- Piano-
(pf/2h S-Z)
Piano Solo (2 Hands)
Saint-Saens,C.      The Swan G (Hoskier) CF \670   PF1S284
Satie,E.            Piano Music Vol.1 Sal \1,900   PF1S008
                     Sarabandes No.1-3; Gymnopedies No.1-3; Gnossienes No.1-3; etc.        
Satie,E.            Piano Music Vol.2 Sal \2,320   PF1S009
                     Pieces froide; Je te veux; Poudre d'or; Nocturne No.1-3; etc.        
Satie,E.            Piano Music Vol.3 Sal \2,290   PF1S010
                     Sports et Divertissements
Satie,E.            The Best of Satie Vol.1 Sal \3,590   PF1S353
                     3 Gymnopedies; 6 Gnossiennes; Sonneries de la Rose + Croix:
                     Pieces froides; La Diva de l'Empire; Je te veux; Le Piccadilly;
                     Poudre d'or; La Belle Excentrique; Vaxations        
Satie,E.            The Best of Satie Vol.2 Sal \3,160   PF1S354
                     Ragtime-Parade; Cinema; Lepiege de Meduse;
                     Sports et Divertissements
Satie,E.            Gymnopedies GH \810   PF1S351
Satie,E.            Gnossiennes GH \1,790   PF1S352
Satie,E.            Avant-dernieres Pensees GH \1,260   PF1S365
Satie,E.            Sonatine bureaucratique GH \1,260   PF1S367
Satie,E.            Piano Music (1912-1914) ME \5,910   PF1S387
                     Childish Small Talk; Picturesque Child's Play; Annoying
                     Offenses; Genuine Flabby Preludes [for a dog]; Skethces
                     and Temptations of a Big Wooden Man; Matters Thoroughly
                     Discussed; Automatic Descriptions; Dried Up Embryoes;
                     Antique Gold and Ancient Armor; Times of Day, Then and Now        
Say,Fazil           Black Earth (Kara Toprak)(1997)(1970-    ) BSS \1,760   PF1S285
Say,Fazil           Dance (2012) BSS \840   PF1S369
Say,Fazil           Nietzsche and Wagner Op.49 BSS \2,470   PF1S358
Say,Fazil           3 Ballades (1995/2005) BSS \1,760   PF1S308
Say,Fazil           Bach-Say Fantasia and Fugue g  BWV.542 BSS \2,000   PF1S355
Say,Fazil           Alla Turca Jazz (Fantasie on the Rondo from Mozart) BSS \2,280 # PF1S286
Say,Fazil           Paganini Jazz (Variations on the Paganini's Caprice No.24) BSS \2,080   PF1S287
Scarlatti,D.        Ausgewahlte Klaviersonaten Vol.1 (24 Sonatas)(Johnsson) GH \4,560   PF1S025
                     K.30,47,54,82,88,127,149,159,197,261,268,291, etc.        
Scarlatti,D.        Ausgewahlte Klaversonaten Vol.2 (24 Sonatas)(Johnsson) GH \3,990   PF1S026
                     K.4,9,58,64,72,96,125,141,200,238,265,265,270, etc.        
Scarlatti,D.        Ausgewahlte Klaversonaten Vol.3 (24 Sonatas)(Johnsson) GH \4,410   PF1S027
                     K.13,24,25,98,101,122,169,170,205,215,240,263, etc.
Scarlatti,D.        Ausgewahlte Klaversonaten Vol.4 (35 Sonatas)(Johnsson) GH \5,320   PF1S390
Schnittke,A.        Kleine klavierstuecke (Little Piano Pieces)  HS \2,190   PF1S043
                     Folk song; In the mountais; Cuckoo and woodpecker; 'etc.        
