- 2 or more Horns -
- chamber music, orchestra, score -
2 Horns
Duvernoy,F.         20 Duets Op.3  IMC \2,420   HR3D001
Griebling,M.A.      Hornswoggies (ps) HN \1,700   HR3G006
Henning,C.T.        Instruktive Duos (with Frehse, 20 Duette)(ps) FH \2,490   HR3H002
Hill,D.             10 Pieces (ps) HN \1,700   HR3H001
Kopprasch,W.        3 grosse Duette (ps) FH \1,960   HR3K001
Mozart,W.A.         12 Duets K.487 (Stosser)(ps) FH \1,640   HR3M002
Mozart,W.A.         12 Duets K.487 (ps) BHW \1,650   HR3M003
Nicolai,O.          Duet No.1 (ps) MR \3,020   HR3N003
Nicolai,O.          Duet No.2 (ps) MR \3,330   HR3N004
Nicolai,O.          Duet No.3 (ps) MR \2,340   HR3N005
Nicolai,O.          Duets No.4-6 (Buyanovsky) (ps) MR \3,990   HR3N007
Punto,G.(Stich,J.W.) 20 Concertante Duets (Morgan)(2ps) Ama \4,560   HR3P002
Rimsky-Korsakov,N.  2 Duets for 2Hr. & Notturno for 4Hr. MR \2,450   HR3R004
Rossini,G.          5 Duos [Es] Sim \2,000   HR3R002
Shaw,L.E.           More Bipperies (Vol.2) (ps) HN \1,700   HR3S004
17 (Seventeen) Horn Duets (Selected & Arranged by Howe) (ps) HN \1,700   HR3Z119
27 Rare Horn Duets (D.Hill) (ps) McC \2,400   HR3Z117
2 Horns and Piano
Handel,G.F.         Concerto F (Leloir) [F] Bil \1,680   HR4H008
Haydn,M.            Concertino D (Muranyi) [D] BSS \3,220   HR4H004
Kalliwoda,J.W.      Divertimento Op.59 (1801-1866)[F] Kun \4,850   HR4K001
Telemann,G.P.       Concerto No.1 F (Leloir)[F] Bil \1,750   HR4T003
Zemlinsky,A.        Jagdstuck F (1939) (1871-1942) [F] UE \4,470   HR4Z001
3 Horns
Bach,J.S.           Bach Trios Vol.3 (Shaw) (s&p) HN \1,700   HR5B007
                     Praeludium; Trio; Fugue; Gavotte from French Suite V;
                     Minuet from French Suite I; Anglaise from French Suite III;        
Barrows,J.          La Chasse (s&p) HN \1,700   HR5B006
Boismortier,J.B.    Sonata (Shaw) (s&p) HN \1,700   HR5B005
Cowell,H.           Hymn and Fuguing Tune No.12 (s&p) AMP \3,250   HR5C001
Fritche,W.          Jazz Stylings Vol.2 (s&p) McC \2,250   HR5F003
                     1.Lots of Luck 2.Boppin' Along 3.Three's a Crowd 4.Takin' It Away        
Gallay,J.F.         La Saint-Hubert (Suite) (Leloir)(s&p) Bil \2,740   HR5G001
Hill,D.             5 Pieces (1969) (s&p) HN \1,400   HR5H001
Kibbe,M.            Trio (s&p) HN \1,700   HR5K001
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento No.4 (Hilfiger) (s&p) HN \1,700   HR5M004
Mozart,W.A.         Finale C from Viennese Sonatina No.6 (Howe)(s&p) HN \1,700   HR5M005
Reicha,A.           10 Trios Op.82 Suite No.1,2,3 (Leloir-Pizka) (s&p) Piz \4,200   HR5R008
Reicha,A.           10 Trios Op.82 Suite No.1 (Leloir)(No.10,14,17) Piz \1,050   HR5R006
Reicha,A.           8 Trios from Op.82  (Leloir)(s&p) Sim \4,100   HR5R004
Reicha,A.           6 Trios Op.82 (Frehse & Glasenapp)(s&p)(No.19-24) FH \3,000   HR5R001
Reicha,A.           6 Trios Op.82 (Frehse & Glasenapp-Chambers)(s&p) (No.19-24) IMC \3,330   HR5R002
