- 2 or more Double Basses -
2 Double Basses
Bartok,B.           23 Duos (Bunya) (2ps) FH \5,280   DB3B011
Bottesini,G.        Gran Duetto No.1 (Slatford)(ps) YE \2,330   DB3B005
Bottesini,G.        Gran Duetto No.2 (Slatford)(ps) YE \2,330   DB3B006
Bottesini,G.        Gran Duetto No.3 (Slatford)(ps) YE \2,210   DB3B007
Dehant,J.-L.        1.2.3. Concert (11 compositions for 2 or 3 DB.)(+CD) Com \3,280   DB3D001
Dehant,J.-L.        Bass and Play (Tavel in easy duets & trios)(+CD) Com \5,840   DB3D002
Egilsson,A.         Con Elephanza (s&p) FH \3,000   DB3E001
Egilsson,A.         New Orleans Tune (for Two Jazz Basses) (2ps) FH \3,000   DB3E002
Gounod,C.           Petit Scherzo (Malaric)(ps) Dob \1,320   DB3G001
Hauta-aho,T.        Duettino Basso II (2ps) Rct \2,470 # DB3H003
Hauta-aho,T.        Double Poem Basso II (2ps) Rct \2,730 # DB3H007
Hynes,M.            Three Fingers (2001) (2ps) Rct \750   DB3H004
池辺晋一郎          バイヴァランス VI (Bivalence VI)(2008)(ps) 全音 \1,760   DB3I001
Makhoshvili,G.      Spicy & Sababa (s&p) (1977-    ) FH \3,190   DB3M004
Osborne,T.          Grooves for Ray (A Tribute to Ray Brown)(s&p) Rct \2,210   DB3O002
Reiche,J.           Eine kleine Bassmusik (Divertimento for 2DB)(ps) FH \1,620   DB3R001
Romberg,B.          Sonata Es Op.43/1 (Simandl-Zimmermann)(2ps) IMC \2,480   DB3R002
Runswick,D.         bass'z for 2 or more DB. (2002) (2ps) Rct \2,210   DB3R003
Schaefer,S.         Driving Rhythms (2ps) BCP \3,000 # DB3S008
Schaefer,S.         Short Stories Vol.1 (2ps) BCP \3,200 # DB3S007
Schneider,G.A.      Duette fuer tiefe Instrumente (Bn/Vc/DB) Vol.1 (ps) FH \2,150   DB3S002
Schneider,G.A.      Duette fuer tiefe Instrumente (Bn/Vc/DB) Vol.2 (ps) FH \2,430   DB3S006
下山一二三     深響 (Shinkyo)(Deep sound) (2000)(2ps) マザー \1,540   DB3S005
Telemann,G.P.       6 Sonatas in Canon (Slatford) YE \2,070   DB3T001
Telemann,G.P.       6 Canonic Sonatas (Sankey) IMC \2,590   DB3T002
Beautiful Music for Two String Instruments Vol.3 (27 pieces) (ps) Alf \1,350   DB3Z117
                     1.Mazas, Festival March 2.Hohmann, Our Thanksgiving Holiday
                     3.Frivolity 4.Dancla, Poetry 5.Bach, Minuet 6.Dancla, Concertante
                     7.Hohmann, Wistful 8.Pleyel, Barcarolle  etc.        
Beautiful Music for Two String Instruments Vol.4 (20 pieces) (ps) Alf \1,360   DB3Z118
                     1.Mozart, A Lively Dance 2.Dancla, Meditation 3.Haydn, A Stately Minuet
                     4.Bach, A Two Part Invention 5.Mozart, A German Dance
                     6.Mazas, Concertante 7.Bohm, Sarabande 8.Pleyel, Fantasy        
Double Bass! (Duette nach Songs aus aller Welt)(arr. by J.D.Michel)(ps) FH \4,820 DB3Z116
Pieces classiques en duo (Salles) (18 Pieces) Bil \3,470   DB3Z104
                     Greensleeves; Couperin, Air pour deux Violes; Bach, Chorale BWV.147;
                     Schubert, Moment musical; Gounod, Danse qntique; Delibes, Mazurka; etc.    