Schoenberg,A.       Ausgewahlte Klaviermusik (Brinkmann/Roggenkamp) WUE \8,540   PF1S035
                     3 Klavierstucke Op.11; 6 kleine Klavierstucke Op.19;
                     Suite Op.25; Klavierstucke Op.33a & 33b; 3 Klavierstucke(1894)        
Schoenberg,A.       3 Klavierstucke Op.11 (Emanuel Ax) GH \3,040 * PF1S404
Schoenberg,A.       6 kleine Klavierstuecke Op.19 (1911) (Emanuel Ax) GH \2,850 * PF1S405
Schoenberg,A.       Suite Op.25 (Shai Wosner) GH \4,370 * PF1S406
Schoenberg,A.       3 Klavierstucke Op.11  UE \3,030   PF1S036
Schoenberg,A.       6 kleine Klavierstuecke Op.19 (1911) UE \2,840   PF1S398
Schubert,F.         Sonatas Vol.1 D.537,568,575,664,784,845,850 GH \5,130   PF1S047
Schubert,F.         Sonatas Vol.2 D.894(Op.78),D.958,959,960 GH \5,040   PF1S048
Schubert,F.         Sonatas Vol.3 D.157,279,346,459,557,566,506,567,571, GH \7,130   PF1S049
Schubert,F.         Sonata No.4 a Op.posth.164 D.537 GH \1,580   PF1S288
Schubert,F.         Sonata No.7 Es Op.posth.122 D.568 (M.Helmchen) GH \1,900 * PF1S407
Schubert,F.         Sonata No.14 a Op.posth.143 D.784 GH \1,370   PF1S289
Schubert,F.         Sonata No.17 D Op.53 D.850  GH \1,360   PF1S052
Schubert,F.         Sonata No.18 G Op.78 D.894  GH \1,790   PF1S053
Schubert,F.         Sonata No.18 G Op.78 D.894 (Helmchen)(HN1362) GH \2,470   PF1S401
Schubert,F.         Sonata No.19 c D.958  GH \1,530   PF1S054
Schubert,F.         Sonata No.20 A D.959  GH \1,600   PF1S055
Schubert,F.         Impromptus & Moments musicaux Op.90,94,142 GH \3,420   PF1S057
Schubert,F.         Fantasie C [Wanderer-Fantasie] D.760 Op.15  GH \2,280   PF1S058
Schubert,F.         3 Klaverstucke (Impromptus aus dem Nachlass) D.946 GH \2,090   PF1S059
Schubert,F.         Klavierstucke & Variationen  GH \4,850   PF1S060
                     Andante D.29; 10 Variations D.156; Adagio D.178;
                     13 Variations D.576; 2 Scherzi D.593; Fantasie D.605A;
                     Marsch D.606; Ungarische Melodie D.817; Allegretto D.915        
Schubert,F.         Saemtliche Tanze Vol.2 GH \3,440   PF1S062
                     20 Ecossaisen D.421; 8 Landler D.681; etc.        
Schubert,F.         [At the Piano] 12 well-known original pieces GH \3,230 PF1S388
                     Scherzo B D.593/1; 3 Laendler B D.378/6-8; 8 Ecossaises D.977;
                     2 Waltzes As D.365; Minuet D D.41/16; Deutscher Tanz D D.790/1;
                     Impromptu As D.935/2; Moment musical f D.780/3;
                     Ungarische Melodie b D.817; Variations on a theme by A.Huettenbrenner
                     D.576-Var.I-VII,XIII; Sonata A D.664
Schubert,F.         Sonatas Vol.3  BA \5,500   PF1S402
Schubert,F.         Sonata No.18 G D.894 Op.78  BA \1,200   PF1S064
Schubert,F.         Sonata No.20 A D.959  BA \2,270   PF1S066
Schubert,F.         Impromptus D.899 Op.90 & D.935 Op.142  BA \2,080   PF1S069
Schubert,F.         Moment Musicaux D.780 Op.94 BA \1,660   PF1S360
Schubert,F.         Fantasies (Goldberger & Duerr) BA \3,770   PF1S371
                     1.Fantasie c D 2 E 2.Fantasie C [Grazer Fantasie] D 605 A
                     3.Fantasie C [Wanderer-Fantasie] D.760 Op.15         
Schubert,F.         Forellen-Quitet Op.114 (Stark) PF \3,360   PF1S309
Schulhoff,E.        Jazz-inspired Works BA \8,390   PF1S372
                     1.Partita 2.Cinq etudes de jazz
                     3.Esquisses de jazz 4.Hot Music        
Schumann,Clara      Ausgewahlte Klavierwerke  GH \5,610 PF1S092
                     4 Pieces Caracteristiques Op.5; Aus Soirees musicales Op.6;
                     Scherzo Op.10; 3 Romances Op.11; Variations Op.20;
                     3 Romances Op.21; Romanze ohne Opuszahl a        
Schumann,Clara      Sonata g (Nauhaus) BHW \2,730   PF1S093
Schumann,Clara      4 Polonaises Op.1  FH \1,670   PF1S273
Schumann,Clara      4 Pieces caracteristiques Op.5  FH \2,200   PF1S095
Schumann,Clara      5 Cadenzas  PF \2,980   PF1S100
                     to Beethoven No.3; Beethoven No.4 (1,3 Mov.); Mozart No.20 (1,3 Mov.)      