Richter,A.          6 Stucke (Gabler)(s&p) Dob \4,370   HR5R005
Riggins,H.L.        Suite (s&p) HN \1,700   HR5R009
Shaw,L.E.           Tripperies Vol.2 (No.5-8) (s&p) [F] HN \1,700   HR5S004
Shaw,L.E.           Mini-Trips (s&p) [F] HN \1,700   HR5S005
Schneider,G.A.      18 Trios  IMC \3,270   HR5S002
Schubert,F.         3 Songs (Voxman & Block)(s&p) SMC \3,390   HR5S003
                     Bardic Song; In the Green, Velvet Meadow; Drinking Song in May        
2 Trios : Beethoven & Bruckner (Leloir) (s&p) Bil \1,160   HR5Z105
Movie Trios for All (playable on any 3 Instruments)(arr. by Story)(ps)[F] Alf \1,190   HR5Z110
Christmas Trios for All (playable on any 3 Instruments)(arr. by Ryden)(ps)[F] Alf \830   HR5Z111
Trios and Quartets for Horns (Szilagyi)(10 Trios & 13 Quartets)(s&p) EMB \5,260   HR5Z108
                    Trios 1.Palestrina, Madrigal 2.Franck, Intrada 3.Kindermann,
                    Ritornello 4.Fanfare 5.Alcock, Siciliano 6.Martin, Canon
                    7.Hook, Trio 8.Du Puy, Polonaise 9.Smetana, My star 10.Hymn
                    Quartets  1.Isaac, Innsbruck 2.Tourdion 3.Dowland, Now, o
                    now I needs mus part 4.Dowland, Come again, sweet love
                    5.Praetorius, La Volta 6.Pavane 7.Bergamasca 8.Purcell,
                    March for the Queen Mary's funeral 9.Gluck, Christmas carl
                    10.Schumann, Military march 11.Liszt, Ave Maria
                    12.Tchaikovsky, The toy soldier's march 13.Faure, Libera me        
デュオでも!トリオでも!楽しくアンサンブル (ps only) ヤマハ \1,760   HR5Z109
                    1.花は咲く 2.宇宙戦艦ヤマト 3.ピタゴラスイッチ 4.ひこうき雲
                    5.星条旗よ永遠なれ 6.ウィー・ウィル・ロック・ユー 7.笑点のテーマ
                    8.もろびとこぞりて 9.結婚行進曲(Wagner) 10.人生のメリーゴーランド
                    11.ハナミズキ 12.Jupiter 13.故郷 14.星に願いを  etc.        
4 Horns
Albeniz,I.          Sevilla from [Suite Espanola] (Snedeker)(s&p)[F] HN \1,700   HR7A002
Bach,J.S.           6 Chorale Preludes (Jeurissen)(s&p) FH \2,620   HR7B012
Bach,J.S.           Grande Fugue C [F] (Thilde)(s&p) Bil \2,140   HR7B008
Bach,J.S.           Sicilienne (arr. by Thild)(s&p) Bil \1,220   HR7B009
Bach,J.S.           Fugue c BWV.913 (Shaw) (s&p) HN \1,500   HR7B014
Bach,J.S.           Gigue Fugue B BWV.577 (Becknell) (s&p) HN \1,500   HR7B015
Beck,R.I.           Quartet Op.1 (s&p) (1881-1968) [Es] Ebenos \3,780   HR7B011
Beethoven,L.v.      3 Equale WoO.30 (S.Barth)(orig. for 4Tbn.) BHW \1,380   HR7B002
Boutry,R.           Tetracor (s&p) Led \4,120   HR7B003
Brandt,V.           Country Pictures for 4Tpt. or 4Hr. (Ostrander) IMC \2,520   HR7B005
Crusell,B.          Tre Kvartetter for Ryra Waldhorn (s&p) HN \1,700   HR7C002
Daquin,L.-C.        Divertissement [Les Plaisirs de la Chasse] (Jeurissen) FH \2,630   HR7D001
Dauprat,L.F.        6 Quartets Op.8B (s&p) [F] MMP \3,510   HR7D003
