- Orchestra -
- A (T-Z) -
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    Symphony No.4 f Op.36 (3222-4231, T. Prc. St.)        
                              FS BHW \13,490 # ORT001FS
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    Symphony No.5 e Op.64 (3222-4231, T. St.)        
                              FS BHW \20,140 # ORT002FS
                              Set 5A BHW \58,520 ORT002A5
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    Nutcracker Suite Op.71 (3332-4231, T. Prc. Harp, Celesta, St.)      
                              FS BHW \10,640 # ORT004FS
                              Set 5A BHW \38,190 # ORT004A5
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    Swan Lake Suite Op.20a (Simpson)(2222-4231,T.Prc.Harp,St.)        
                     1.Scene 2.Valse 3.Danse des Cygnes 4.Pas d'Action 5.Czardas - Danse Hongroise
                     6.Danse Espagnole 7.Danse Napolitaine 8.Mazurka 9.Scene et Finale
                              Set 5A EK \71,230   ORT005A5
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    Waltz from [Swan Lake] G (arr. by Ryden) (3222-4331, T. Prc. St.)
                              FS MMP \5,100 ORT038FS
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    Marche slave Op.31 (4222-4431, T. Prc. St.)        
                              FS LML \6,800 ORT033FS
                              Set 5A LML \23,810 ORT033A5
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    Capriccio Italien Op.45 (Vajdman)(3322-4431,T.Prc.Harp,St.)        
                              FS BHW \10,260 ORT008FS
                              Set 5A BHW \34,580 ORT008A5
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    Overture to [Eugene Onegin] (2222-4000, St.)        
                              FS EK \750 ORT037FS
                              Set 5A EK \6,450 ORT037A5
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    Polonaise from [Eugene Onegin] (2222-4230, T. St.)        
                              FS LML \2,550 ORT034FS
                              Set 5A LML \13,420 ORT034A5
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    Waltz from [Eugene Onegin] (2222-4230,T.St.)        
                              FS LML \4,250 ORT035FS
                              Set 5A LML \13,620   ORT035A5
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    Dance du corps No.16 from [Swan Lake] (3222-4431,T. Prc. St.)  
                              FS EK \3,400 ORT040FS
                              Set 4B EK \11,050 ORT040B4
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    Chant de L'Alouette (March from [The Seasons](Tobani) (2222-4230, T. Prc. Org. St.)
                              PC & Set 8B EK \10,400 ORT017P8
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    La Chasse (September from [The Seasons])(Tobani) (1222-2210, T. Prc. St.)    
                              PC & Set 8B EK \9,100   ORT081P8
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    Autumn Song (October from [The Seasons])(Tobani) (1222-2230, T. Prc. St.)    
                              PC & Set 8B EK \9,750   ORT020P8
Teike,C.            Old Comrades Es (arr. by J.A.B.) (3222-4231, Prc. St.)
                              FS & Set 2B 濱野ハマノ \6,500 ORT030F2
Thomas,A.           Raymond Overture (McAlister) (2222-4230, T. Prc. St.)        
                              FS EK \3,250 ORT027FS
                              Set 5A EK \17,640   ORT027A5
Thomas,A.           Mignon Overture (Bradburd & Nieweg) (2222-4230, T. Prc.Harp,St.)      
                              Set 5A EK \11,200   ORT031A5
Vaughan Williams,R.   Fantasia on Greensleeves (Greaves) (2000-0000, Harp. St.)        
                              FS Good \1,500 ORV001FS
                              FS & Set 4B Good \6,240   ORV001F4
Verdi,G.            Triumphal March and Ballet from [Aida] (3222-4231,T.Prc.St.)
                              FS LML \6,800 ORV012FS
                              Set 5A (手書テガ LML \32,150 ORV012A5
Verdi,G.            Triumphal March from [Aida] (Concert version)(McAlister) (3222-4431,T.Prc.St.)    
                              FS Sere \5,100 ORV004FS
                              Set 5A Sere \16,450 ORV004A5
Verdi,G.            La Forza del Destino Overture  (2222-4231, T. Prc. 2Harps, St.)      
                              FS LML \5,100 # ORV015FS
                              Set 4B LML \13,600 # ORV015B4
Verdi,G.            Nabucco Overture (Bradburd & Nieweg) (2222-4231, T. Prc. St.)      
                              Set 5A EK \23,120   ORV010A5
Verdi,G.            Prelude to Act I from [La Traviata] (1112-4000, St.)        
                              FS LML \850 ORV016FS
                              Set 5A LML \5,940   ORV016A5
Verdi,G.            I Vespri Siciliani Overture (2222-4431, T.Prc. St.)        