Schumann,R.         Complete Piano Works Vol.1 GH \7,300   PF1S319
                     Abegg Variations Op.1; Papillons Op.2; Paganini-Etudes Op.3;
                     Intermezzi Op.4; Impromptus Op.5 (1833); Impromptus Op.5 (1850);
                     Davidsbundler Op.6; Toccata Op.7        
Schumann,R.         Complete Piano Works Vol.2 GH \6,940   PF1S320
                     Allegro Op.8; Carnaval Op.9; Paganini-Etuden Op.10;
                     Sonata fis Op.11; Fantasiestuecke Op.12        
Schumann,R.         Complete Piano Works Vol.3 GH \8,550   PF1S321
                     Etudes Symphoniques Op.13 (1837); Etudes en forme de Variations
                     Op.13 (1852); Concert sans Orchestre Op.14 (1836); Grande Sonate
                     Op.14 (1853); Kinderszenen Op.15; Kreisleriana Op.16        
Schumann,R.         Complete Piano Works Vol.4 GH \5,920   PF1S322
                     Fantasie Op.17; Arabeske Op.18; Blumenstueck Op.19; Humoreske
                     Op.20; Noveletten Op.21; Sonata g Op.22; Nachtstuecke Op.23        
Schumann,R.         Complete Piano Works Vol.5 GH \5,120   PF1S323
                     Faschingsschwank aus Wien Op.26; 3 Romanzen Op.28; Scherzo, Gigue,
                     Romanzen und Fughette Op.32; Album fuer die Jugend Op.68;
                     4 Fugen Op.72; 4 Maersche Op.76; Waldszenen Op.82        
Schumann,R.         Complete Piano Works Vol.6 GH \7,350   PF1S324
                     Bunte Blaetter Op.99; 3 Fantasiestueck Op.111; 3 Klaviersonaten
                     fuer die Jugend Op.118; Albumblaetter Op.124; 7 Klavierstuecke
                     in Fughettenform Op.126; Gesaenge der Fruehe Op.133;
                     Exerseices (Beethoven-Etueden) Anh.F25; Theme mit Variationen
                     (Geistervariationen) Anh.F39        
Schumann,R.         Abegg-Variationen Op.1  GH \1,620   PF1S105
Schumann,R.         Papillons Op.2  GH \1,900   PF1S106
Schumann,R.         Paganini-Etueden Op.3 & 10  GH \5,230   PF1S107
Schumann,R.         Intermezzi Op.4 GH \2,470 # PF1S274
Schumann,R.         Impromptus Op.5 (ver.1833 & 1850) GH \2,470   PF1S325
Schumann,R.         Davidsbuendlertaenze Op.6  GH \2,380   PF1S326
Schumann,R.         Toccata Op.7 GH \1,710   PF1S275
Schumann,R.         Allegro h Op.8  GH \2,470   PF1S108
Schumann,R.         Carnaval Op.9  GH \1,680   PF1S109
Schumann,R.         Sonata No.1 fis Op.11  GH \3,990   PF1S110
Schumann,R.         Fantasiestucke Op.12  GH \2,470   PF1S111
Schumann,R.         Sinfonische Etuden Op.13  GH \4,280   PF1S112
Schumann,R.         Sonata No.3 f Op.14 (Konzert ohne Orchester) GH \5,610   PF1S113
Schumann,R.         Kinderszenen Op.15  GH \1,330   PF1S114
Schumann,R.         Kinderszenen Op.15 & Albumfuer die Jugend Op.68 GH \2,300   PF1S293
Schumann,R.         Kreisleriana Op.16  GH \2,470 # PF1S115
Schumann,R.         Fantasie C Op.17  GH \2,090 # PF1S116
Schumann,R.         Arabeske C Op.18  GH \1,260   PF1S117
Schumann,R.         Blumenstuck Des Op.19  GH \1,430   PF1S118
Schumann,R.         Humoreske Op.20  GH \2,470   PF1S119
Schumann,R.         Novelletten Op.21  GH \2,950   PF1S120
Schumann,R.         Sonata No.2 g Op.22  GH \3,990   PF1S121
Schumann,R.         Nachtstuecke Op.23 GH \1,530   PF1S339
Schumann,R.         Faschingsschwank aus Wien Op.26  GH \2,090   PF1S122