Dauprat,L.F.        Quartet No.1 Op.8B/1 (s&p) [G,F,Es,C] HN \1,400   HR7D004
Dauprat,L.F.        Quartets No.5 [G,F,F,D] No.6 [G,F,C,C] Op.8B/5&6 (s&p) HN \1,400   HR7D006
Faure & Messager    Souvenirs de Bayreuth (Jeurissen)(s&p) FH \3,050   HR7F001
Francaix,J.         Notturno e Divertimento (1987/90) (s&p) BSS \5,040   HR7F002
Gogolak,E.J.        Fair Play Vol.1 (s&p) [F] HN \1,700   HR7G004
Gogolak,E.J.        Fair Play Vol.2 (s&p) [F] HN \1,700   HR7G005
Gogolak,E.J.        Fair Play Vol.3 (s&p) [F] HN \1,700   HR7G006
Haeupl,H.           Horn-Quartettchen (3 leichte Stuecke) (s&p) FH \2,000   HR7H003
Haydn,J.            Divertimento (E.Brown) HN \900   HR7H004
Hindemith,P.        Sonata for 4 Horns (score) BSS \3,330   HR7H005
Hindemith,P.        Sonata for 4 Horns (parts) BSS \5,510   HR7H006
Homilius,C.         Quartet B Op.38  FH \2,380   HR7H008
Jeurissen,H.        Lustige Streiche (Merry Pranks) (s&p) [Es] McC \1,560   HR7J002
Kawai.K.            Divertimanto (s&p) HN \1,700   HR7K005
Koechlin,C.         Les Confidences d'un Joueur de clarinette Op.141 Bil \850   HR7K004
                     No.11 Fanfare d'appel        
Molter,J.M.         Symphony C (ca.1695-1765) MR \1,880   HR7M005
Mozart,W.A.         Overture to the Magic Flute (Lockwook) HN \1,700   HR7M007
Naether,G.          Happy Birthday (s&p) FH \2,060   HR7N001
Nauber,F.           6 Original Quartets Op.2 & 4 (1876-1953)(s&p) Piz \2,520   HR7N003
O'Connell,R.        Capriccio (s&p) HN \1,700   HR7O001
Pizka,E.            Feischuetz-Fantasie nach Weber (H.Pizka)(s&p) Piz \1,600   HR7P004
Richter,A.          6 Stucke (1832) (Fuhrer) (s&p) Dob \3,950   HR7R006
Richter,A.          6 Pieces (1832) (Daehler) (s&p) HN \1,700   HR7R013
Rimsky-Korsakov,N.  Notturno & Scherzo for 4Hr. (Kirkor & McAlister)(s&p) MMP \1,520   HR7R011
Rimsky-Korsakov,N.  Variations on a Russian Folksong Op.14 (McAlister)(s&p) MMP \1,860   HR7R012
Rossini,G.          Le Rendez-vous de chasse (Leloir)(s&p)[D] Sim \3,560   HR7R007
Schumann,R.         6 Quartets (Reynolds)(score only) SMC \1,690   HR7S002
Shaw,L.E.           Fripperies Vol.3 (No.9-12) (s&p) HN \1,700   HR7S011
Shaw,L.E.           Fripperies Vol.4 (No.13-16) (s&p) HN \1,700   HR7S012
Shaw,L.E.           Fripperies Vol.5 (No.17-20) (s&p) HN \1,700   HR7S013
Shaw,L.E.           Fripperies Vol.6 (No.21-24) (s&p) HN \1,700   HR7S014
Shaw,L.E.           Fripperies Vol.8 (No.29-32) (s&p) HN \1,700   HR7S016
Shaw,L.E.           Fripperies Vol.9 (No.33-36) (s&p) HN \1,700   HR7S017
Strauss,R.          5 Volksliedsatze (Jeurissen) FH \2,760   HR7S005
Teuber,F.W.         Scarborough Fair Revisited (s&p) HN \1,400   HR7T005
Victoria,T.L.di     3 Motets (s&p) HN \1,400   HR7V002
Wagner,R.           3 Saetz (arr. by Jeurissen)(s&p)  FH \2,380 HR7W001
                     Ankunft bei den schwarzen Schwaenen; Hoerselberger
                     Jagdfanfare; Gebet des Rienzi