                              FS LML \6,800 # ORV018FS
                              Set 4B LML \22,950 # ORV018B4
Verdi,G.            Prelude to [Un Ballo in Maschera] (2222-4231, T.  St.)        
                              FS EK \1,360 ORV017FS
                              Set 4B EK \9,350 ORV017B4
Wagner,R            Der Venusberg (Concert Version without Chorus)(3222-4331, T. Prc. St.)      
                              FS EK \4,500 ORW030FS
Wagner,R.           Die Meistersinger  Vorspiel (3222-4331, T. Prc. Harp, St.)        
                              FS BHW \5,110 ORW002FS
                              Set 5A BHW \25,440 ORW002A5
Wagner,R.           Einleitung zum Act III [Die Meistersinger] (3222-4231, T. Prc. Harp, St.)    
                              FS BHW \1,690 ORW022FS
                              Set 5A BHW \21,280   ORW022A5
Wagner,R.           Introduction to Act III [Lohengrin] (3333-4331, T. Prc. St.)  
                              FS EK \1,200 ORW027FS
Wagner,R.           Introduction to Act III [Lohengrin] (F-dur)        
                     (arr. by McAlister)(Alfred Reed Ending)(3232-4331, T. Prc. St.)
                              FS EK \1,950 ORW023FS
Wagner,R.           Prelude and Love Death [Tristan und Isolde] (3333-4331, T. Harp, St.)      
                              FS EK \2,600   ORW006FS
Wagner,R.           Ride of the Valkyries (Hutschenruyter) (3343-6331, T. Prc. St.)
                              FS LML \4,200 ORW026FS
                              Set 5A LML \21,720 ORW026A5
Wagner,R.           Parsifal Prelude (3334-4331, T. 2Harps, St.)        
                              FS LML \3,400 ORW032FS
Wagner,R.           Funeral Music at the death of Siegfried (3333-4231, T. Prc. Harp, St.)      
                              Set 5A BHW \18,240 ORW008A5
Wagner,R.           Siegfried-Idyll (1121-2100, St.)        
                              FS BHW \3,210 # ORW007FS
                              Set 3A BHW \13,170 # ORW007A3
Waldteufel,E.       Estudiantina Waltz Op.191 (H.K.Wolf) (2222-4231, T. Prc. St.)      
                              FS EK \4,250 ORW009FS
                              Set 5A EK \16,170 ORW009A5
Waldteufel,E.       Les Patineurs (Skaters Waltz) Op.183 (22222-4231, T. Prc. St.)      
                              Set 5A EK \23,120 ORW010A5
Weber,C.M.v.        Der Freischutz Overture (2222-4230, T. St.)        
                              FS BHW \4,730 ORW024FS
Williams,J.         Star Wars (Suite for Orchestra) ([John Williams Signature Edition])      
                     (3232-4331, T. Prc. Harp, Pf.Cel. St.)
                              FS HL \12,750 ORW014FS
Williams,J.         Across the Stars ([John Williams Signature Edition])(3333-4231,T.Prc.Harp,Pf.St.)  
                              FS HL \4,800 ORW018FS
Williams,J.         Suite from J.F.K. ([John Williams Signature Edition])(3322-4331,T.Prc.Harp,Pf.St.)  
                              FS HL \5,760   ORW017FS
Wolf-Ferrari,E.     Intermezzo I from [The Jewels of the Madonna] (2223-4000, Harp, St.)      
                              PC & Set 4B LML \9,350   ORW034P4
[Portrait of the Beatles] (Lennon & MaCartney - arr. by Mancini)         
                    (2232-4331, T.Prc.Harp,Pf. Gtr.E-Bass, St.)
                    (A Hard Day's Night - And I Love Her - All My Loving -
                     Norwegian Wood - Michelle - Yesterday)
                              FS HL \9,900   ORZ157FS
[Beauty and the Beast] (Menken-arr. by T.Parson) (3222-2331, T. Prc. St.)        
                             FS & Set 10B EMR \29,700 # ORZ161F10
[Ben Hur] (Miklos Rozsa-arr. by J.G.Mortimer) (2121-2220, T. Prc. St.)        
                              FS & Set 8B EMR \17,500   ORZ141F8
[Charade] (arr. by Mancini) [Mancini Concert Library]        
                     (2332-4431, T. Prc. Harp, Pf. Gtr.E-Bass, St.)
                              FS HL \7,650 ORZ154FS
                              FS & Set 8B HL \59,500   ORZ154F8
[Dr. Zhivago],Lara's Theme from (Jarre-arr. by J.G.Mortimer) (2121-2220, T. Prc. St.)      