Schumann,R.         3 Romanzen Op.28  GH \1,520   PF1S123
Schumann,R.         Scherzo, Gigue, Romanze und Fughette Op.32 GH \1,140   PF1S276
Schumann,R.         Album fuer die Jugend Op.68  GH \1,870   PF1S124
Schumann,R.         4 Fugen Op.72 GH \1,520   PF1S327
Schumann,R.         4 Maersche Op.76 GH \1,520   PF1S344
Schumann,R.         Waldszenen Op.82  GH \1,900   PF1S125
Schumann,R.         Bunte Blatter Op.99  GH \1,620   PF1S126
Schumann,R.         3 Fantasiestuecke Op.111 GH \1,330   PF1S328
Schumann,R.         3 Klaviersonaten fuer die Jugend Op.118 GH \2,660   PF1S329
Schumann,R.         Albumblatter Op.124  GH \1,900   PF1S127
Schumann,R.         Gesange der Fruhe Op.133  GH \2,090   PF1S128
Schumann,R.         Exercices (Beethoven-Etuden) (Munster) GH \1,810   PF1S129
Schumann,R.         Thema mit Variationen [Geistervariationen]  GH \1,900   PF1S130
Schumann,R.         [At the Piano] 17 well-known original pieces GH \3,230   PF1S389
                     1.Wiegenliedehen Op.124/6 2.Volksliedehen Op.68/9 3.Von fremden
                     Laendern und Menschen Op.15/1 4.Curiose Geschiehte Op.15/2
                     5.Albumblatt fis Op.99/4 6.Nachklaenge aus dem Theater Op.68/25
                     7.Traeumerei Op.15/7 8.Two Intermezzi Op.4/3&4 9.Romance g Op.26/2
                     10.Romance Fis Op.28/2 11.Pierrot Op.9/2 12.Valse noble Op.9/4
                     13.Des Abends Op.12/1 14.Warum? Op.12/3 15.Vogel als Prophet 
                     Op.82/7 16.Arabeske C Op.18 17.Papillons Op.2/5,6&12        
Schumann,R.         Fantasiestucke Op.12 (Muller)  WUE \1,760   PF1S132
Schumann,R.         Ahnung - Albumblatt (from autograph by M.Beiche) WUE \1,170   PF1S330
Schumann,R.         Kinderszenen Op.15  BA \1,250   PF1S373
Schumann,R.         Easy Piano Pieces and Dances (Toepel) BA \2,100   PF1S310
Schumann,R,         Arabesque Op.18 (Cortot)   全音 \550   PF1S164
Schumann-Liszt      Widmung aus Myrthen Op.25 GH \1,330   PF1S391
Schumann-Liszt      Fruehlingsnacht aus dem Liederkreis Op.39 GH \1,330   PF1S392
Shchedrin,R.        10 Klavierstuecke HS \4,280   PF1S278
                     Poem; 4 Pieces from [The Hump-Backed Horse]; Humoresque; a la Albeniz;
                     Troika; 2 Polyphonic Pieces        
Shchedrin,R.        A la pizzicato (2005)(1932-    ) BSS \1,890   PF1S294
Simkus,V.           Flight of the Drunke Bumble-Bee (2005) BSS \2,000   PF1S375
Shostakovich,D.     24 Preludes Op.34  HS \4,180   PF1S167
Shostakovich,D.     Sonata No.1 Op.12 HS \3,040   PF1S395
Shostakovich,D.     Walzer No.2 from Suite No.2 for Jazz Orchestra  HS \1,310   PF1S174
Sibelius,J.         6 Impromptus Op.5  BHW \2,000   PF1S178
Sibelius,J.         Karelia-Suite Op.11 BHW \2,450   PF1S279
Sibelius,J.         Sonata F Op.12 (Kilpelainen) BHW \2,000   PF1S179
Sibelius,J.         10 Stuecke Op.24 (Kilpelainen) BHW \4,160   PF1S295
Sibelius,J.         Caprice Op.24/3 BHW \1,690   PF1S311
Sibelius,J.         Romanze Des Op.24/9  BHW \1,650   PF1S180
Sibelius,J.         Finlandia Op.26  BHW \1,520   PF1S181
Sibelius,J.         Finlandia Op.26  CF \670   PF1S297
Sibelius,J.         Bagatelles Op.34  BHW \3,020   PF1S396
Sibelius,J.         Valse triste Op.44/3  BHW \1,100   PF1S186
Sibelius,J.         3 Sonatines Op.67 BHW \2,830   PF1S397
Skoryk,M.           Melody a Duma \710 # PF1S408