Progressive Duets Vol.1 (Easy to Medium)(Clark & Gazda)(31 Dues)(ps) CF \1,800 DB3Z110
                     Duncombe, Fanfare Minuet; Schubert, Country Dance; The Red Sarafan;
                     Dussek, Step Dance; Brahms, Lullaby; Mozart, Lullaby; etc.
Progressive Duets Vol.2 (Advanced)(Clark & Gazda)(37 Dues)(ps) CF \2,040   DB3Z122
                     Koehler, 2 Dues; Pleyel, Entrée; Mendelssohn, Poco sostenuto;
                     Koehler, Moderato; Handel, 3 Duets; Beethoven, Minuet G; etc.        
von Amadeus bis Jazz for 2DB. (Easy Duos) (Pillinger)(ps) Dob \3,790   DB3Z105
                     Mozart, Menuetto; Beethoven, Deutsche Tanze; Greenslleves; Swing low; etc.    
12 Duos classiques (Salles) (ps) Bil \2,810 # DB3Z106
                     Bach, Menuet 1 & 2; Carissimi, Duo, Bach, Menuet 3; Carissimi,
                     Allegro; Dussek, Canzonetta; Pachelbel, Grave; etc.        
12 Duets (Sankey)(ps)  IMC \2,750   DB3Z107
                     Telemann, Aria; J.S.Bach, 2-Part Invention d; Rameau,
                     Tambourin; Handel, Adagio & Allegro; Lassus, 2-Part Motet; etc.      
Merry Christmas (Popular Christmas carols)(T.Bugert)(easy)(13 pieces)(ps)(+CD) FH \2,970   DB3Z113
Christmas Duets for All (Playable on any 2 Instruments)(Ryden) (ps) Alf \1,040   DB3Z114
2 Double Basses and Piano
Bach,J.S.           Concerto d BWV.1043 (Mensch)(O) IMC \3,960 # DB4B001
Bottesini,G.        Yorke Complete Bottesini (Double Concertos) Vol.1 (O) YE \4,790 # DB4B002
                     Passione Amorosa; Rossini Fantasia        
Bottesini,G.        Concerto A (Mensch)(S) (orig. Grand Duo Concertante) IMC \3,780   DB4B003
Bottesini,G.        Passione Amorosa A (Sankey)(S) IMC \3,510   DB4B004
Bottesini,G.        Passione Amorosa A for 2DB.Pf. or Vn.DB.Pf. (手書き譜)(S) Dob \6,690   DB4B005
Handel,G.F.         Sonata g Op.2/8 (Mensch)(O) IMC \3,200 # DB4H001
Handel,G.F.         Sonata g Op.2/8 (Proto)(O) Lib \3,240   DB4H002
Offenbach,J.        Barcarolle D (Stoll)(O&S) Alm \1,520   DB4O001
Schaefer,S.         Canzone Dolorosa (1963-    )(S) FH \3,570   DB4S001
3 Double Basses
Alexander,J.        Blue Patches (s&p) Rct \2,040   DB5A002
Furtok,B.           Kontrabasstrio No.1 (2008) (s&p) (1967-    ) FH \6,990   DB5F001
Hauta-aho,T.        U.F.O.'s Dance (2001)(s&p) Rct \3,250   DB5H003
Hoffmeister,F.A.    Die Henne, der Kuckuck und der Esel (M.Hafner)(s&p) PRO \3,200   DB5H007
Howard,E.           Ocean Deep (s&p) Rct \1,800   DB5H004
Lischka,R.          3 Songs (s&p) FH \2,560   DB5L001
Makhoshvili,G.      Play Jazz! (4 pieces) (1977-    )(s&p) FH \4,330   DB5M001
                     1.Fragmentos 2.Disco 3.Herio 4.Caramel        
Misek,A.            Trio G (1875-1955) (s&p) CFS \2,710   DB5M002
Norris,M.           Bass Motives (1934-    )(s&p) YE \2,850   DB5N001
Poradowski,S.B.     Trio Op.56 (s&p) FH \3,140   DB5P002
Quantz,J.           Sonata G (A.Russell) (s&p) Rct \2,730   DB5Q001
Schaefer,S.         Busy Bassists (s&p) FH \3,760   DB5S005
Schaefer,S.         Die Forelle Variationen (arr. by Schaefer) (s&p) BCP \3,400   DB5S009
Schubert,F.         Viennese Dances ( Schaefer)(s&p) Rct \3,000   DB5S004
Walton,J.           Seven Sonorities (s&p) YE \2,850   DB5W001
Pieces classiques en trio (Salles) (17 Pieces)(s&p) Bil \7,010   DB5Z101
                     Bach, Fugue a; Couperin, Les Barricades mysterieuses; Handel,
                     Largo; Gluck, Hymne; Mozart, Aria [Don Juan]; Beethoven, Allegretto; etc.    
