/1,2,5 for 2Va.Vc. (Eyck) EA \4,140   CM8M004
Mozart,W.A.         2 Divertimenti K.439b/3,4 for 2Va.Vc. (Eyck) EA \4,140   CM8M005
Proto,F.            Trio for Vn.Va.DB. (1974) Lib \7,200   CM8P004
Romberg,B.          3 Trios Op.38 for Vc.solo & Va.DB. (Moargan)(s&p) Ama \7,220   CM8R003
Strauss,J.(I)       3 Walzer for 2Vn.DB/Vc. (s&p) Ama \2,660 CM8S003
                     1.Wiener Carneval-Walzer 2.Trompeten-Walzer 3.Kettenbrucke-Walzer
Vanhal,J.B.         Divertimento G for Vn.Va.DB.(s&p) YE \3,250   CM8V001
Wagenseil,G.C.      6 Sonatas for Vn.Vc.DB. (s&p) (1715-1777) Musedita \5,660   CM8V001
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