Skryabin,A.         Klaverwerke Vol.1 : Etudes Op.8,42,65 (G.Philipp) PF \5,180   PF1S198
Skryabin,A.         Klavierwerke Vol.2 Preludes, Poemes (Philipp) P \5,180   PF1S199
Skryabin,A.         Klavierwerke Vol.3 Preludes, Poemes & others (Philipp) P \6,950   PF1S200
Skryabin,A.         Klavierwerke Vol.4 : Mazurken Op.3,25,40 (Philipp) P \4,810   PF1S201
Skryabin,A.         Klavierwerke Vol.6 : Sonaten No.6-10 (Philipp) PF \5,180   PF1S203
Skryabin,A.         Sonata es (1889)  WW \2,970   PF1S204
Skryabin,A.         Sonatas No.1-10 GH \9,410   PF1S394
Skryabin,A.         Sonata No.1 f Op.6 GH \3,260   PF1S378
Skryabin,A.         Sonata No.2 gis Op.19 GH \2,470   PF1S385
Skryabin,A.         Sonata No.3 fis Op.23 GH \2,940   PF1S386
Skryabin,A.         Sonata No.4 Fis Op.30  GH \2,100   PF1S379
Skryabin,A.         Sonata No.5 Op.53 GH \2,850   PF1S380
Skryabin,A.         Sonata No.6 Op.62  GH \2,520   PF1S196
Skryabin,A.         Sonata No.7 Op.64  GH \2,940   PF1S280
Skryabin,A.         Sonata No.8 Op.66  GH \2,840   PF1S298
Skryabin,A.         Sonata No.9 Op.68  GH \2,100   PF1S381
Skryabin,A.         Sonata No.10 Op.70  GH \1,760   PF1S346
Skryabin,A.         12 Etudes Op.8 (Giltburg) GH \3,200 * PF1S410
Skryabin,A.         Etude dis Op.8/12 (Giltburg) GH \950 * PF1S409
Skryabin,A.         Prelude et Nocturne Op.9 (left hand) GH \2,090   PF1S347
Skryabin,A.         24 Preludes Op.11  GH \2,850   PF1S197
Skryabin,A.         Vers la flamme Op.72 GH \1,680   PF1S382
Skryabin,A.         12 Etudes Op.8  PE \3,350   PF1S399
Strauss,J.(II)      A Legszebb Strauss Kerincok (10 Waltzes) EMB \3,370   PF1S348
                     1.An der schoenen blauen Donau 2.Kuenstlerleben
                     3.Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald 4.Wein, Weib und Gesang
                     5.Wiener Blut 6.Du und Du 7.O schoener Mai 8.Rosen aus
                     dem Sueden 9.Fruehlingsstimmen 10.Schatz-Walzer        
Strauss,J.(II)       Favorite Waltze, Polkas & other Dances Dov \2,880   PF1S337
Strauss,J.(II)      Annen Polka Op.117 BSS \840   PF1S300
Strauss,J.(II)      An der schoenen blauen Donau (Viktor) EMB \420 PF1S363
Strauss,J.(II)      2 Waltzes (Dohnanyi) EMB \690   PF1S362
                     Schatz-Walzer; Du und Du        
Strauss,R.          Sonata h Op.5  UE \2,960   PF1S241
Strauss,R.          Sonata h Op.5  GH \2,090   PF1S400
Stravinsky,I.       The Stravinsky Piano Collection BoH \5,040   PF1S316
                     Chant du Rossignol; Corus from Prologue to [Boris Godunov];
                     Les cinq doigts; 4 Etudes Op.7; Frangment des symphonies
                     pour instruments a vent a la memoire de A.C.Debussy;
                     Piano Rag-Music; Polka; Serenade A; Sonata; Souvenir d'une
                     marche boche; Tango; 3 mouvements de Petrouchka; Valse;
                     Valse pour les enfants        
Stravinsky,I.       Stravinsky for Piano (for solo & duet) BoH \2,510   PF1S302
                     Souvenie d'une marche boche (solo); Valse pour les enfants (solo);
                     Chorus from [Boris Godunov] by Mussorgsky (solo); 
                     Frangment (solo); Valse des fleurs (duet)        
Stravinsky,I.       Tango  BSS \2,470 # PF1S250
Suk,J.              Compositions Op.7 Sup \1,280   PF1S364