Leichte Volkslieder trios 6 for 3Vc/3DB/3Bn. (Heger)(6 pieces)(s&p) HV \1,870   DB5Z104
                     Guten Abend, gute Nacht; Bruder Jakob; Weisst du, wieviel
                     Sternlein stehen; Guter Mond, du stehst so stille; etc.        
Pop Trios for All (playable on any 3 Instruments)(arr. by Story)(ps) Alf \970   DB5Z115
Christmas Trios for All (Vc. & DB.)(Playable on any 3 Instruments) (ps) Alf \1,040   DB5Z110
                     (19 pieces) Watts Cradle Song; The Cherry Tree Carol; The Moon
                     Shines Bright; The First Nowell; We Three Kings; Joy to the World; etc.    
3 Double Basses and Piano        
Popper,D.           Requiem Op.66 h or cis ( Cincievski)(O or S) FH \6,230   DB6P001
4 Double Basses
Alt,B.              Suite (s&p)(SSOO) FH \2,620   DB7A001
Bach,J.S.           Chaconne g (arr. by Sales) (s&p) Bil \6,010   DB7B001
Bach,J.S.           Chaconne d (arr. by Mirzoyev) (s&p) Compoz \1,890   DB7B017
Bach,J.S.           from [Die Kunst der Fuge] (Gloeckler) (s&p) FH \4,470   DB7B002
                     Contrapunctus I,III & XII; Chorale        
Bach,J.S.           Air C (Trumpf)(s&p) FH \2,530   DB7B003
Bach,J.S.           Arioso C BWV.1056 (arr. by Trumpf)(s&p) FH \1,860   DB7B011
Bach,J.S.           Sheep May Safely Graze B (arr. by Ludwin)(s&p) Lud \2,160   DB7B013
Bach,W.F.           Symphony d (arr. by Mirzoyev)(s&p) Rus \1,680   DB7B018
Barber,S.           Adagio for Strings (Ludwin) (s&p) Lud \2,160   DB7B015
Bizet,G.            Carmen-fantasie (Salles)(s&p) Bil \6,510 # DB7B008
Bizet,G.            Carmen (arr. by Ludwin)(s&p) Lud \2,160   DB7B014
                     Prelude to Act I; Entr'acte to Act II,III & VI        
Brumby,C.           Suite (1975) (s&p) YE \3,510   DB7B010
Burtstagsdorf,G.v.  Geburtstags-Staendchen (Wiebecke-Gottstein)(s&p) PRO \2,090   DB7B016
Cebic,D.            Quartet for Double Basses (s&p) Rct \2,600   DB7C003
Chopin,F.           Prelude e Op.28/4 (arr. by Ludwin)(s&p) Lud \1,120   DB7C001
Chopin,F.           Prelude h Op.28/6 (arr. by Ludwin)(s&p) Lud \1,120   DB7C002
Drgonetti,D.        Concerto A (Ludwin) for DB.solo (S) & 3DB. (s&p) Lud \2,160   DB7D004
Findeisen,T.A.      Quartettsuite (s&p) PRO \4,200 # DB7F003
Fitzenhagen,W.      Ave Maria (arr. by Harkonen)(s&p) YE \1,810   DB7F001
Funck,D.            Suite for Bass Viols ( Heyes)(s&p) Rct \2,600   DB7F004
Furtok,B.           3 Pieces (2009) (s&p) FH \3,950   DB7F002
Gajdos,M.           Lacrimosa g (1998) (s&p) Rct \2,470   DB7G001
Gajdos,M.           An Old Song h (4ps) Rct \1,950   DB7G002
Glanert,D.          4 Quartets Op.12 : Ballade, Walzer, Chanson, Romanze (s&p) B&B \3,140   DB7G003
Gounod,C.           Funeral March of a Marionette ( Heyes)(s&p) Rct \2,470   DB7G005