Wilder,A.           6 x 4 (6 Pieces for 4 Horns) (s&p) HN \1,700   HR7W007
Williams,J.         Hogwarts Forever from [Harry Potter] (s&p) HL \2,890   HR7W006
Winter,J.H.         Suite for a Quartet of Young Horns (s&p) HN \1,700   HR7W010
When The Saints Go Marching In (arr. by J.Gale)(s&p) MP \2,250   HR7Z121
Chassomanie I (Jagdstuecke) (Jeurissen)(3 pieces)(s&p) FH \2,690   HR7Z102
                     Mehul, Introduktion und Jagdfanfare; Meyerbeer, Intermezzo;
                     Paganini, Capriccio Op.1/14        
Il Corno Festivo (Jeurissen) (6 pieces)(s&p) FH \3,050   HR7Z104
                     Verdi, Prozession der Moenche; Meyerbeer, Pater Noster; Flotow, Ave Maria;
                     Humperdinck, Abendsegen; Bruckner, In Odins Hallen; Wagner, Walhall      
Four Quartets (Quartets Vol.1) (L.E.Shaw) (s&p) HN \1,700   HR7Z110
                     Bach, Sarabande; Bach, Minuet; Tchaikovsky, Pizzicato
                     Ostinato (Sym. No.4); Handel, Blessing and Horor        
Quartets Vol.2 (L.E.Shaw) (s&p) HN \1,200   HR7Z116
                     Bach, Nun ruhen alle Waelder; Bach, Sarabande; Bach, Chaconne;
                     Verdi, Chorus of Kidnappers; Haydn, Achieved is the Glorious Work        
Quartets Vol.3 (L.E.Shaw) (s&p) HN \1,500   HR7Z117
                     (All J.S.Bach) Prelude 6: Prelude 20; Prelude 12;
                     Prelude and Fugue 7; Prelude and Fugue 18        
Quartets Vol.4 (L.E.Shaw) (s&p) HN \1,200   HR7Z118
                     (More J.S.Bach) Prelude XII; Prelude IV; 
                     Prelude IX; Fuga XI        
Wald Horn Quartette   (Vol.1) (Green) FH \7,480 # HR7Z111
Wald Horn Quartette   Vol.2   (Orange) FH \6,620   HR7Z112
6 Pieces faciles (Desloges et Arnold)  Bil \1,560   HR7Z125
19 Viennese Horn Quartets Vol.1 (No.1-5) (W.Scharnberg) (s&p) McC \3,240   HR7Z119
20 (Zwanzig) leichte Hornquartette (Pizka)(s&p) Piz \4,200   HR7Z127
In Memoriam (3 pieces) ( M.C.Howe) HN \1,700   HR7Z128
                     1.Russian Army Folk Song, Someome's Horse is Standing There;
                     2.Schubert, Ihr Bild; 3.Schubert, Der Wegweiser        
Jingle Bells (J.Pierpont  arr. by L.E.Shaw) (s&p) HN \900   HR7Z120
Froeliche Weihnacht Ueberall (16 Weihnachtslieder) (arr. by Naether) FH \3,260   HR7Z109
4 Horns and Piano
Rossini,G.          Le Rendez-vous de chasse (Leloir)[D] Bil \3,970   HR8R001
Schumann,R.         Konzertstuck F Op.86 [F] GH \5,880   HR8S003
Schumann,R.         Konzertstuck F Op.86 [F] IMC \3,240   HR8S002
5 Horns
Bach,J.S.           2 Choruses from Motet [Jesu, meine Freude] (Shaw) (s&p) HN \1,700   HR9B001
Brahms,J.           2 Brahms Pieces (s&p) HN \1,700   HR9B002
Shaw,L.E.           Quipperies Vol.1 (No.1-4) (s&p) HN \1,700   HR9S003
Shaw,L.E.           Quipperies Vol.2 (No.5-8) (s&p) HN \1,700   HR9S004
Songer,L.A.         Angel Falls (s&p) HN \1,700   HR9S006