                              FS & Set 10B EMR \17,500   ORZ142F10
[Mission: Impossibele]  (Schifrin-arr. by Custer) (2131-4331, T. Prc. Pf. St.)        
                              FS & Set 8B HL \11,900   ORZ159F8
[Moon River] (arr. by Mancini) (2222-4331, T. Prc. Harp, Pf. St.) [Mancini Concert Library]    
                              FS HL \7,650   ORZ152FS
[More] (R.Ortolani, N.Oliviero- arr. R.Hayman) (3333-4331, T.Per. Harp/Pf. St.)        
                              FS & Set 8B EK \11,200   ORZ162F8
[My Fair Lady] (arr. by Whitney) (Medley)(3222-4331, T. Prc. St.)        
                     (I could have danced all night - On the street where you live -
                      I've grown accustomed to her face - Get me to the church on time)
                              FS & Set 8B Alf \13,600   ORZ104F8
[My Fair Lady] I Could Have Danced All Night (濱野ハマノタダシ編曲ヘンキョク) (3232-4330, T. Glocken, Prc. Pf. St.)
                              FS & Set 2B 浜野ハマノ \7,500 ORZ160F2
[My Funny Valentine] (arr. by J.Brubaker) (1131-1211, T. Prc. St.)        
                              FS & Set 8B Alf \6,500   ORZ124F8
[The Pink Panther] (arr. by Mancini) [Mancini Concert Library]        
                     (2000-0440, Sax, Amp-Gtr, Piano, E-Bass, Prc. St.)
                              FS HL \6,300 ORZ140FS
RAIN (arr. by Jack Bullock) (1131-1211, T. Prc. St.)        
                    (Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head - Come Rain Or Come Shine - 
                    Singin' In The Rain (Medley))
                              FS & Set 8B Alf \6,600   ORZ130F8
A Salut to Richard Rodgers (Medley)(arr. by T.Ricketts)(2131-4331, T. Prc. St.)        
                   Song of the High Seas; Oklahoma; The Sound of
                   Music; Bewiched; The Carousel Waltz; Climb Evry Mountan
                              FS & Set 8B HL \11,050   ORZ107F8
[The Sound of Music] (Selection) (arr. by Bennett)(3222-4331, T. Prc. St.)        
                              PC & Set 8B Wil \13,600 ORZ108P8
Take Me Out To The Ball Game (arr. by Rosenhaus) (3222-4331, T. Prc. St.)        
                              PC & Set 8B EK \11,900   ORZ131F8
[Ghost], Unchained Melody from (North/Zaret-arr. by J.G.Mortimer) (2222-2331, T. Prc. St.)
                              FS & Set 10B EMR \17,500 ORZ145F10
When The Saints Go Marching In (arr. by Richard Hayman)(3333-4431, T.Prc. Harp, Banjo, Pf. St.)    
                              FS & Set 8B EK \21,250   ORZ155F8
ホシネガいを (Harline-濱野正編曲)E (2232-4330, T. Prc. Piano, St.)        
                              FS & Set 2B 浜野ハマノ \6,500   ORZ146F2
このミチ(山田耕筰ー濱野ハマノタダシ編曲ヘンキョク)E (2222-4230, T. Glockenspiel, St.)        
                              FS & Set 2B 浜野ハマノ \7,350   ORZ116F2
荒城コウジョウツキ(滝廉太郎ー濱野正編曲) d (2222-2230, T. Prc. Harp, St.)        
                              FS & Set 2B 浜野ハマノ \7,350   ORZ117F2
センカゼになって(新井アライマンー濱野正編曲)C (2222-4230, T. St. vocal ad lib.)  
                              FS & Set 2B 浜野ハマノ \7,350 ORZ134F2
早春賦ソウシュンフ中田ナカタアキラー濱野正編曲) d (2222-2230, T. Prc. Harp, St.)        
                              FS & Set 2B 浜野ハマノ \7,350   ORZ138F2
浜辺ハマベウタ成田ナリタタメ3ー濱野正編曲)G (2222-2230, T. Prc. Glockenspiel, St.)        
                              FS & Set 2B 浜野ハマノ \7,700   ORZ119F2
故郷フルサト(ふるさと)(岡部オカベテイイチー濱野正編曲)G (2222-2230, T.  Glockenspiel, St.)        
                              FS & Set 2B 浜野ハマノ \7,350   ORZ120F2
魔女マジョ宅急便タッキュウビン」より 仕事シゴトはじめ(久石譲ー濱野正編曲)(2222-4230, T. Xylophone, St.)      