Handel,G.F.         Air and Allegro from [Water Music] (Ludwin)(s&p) Lud \1,800   DB7H008
Hartmann,E.         Quartet (s&p) YE \2,850   DB7H001
Hartmann,E.         Praludium (2ps) R&E \1,360   DB7H002
Hauta-aho,T.        Quartettino Basso 5/4 (s&p) Rct \3,250   DB7H010
Hauta-aho,T.        Mini-Bass Quartet No.3 (s&p) Rct \2,730   DB7H011
Hauta-aho,T.        2 Dances (s&p) Rct \2,880   DB7H003
Hauta-aho,T.        WHY? (s&p) Rct \3,360   DB7H005
Henry VIII          Pastyme With Good Companye (arr. by Osborne)(s&p) Rct \1,300   DB7H007
Hessenberg,K.       Introduction & Rondo Op.120 (s&p) PRO \2,940   DB7H009
Hynes,M.            Bird, Lake, Stone, River for 4-8DB. (4ps) Rct \1,920   DB7H006
Joplin,S.           The Entertainer C (Bentkowski)(s&p) Bil \2,850   DB7J001
Karas,A.            The Harry Lime Theme (Frampton) (s&p) FBM \2,070   DB7K003
Khachaturian,A.     Saebeltanz (Trumps)(s&p) FH \2,370   DB7K001
Kuehnl,C.           Dunkle Frage (2003)(s&p) FH \3,190   DB7K002
Lorenziti,J.A.      Gavotte G ( Heyes)(s&p) Rct \2,470   DB7L005
Makhoshvili,G.      Bassiona in Jazz (1977-    )(s&p) FH \3,380   DB7M006
                     1.Lucky 2.You & Me 3.Ogranic 4.Circus        
Mayr,E.             Hexeneinmaleins (s&p) FH \3,890   DB7M007
Mendelssohn,F.      Wedding March B Op.61/9 (with Triangel)(Bunya)(s&p) FH \2,810   DB7M005
Mozart,W.A.         Ave verum C (Hartmann)(2ps) R&E \1,600   DB7M003
Mozart,W.A.         Alla Turca a (Schaefer) (s&p) BCP \3,200   DB7M012
Offenbach,J.        The CAN-CAN D (arr. by Heyes) (s&p) Rct \2,730   DB7O001
Osborne,T.          Down At The O.K. Corral (s&p) Rct \1,300   DB7O009
Osborne,T.          Habanera C (s&p) Rct \2,210   DB7O004
Osborne,T.          The Pink Elephant a (1988) (s&p) Rct \2,210   DB7O002
Osborne,T.          Time Travel (s&p) Rct \2,730   DB7O006
Pachelbel,J.        Canon D or G (Heyes) Rct \2,340   DB7P001
Paganini,N.         Moses-Phantasie c (Trumpf)(s&p) FH \3,140   DB7P002
Petrova,O.          One's own Contravass (s&p) Artist \1,980   DB7P008
Piazzolla,A.        Libertango (Andres Martin)(s&p) PRO \4,620 # DB7P006
Piazzolla,A.        Tango Basso (5 Tangos) (Wiebecke-Gottstein)(s&p) PRO \4,000   DB7P007
                     1.J'attends 2.La Misma Pena 3.Saint Louis en L'Ile
                     4.Guardia Nueva 5.Adios Nonino        
Rimsky-Korsakov,N.  Hummelflug (Flight of the Bumblebee) (Trumpf) (s&p) FH \3,190   DB7R004
Rohe,R.             8 Christmas Carols (s&p)(S)&(O) YE \3,250   DB7R005
Runswick,D.         Suite and Low (s&p) YE \3,630   DB7R003
                     Nursery Grind; Strauss in the Doghouse; American Basses        
Schaefer,S.         Zoppo Trump (s&p) FH \4,140   DB7S006
Strauss,J.(II)      Tritsch-Tratsch Polka G Op.214 (Heyes)(s&p) Rct \2,730   DB7S004
Strauss,J.&J.       Pizzicato Polka C (Heyes)(s&p) Rct \2,160   DB7S003