Suk,J.              Spring Op.22a (Solc) Sup \960   PF1S265
Szymanowski,K.      Sonata No.2 Op.21 (1911) UE \4,490   PF1S340
Szymanowski,K.      9 Preludes Op.1  PWM \1,790   PF1S271
Szymanowski,J.      4 Etudes Op.4 UE \2,160   PF1S283
Szymanowski,K.      Variations Op.10 (1904) UE \3,200   PF1S338
Szymanowski,K.      Etudes Op.33 (1916) UE \2,640   PF1S350
Szymanowski,K.      Masques Op.34 (1916) UE \4,470   PF1S403
武満徹              Les yeux clos  Sal \2,530   PF1T004
武満徹              Piano Distance  Sal \2,530   PF1T005
武満徹              For Away  Sal \2,100   PF1T006
武満徹              La Pause ininterrompue (Uninterrupted rests) Sal \1,900   PF1T048
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    Ausgewahlte Klavierwerke Vol.1 PF \5,750   PF1T013
                     Scherzo a la russe Op.1/1; Capriccio Op.8; Thema und
                     Variationen Op.19/6; 6 Stucke Op.21; Doumka Op.59        
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    Ausgewahlte Klavierwerke Vol.2 (19 Pieces) PF \5,750   PF1T014
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    Ausgewahlte Klavierwerke Vol.3 (14 Pieces) PF \5,750   PF1T015
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    6 Pieces Op.19  GH \4,280   PF1T010
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    Grosse Sonate G Op.37 (Weitzmann) PF \2,870   PF1T016
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    The Seasons (Die Jahrenszeiten) Op.37bis  GH \3,710   PF1T011
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    Kinderalbum Op.39 (Niemann) PF \1,430   PF1T021
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    12 Stucke Op.40  GH \4,100   PF1T012
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    Dumka Op.59  Jur \2,400   PF1T064
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    The Nutcracker (complete ballet) Dov \3,390   PF1T049
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    Marche Slav Op.31 (O.Yablonskaya) IMC \1,440   PF1T028
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    Chanson triste Op.40/2 GH \950   PF1T051
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    Symphonies No.4-6 Dov \3,220   PF1T058
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    Italian Capriccio (Solc) Sup \960   PF1T056
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    Easy Piano Pieces and Dances BA \1,680   PF1T055
                     from 50 Russian Folk Songs; from Children's Album Op.39;
                     from The Seasons Op.37a; from 12 Pieces Op.40;
                     from Trio Op.50        
Thomas-Mifune,W.    Classic Pop's (for Children)  Kun \1,170   PF1T034
                     Rossini's Barbier-Rag; Haydn's Paukenschlag-Boogie;
                     Beethoven's 5.Sinfonie-Mambo; Mozart's Zauberfloeten-
                     Mambo; Offenbach's Barcarolen-Boogie        
徳永秀則            「植物園」より (1924-1998) 神戸 \1,320   PF1T050
徳永秀則            ピアノのための三つの断章 3 Sections for Piano (1960)  神戸 \1,100   PF1T037
                     after Paul Klee's tableaux        
Trunk,R.            Suite d Op.83 Leu \1,900 PF1T062
Turina,J.           Musica para Piano Vol.1 UME \3,380   PF1T045
                     Navidad Op.16; Partita en do Op.57; El Poema Infinito Op.77;
                     Concierto sin Orquesta Op.88        