                              FS & Set 2B 浜野ハマノ \6,500   ORZ136F2
「ハウルのウゴシロ」より 人生ジンセイのメリーゴーランド(久石譲ー濱野正編曲)(3222-4230, T. Prc. Pf, St.)    
                              FS & Set 2B 浜野ハマノ \6,500   ORZ123F2
「もののけヒメ」よりアシタカせっき(久石譲ー濱野正編曲)(2222-4230, T. Glockenspiel, Cym. Pf., St.)    
                              FS & Set 2B 浜野ハマノ \6,500   ORZ127F2
「ゲド戦記センキ」よりテルーのウタ谷山タニヤマ浩子ヒロコー濱野正編曲)(2322-4230, T.Prc, St.)        
                              FS & Set 2B 浜野ハマノ \6,500   ORZ139F2
Christmas (A Medley of Well-Known Carols)(A.Harris)(3222-4221, T. Prc. Harp, St.)      
                  Good King Wenceslas - Silent Night - Joy To The World - The first Noel -
                  Deck the Halls - What Child is this - We Wish You a Mery Christmas
                              FS EK \7,650 ORZ112FS
                              Set 5A EK \24,820   ORZ112A5
White Christmas (I.Berlin - arr. by R.R.Bennett)(3332-4331, Prc. Harp, St.)        
                              PC & Set 8B HL \9,350 # ORZ114P8
Christmas Sing-A-Long (Celli) (1222-4231, T. Prc. St.)        
                  Joy To The World - O Come, All Ye Faithful - Hark! The Herald 
                  Angels Sing - Silent Night
                              FS & Set 8B Alf \6,500   ORZ113F8
Christmas Carols Series I (arr. by Tom Kennedy) (2222-2221, Bells, St.)        
                  1.O Little Town of Bethlehem 2.Silent Night 3.Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
                  4.Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful 5.Angels We Have Heard on High 6.Joy to the World
                  7.Deck the Halls 8.We Wish You a Merry Christmas
                              FS EK \3,000 ORZ148FS
Christmas Classics (arr. by O'Reilly) (1st position) (1121-1221,Prc. St.)        
                  1.March [The Nutcracker] 2.March of the Three Kings.
                  3.Hallelujah Chorus
                              FS & Set 8B H/E \5,000   ORZ151F8
Orchestra (parts=rental)        
武満タケミツトオル       Music of Tree (3343-4431, S-Sax, Prc.Gtr.Pf.Celesta,Harp,St.)      
                              FS PN \3,300   ORT801FS
Wagner,R.           Prelude und Isolens Liebestod (Sop, 3333-4331, T. Harp, St.)  
                              FS BHW \4,160 ORW802FS
Walton,W.           Symphony No.1 (2222-4331, T. Prc. St.)        
                              SS OUP \7,670 # ORW801SS
以上イジョウが8ガツ28ニチ現在ゲンザイ在庫ザイコです。 上記は在庫分の価格ですので、
1) スコアの種類シュルイツギトオりスコアのサイズをアラワしています。
FS = Full Score          フルスコアがチェンバロ兼用のものは FS (=Cembalo) と表記します。
OS = Octavo Size Score
SS = Study Score
MS = Miniature Score
2) パートはプルトスウによりツギのようにアラワしています。トク記入キニュウのないものはテュッティのゲンのみです。
B)出版社シュッパンシャまっているもの(レイ            A)当店で決めているもの
Set 1B = マタは           Set 1A =
Set 2B =                          Set 2A =
Set 3B = マタは           Set 3A =
Set 4B = マタは ナド        Set 4A =
Set 5B =                          Set 5A =
Set 6B =
Set 8B = 又は           Set 8A =
C) ソロ・パート、チェンバロ・パートがセットにフクまれているときはツギのようにアラワします。
Set 1A にソロ・パートフクまれるとき                       = Set 1A (solo part 付き)
Set 1A にチェンバロ・パートフクまれるとき                 = Set 1A (cembalo part 付き)
Set 1A にソロ。パートとチェンバロ・パートフクまれるとき = Set 1A (solo part,cembalo part 付き)
3) その略号リャクゴウ
T   : Timpani          Prc : Percussion       DS  : Drum Set
Cem : Cembalo          Pf  : Piano            Cel : Celesta
St  : Strings          SQ  : String Quartet   VdG :  Viola da Gamba
aRc : alto Recorder    BH  : Bassethorn       CIb : Corno Inglese di basso
当店トウテンのホームページ にはすべてのカタログをせています。