Stiegler,K.         St. Eustacchius-Messe I (Pizka) (s&p) Piz \2,520   HR9S005
6-7 Horns        
Beethoven,L.v.      2 Pieces for 6Hr. (Oldberg) (s&p) HN \1,700   HRAB001
                     Adagio Op.13 & Allegretto Op.27/2        
Handel,G.F.         Allegro Moderato from [Water Music] for 6Hr. (Martinet)(s&p) HN \1,700   HRAH003
Handel,G.F.         6 Pieces from [Water Music] for 6Hr. (Nartinet)(s&p) HN \1,700   HRAH002
8 Horns
Humperdinck,E.      Prelude from [Heansel und Gretel] (Kirshen)(s&p) HN \1,700   HRBH001
Medelssohn,F.       O Rest In the Lord from [Elijah] for 8Hr. (Shaw)(s&p) HN \1,700   HRBM001
Oldberg,A.          Le son du cor (s&p) HN \1,700   HRBO001
Stiegler,K.         Siegried Fantasie (Pizka) (s&p) Piz \4,200   HRBS002
with voice
Britten,B.          Canticle III Op.50 for Tenor,Hr.Pf.[F] BoH \3,120   HRHB002
Lachner,F.          Notte soave delizia for Alto, Hr. Pf. MR \2,190   HRHL001
Lachner,F.          2 Songs for Soprano, Hr. Pf.[Es] MR \2,630 HRHL004
                     Waldvoglein Op.28/1; Nachts in der Kajute Op.34
Schubert,F.         Auf dem Strom Op.119 for Voice, Hr/Vc. & Pf. [E][F] GH \2,660   HRHS006
Schubert,F.         Auf dem Strom Op.119 for Voice, Hr. & Pf. (Duerr)[E] BA \2,380   HRHS001
Schubert,F.         Auf dem Strom Op.119 for Voice, Hr. & Pf. [E] BHW \2,640   HRHS002
Strauss,R.          Alphorn for Soprano, Hr. & Pf. o.Op.AV.29 [Es] BSS \2,840   HRHS005
with other instruments
Beethoven,L.v.      Sextet Es Op.81b for 2Vn.Va.Vc.2Hr. [Es][F] GH \6,160 # HRJB011
Boccherini,L.       Sextet Es Op.42/1 for 2Vn.Hr.Va.2Vc. HS \3,990   HRJB005
Brahms,J.           Trio Es Op.40 for Hr/Va/Vc.Vn.Pf. [Es][F] GH \5,510   HRJB014
Brahms,J.           Trio Es Op.40 for Hr.Vn.Pf. (Hogwood) BA \5,870   HRJB012
Brahms,J.           Trio Es Op.40 for Hr.Vn.Pf. BHW \5,020   HRJB007
Haydn,J.            Divertimento a tre Es Hob.IV-5 for Hr.Vn.Vc. (Landon)[Es] Dob \2,000   HRJH001
Haydn,J.            Quintet Es Hob.XIV-1 for 2Hr.Vn.Vc.Pf. [Es] GH \1,680   HRJH002
Haydn,M.            Divertimento D for Hr.Va.DB. (Hob.IV-D3) [D] Dob \4,400   HRJH003
Mozart,W.A.         Quintet Es K.407 for Hr.Vn.2Va.Vc. [Es][F] GH \3,800   HRJM016
Mozart,W.A.         A Musical Joke K.522 for 2Vn.Va.DB.2Hr. [F] IMC \4,070   HRJM013
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento K.247 & March K.248 F for 2Hr.2Vn.Va.Basso (Loy)[F] GH \6,080   HRJM018
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento No.17 D K.334 for 2Vn.Va.DB.2Hr.[D] IMC \7,190   HRJM014
Reicha,A.           12 Trios Op.93 for 2Hr.Vc/Bn. (Lienhard) [Es](s&p) Ama \7,220   HRJR004
Reicha,A.           Quintet for Hr.2Vn.Va.Vc. (DB. ad lib.) E Op.106 (s&p)[E] MR \9,480   HRJR002
Shaw,L.             Just Desserts (Frippery Style) Optional Bass Parts HN \1,700   HRJS009
                     Double Bass or Cello or Tuba part        
Stamitz,C.          Trio Es for Hr.Vn.Vc. [Es] Dob \3,340   HRJS001
with orchestra