Telemann,G.P.       Concerto G TWV.40:202 (Franck)(s&p)(orig. 4Vn.) FH \3,290   DB7T004
Telemann,G.P.       Concerto D (Buckley)(s&p)(orig. 4Vn.) IMC \1,530   DB7T001
Turetzky,B.         Kinderspiel (1997)(s&p) EV \3,400   DB7T003
Turetzky,B.         Reflections on Ives and Whittier  EV \1,280   DB7T002
                     (for either Contrabass Quartet, Ensemble, or Solo Contrabass
                      with Self-prepared Tape)        
Veracini,F.M.       Largo g from Sonata Op.2/6 (Buckley)(s&p) IMC \1,310   DB7V001
Vivaldi,A.          Drei Jahrenszeiten (Trumpf)(s&p) FH \3,140   DB7V002
Weiner,S.           Prehistoric Suite A Op.163 (s&p) Pee \4,320   DB7W001
Wiebecke-Gottstein,A.  Basspourri (s&p) PRO \2,090   DB7W002
Album of Pieces (C.White) (4pieces)(s&p) IMC \4,190   DB7Z101
                     1.Brahms, Hungarian Dance No.5 g 2.Tchaikovsky, Dance of the Mirlitons D
                     3.Strauss, Pizzicato Polka C 4.Rimsky-Korsakov, Flight of the Bumble Bee    
BASSIONA-Barock (Trumpf) (3 pieces) (s&p) FH \3,320   DB7Z120
                     1.Albinoni, Adagio 2.Vivaldi, Winter (2nd movement)
                     3.Handel, Largo from [Xerxes]        
Classical quartet pieces (Salles)(22 Pieces) (2ps) Bil \4,660   DB7Z102
                     1.Attaignant, Pavane 2.Arbeau, Pavane 3.Gervaise, Gaillarde
                     4.Gervaise, Pavane 5.Anonyme, Bransle simple 6.Anonyme, Bransle de
                     Bourgogne 7.Handel, Sarabande 8.J.S.Bach, Motet BWV 227 9.J.S.Bach,
                     Choral BWV 727 10.J.S.Bach, Choral BWV 659 11.J.S.Bach, Adagio
                     12.Funck, Suite 13.Mozart, Ave verum corpus 14.Beethoven, Marche
                     funebre 15.Schumann, Chant du nord 16.Mendelssohn, Romance sans paroles
                     17.Mendelssohn, March nuptiale 18.Brahms Valse Op.39/15
                     19.Brahms, Danse hongroise No.5 20.Chopin, Prelude Op.28/20
                     21.Bizet, Adagietto [L'arlesienne] 22.Tarrega, Tango        
Jazz Standards One (arr. by N.Ludwin)(s&p) Lud \2,160   DB7Z115
                     Autumn Leaves; Stolen Moments        
Jazz Standards Two (arr. by N.Ludwin)(s&p) Lud \2,160   DB7Z116
                     My Funny Valentine; Waltz for Debby        
Romantische Stuecke (arr. by Pillinger) (5 pieces)(s&p) Dob \3,610   DB7Z104
                     Rimsky-Korsakov, Notturno; Brahms, Hungarian Dance No.3; Brahms,
                     Es geht ein Wehen; Chopin, Melodie; Liszt, Carrousel        
Rubinstein's Melody & Murzoyev's Humoresque (s&p) Compoz \1,680 DB7Z121
Trios and Quartets for Double Basses (Zimmermann) Vol.3 (ps) UMP \1,040   DB7Z107
                     Anon, Ne Revenes plus, Lisette; Monteverdi,Io Son Fenice; etc.      