Turina,J.           Musica para Piano Vol.3 UME \1,990 PF1T057
                     Danzas fantasticas; El Cristo de la Calavera;
                     La venta de los gatos
Turina,J.           Clio Op.93/1 [Las Musas de Andalucia No.1] UME \800   PF1T053
Turina,J.           Urania Op.93/7 [Las Musas de Andalucia No.7] UME \1,110   PF1T059
Turina,J.           Terpsicore Op.93/8 [Las Musas de Andalucia No.8] UME \1,120   PF1T060
Villa-Lobos,H.      Alma Brasileira (Choros No.5)  ME \1,900   PF1V005
Villa-Lobos,H.      Valsa da Dor  ME \1,900   PF1V006
Wagner,R.           Siegfried-Idyll (G.Gould)(Morey) BSS \3,420 # PF1W003
Wagner,R.           Tannhaeuser Overture Concert Paraphrase (Liszt) GH \2,570   PF1W021
Wagner,R.           Isoldens Liebestod (arr. by Liszt) GH \1,440   PF1W019
Wagner,R.           Vorspiel from [Die Meistersinger von Nurunberg] (Kocsis) EMB \1,440   PF1W004
Wagner,R.           Einleitung from [Tristan und Isolde] (Kocsis) EMB \1,030   PF1W005
Wagner,R.           Feuerzauber from [Die Walkuere] (Kocsis) EMB \1,330   PF1W018
Weber,C.M.v.        Ausgewahlte Klavierwerke  GH \3,600   PF1W007
                     Momento capriccioso Op.12; Grande Polonaise Op.21;
                     Air russe varie [Schone Minka] Op.40; Variationen uber
                     ein Zigeunerlied Op.55; Rondo brillante Op.62;
                     Aufforderung zum Tanze Op.65; Polacca brillante Op.72        
Weber,C.M.v.        Aufforderung zum Tanze Des Op.65  GH \1,120   PF1W009
Webern,A.           Variations Op.27  GH \2,800   PF1W020
Webern,A.           Variations Op.27  UE \2,700   PF1W012
Webern,A.           Variations Op.27 (Peter Standlen)(with Facsimile) UE \4,400   PF1W013
                     (Webern's ideas on the work's interpretation)        
Webern,A.           Klavierstuck Opus postumum  UE \1,360   PF1W014
Album des Six ME \2,580   PF1Z176
                     1.Auric, Prelude 2.Durey, Romance sans paroles 3.Honegger, Sarabande
                     4.Milhaud, Mazurka 5.Poulenc, Valse 6.Tailleferre, Pastorale        
Album of Studies Vol.1 (Kleinova, Fisherova, Muellerova) DVM \1,890   PF1Z181
                     1.Rihovsky, Moderato 2.Blatny, Allegro moderato 3.Blatny,
                     Moderato 4.Gnessina, Andante 5.Palkovsky, Moderato etc.        
Angela Hewitt's Bach Book for Piano (11 pieces) BoH \2,550 PF1Z177
                     1.B.Dean, Prelude and Chorale 2.Bach-Walton, Herzlich tut mich
                     verlangen BWV.727 3.K.Schwertsik, Fantasia & Fuga Op.105
                     4.Holloway, Partitina on the opening notes of Bach's Golberg bass
                     5.Bach-Howells, O Mensch, bewein dein Suende gross BWV.622
                     6.Wyner, Fantasia on BACH 7.Bach-Hewitt, Wenn wir in hoechsten Noeten
                     sein 8.Bach-Hewitt, Das alte Jahr vergangen ist 9.Musdowney,
                     Fantasia on BACH 10.Kats-Chernin, Bach Study 11.Bach-Hewitt,
                     Alle Menschen muessen sterben BWV.643        
Easy Pian Pieces with Practice Tips (Haydn-Mozart-Cimarosa) WUE \2,510   PF1Z182
Einfach Klavier Spilen Vol.3 ((Kaluza) (40 easy pieces) PF \3,030 PF1Z185
                     Mozart, Andante K.487; Swanee River; Petzold, Menuett; Pleyel, Menuett und Trio;
                     Silcher, Lorelei; Schumann, Wilder Reiter; Chopin, Prelude Op.28/4; etc.