Dukas,P.            Villanelle (arr. by D.Miller) (fs) EK \3,000   HRKD001
Haydn,J.            Concerto No.1 D Hob.VIId:3 (McAlister)(fs) Sere \6,300 # HRKH001
Haydn,J.            Concerto No.1 D Hob.VIId:3 (McAlister)(pt:Set 4B) EK \15,300   HRKH002
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.1 D K.412+514 (Wiese) (fs) GH-BHW \4,660   HRKM022
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.1 D K.412+514 (Wiese) (pt:Set 3A) GH-BHW \15,070   HRKM023
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.1 D K.412+514 (fs) BA \6,050 # HRKM003
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.1 D K.412+514 (pt:Set 3A) BA \15,950   HRKM004
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.2 Es K.417 (Wiese) (fs) GH-BHW \3,900   HRKM008
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.2 Es K.417 (Wiese) (pt:Set 3A) GH-BHW \15,200   HRKM009
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.3 Es K.447 (Wiese) (fs) GH-BHW \4,310   HRKM012
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.3 Es K.447 (Wiese) (pt:Set 3A) GH-BHW \14,460   HRKM013
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.4 Es K.495 (Wiese) (fs) GH-BHW \4,090   HRKM016
Beethoven,L.v.      Sextet Es Op.81b for 2Vn.Va.Vc.2Hr. (ms) GH \2,860 # HRLB004
Brahms,J.           Trio Es Op.40 for Hr.Vn.Pf. (ms) EE \2,640 # HRLB003
Mozart,W.A.         4 Horn Concertos K.412+514,417,447,495 +Fragment K.412 (ms) BA \7,150 # HRLM017
Mozart,W.A.         4 Horn Concertos K.412+514,417,447,495 +Rondo K.412 (Wiese)(ms) BHW \4,730   HRLM020
Mozart,W.A.         Horn Concerto No.1 D K.412+514 (ms) EE \2,280   HRLM002
Mozart,W.A.         Quintet Es K.407 for Hr.Vn.2Va.Vc. (ms) GH \1,810   HRLM016
Mozart,W.A.         Quintet Es K.407 for Hr.Vn.2Va.Vc. (ms) BA \1,760   HRLM010
Mozart,W.A.         A Musical Joke K.522 for 2Vn.Va.DB.2Hr. (ms) GH \1,710   HRLM019
Rosetti,A.          Horn Concerto (No.2) Es (os) Kun \2,430   HRLR004
Rosetti,A.          Horn Concerto No.4 F (fs) Piz \2,100   HRLR005
Schumann,R.         Concertstueck Op.86 for 4Hr. & Orch. (ms) MPH \3,600   HRLS001
Strauss,R.          Horn Concerto No.1 (ss) GH \3,230   HRLS007
Strauss,R.          Horn Concerto No.1 (ss) UE \4,740   HRLS006
Strauss,R.          Horn Concerto No.2 (ss) GH \3,420 HRLS008
Strauss,R.          Horn Concerto No.2 (ms) BoH \4,560   HRLS005
ネルソン             アーノルド・ジェイコブスはかくカタりき パイパース \3,080   HRPN003
以上が9月6日現在の在庫です。 上記は在庫分の価格ですので、新たに入荷があれば価格が
変わることがあります。 また載っている楽譜が売り切れたり、載っていない楽譜が新たに入ったりしますので
fs  : full score   os : octavo score        ms : miniature score  ps : playing score
pt  : parts        ws : with solo part(s)   ns : no cembalo        s&p : score & parts
B5  : 2Tpt.Hr.Tbn.Tuba
[F] : Horn in F        [Es] : Horn in Es     [E] : Horn in E
Set 3A : (wind parts) + strings
Set 4B : (wind parts) + strings
Set 5A : (wind parts) + strings
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