Trios and Quartets for Double Basses (Zimmermann) Vol.4 (ps) UMP \970   DB7Z108
                     Stravinsky, Lento; Prokofieff, Tag; Shostakovich, Fairy Tale; etc.      
It's Christmas (arr. by Freudenstein) (s&p) FH \3,740   DB7Z122
                     1.Lasst uns froh und munter sein 2.Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
                     3.Oh, du froehliche, oh, du selige 4.Still, still, still...
                     5.Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht        
Weihnachtslieder-Potpourri (Potpourri on Christmas Carols)(Trumpf)(s&p) FH \3,110   DB7Z114
                     (Medley) Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen; Suesser die Glocken;
                     O du froehliche; Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht        
Christmas Quartets for All (Playable on any 4 Instruments) (easy)(ps) Alf \1,040   DB7Z112
5 Double Basses        
Chopin,F.           Trauermarsch (Wiebecke-Gottstein) (s&p) PRO \2,600   DB9C002
Collins,D.          Landscapes  (4 Pieces) (s&p)(XOOOO) YE \3,500   DB9C001
Curtis,M.           Tango la invitation (Wiebecke-Gottstein)(s&p) PRO \3,000   DB9C003
Joplin,S.           The Enternainer (Wiebecke-Gottstein) (s&p) PRO \2,940   DB9J001
Rimsky-Korsakov,N.  Flight of the Bumble-Bee g (arr. by E.Postel-Vinay)(s&p) Com \2,320   DB9R001
Sperger,J.          Romanze c (Hoock) (s&p) FH \4,140   DB9S001
Wiebecke-Gottstein,A.  Die Elefanten (s&p) PRO \2,850   DB9W001
6-7 Double Basses        
Mozart-Torta        Eine kleine Bass-Musik for 6DB. (s&p) Rct \3,770   DBAM001
Osborne,T.          The Magnificent Seven for 7DB. (s&p) Rct \2,640   DBAO001
Proto,F.            3 Dances for 6DB. (score) Lib \4,250   DBAP001
Proto,F.            3 Dances for 6DB. (parts) Lib \8,250   DBAP002
8 Double Basses        
Handel,G.F.         Hallelujah Chorus D (Heyes)(s&p) Rct \4,290   DBBH001
Hauta-aho,T.        Octetto Basso d'Opera II (s&p) Rct \9,100   DBBH003
Hummel,Bertold      Sinfonia piccola Op.66 (1978)(1925-2002)(s&p) BSS \7,990   DBBH002
Osborne,T.          Blue Sunday (1997) (s&p) Rct \3,300   DBBO001
Osborne,T.          Waltz [in swing] (s&p) Rct \2,420   DBBO002
Puccini,G.          Nessun Dorma from [Turandot] (Heyes)(s&p) Rct \2,750   DBBP001
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(O)      : Orchestra Tuning (e-a-d-g)
(S)      : Solo Tuning (fis-h-e-a)
(X)      : その他のチューニング