The Faber Music Piano Anthology FM \5,280   PF1Z183
                     1.Bach, Minuet G VWV 114 2.Scarlatti, Minuet C 3.Haydn, Gypsy Dance
                     4.Czerny, Study h Op.139/98 5.Burgmueller, Arabesque Op.100/2
                     6.Couppey, Study C Op.17/6 7.Tchaikovsky, Old French Song
                     8.Glinka, Mazurka C 9.Loeschhorn, Study F Op.65/25 10.Reinecke,
                     Song Op.183/1 11.Burgmueller, L'Harmonie des Anges Op.100/21 etc.      
Mano Sinistra (Selected Etudes for the Cultivation of the Left Hand) IMC \3,760   PF1Z178
                     1.Czerny, The Art of Finger Dexterity Op.740 No.12,37,41
                     2.Cramer, Studio No.16,25,32,56,64,77 3.Clementi, Gradus ad Parnassum
                     No.17,79,86,87,92,44 4.Hiller, 6 Suites of Etudes Op.15 No.3
                     7.Jensen, 25 Preparatory Studies Op.32 No.11,12        
National Anthems (56 Countries) for Piano/Vocal/Guitar HL \3,230 PF1Z179
Piano Project (new pieces for piano) UE \4,030   PF1Z180
                     1.G.Aperhis, Piece pour jeunes pianistes 2.P.Boulez,
                     Une page d'ephemeride 3.I.Fedele, Antipodes 4.C.Halffter,
                     El juguete olvidado 5.M.Jarrell, Stille 6.G.Kurtag, feuilles mortes
                     7.G.Kurtag, Consolation sereine 8.G.Kurtag, Hommage a Jehuda 
                     Elkana 70 9.P.Eoetvoes, Un taxi l'attend, mais Tchekhov prefere aller a pied
            Pablo, Acrobacias 11.S.Sciarrino, Dita unite a quattro mani      
Russian Piano Music (24 pieces from Glinka to Gubaydulina) (Grossmann) BHW \3,050   PF1Z168
                     1.Mylnikow, Invention No.16 2&3.Kabalewskij, Etude Op.27/3 & Scherzo Op.27/14
                     4.Shostakovich, Fantastic Dance No.1 5.Gawrilin, Tchastushka
                     6.Gubajdulina, Forest Musicians 7.Kossenko, Rain Op.15/4
                     8.Majkapar, Fughetta 9.Glazunow, Miniature 10.Shchedrin, Chordal
                     Inversions 11.Glinka, Mazurka 12.Glinka, Variations on the
                     Russian Folksong 13.Mussorgskij, A Tear 14.Cui, Waltz Op.31/2
                     15.Rubinstein, Hallali 16&17.Rimsky-Korsakov, Prelude-Impromptu & Romance
                     18.Spendiarow, Lullaby Op.3/2 19&20.Ljadow, Prelude Op.46/2 & Op.46/3
                     21.Skrjabin, Prelude Op.11/2 22.23.24.Tchaikovsky, Op.40/2,6,9      
The Alexander Siloti Collection CF \9,000   PF1Z175
                     J.S.Bach, Prelude h; Adagio; Air; Chaconne d: Gigue; Andante a;
                     Fantasia c; Organ Prelude e; Paraphrase Cis; Organ Prelude g;
                     Prelude Es; Prelude BWV.29; Prelude BWV.35; Siciliano; Toccata
                     and Fugue d; Gluck, Melody; Mozart, 12 Variations; Mozart,
                     Variations F; Chopin, Etude No.25 f; Chopin, Scherzo b Op.31;
                     F.Liszt, Au bord d'une source; Au lac de Wallenstadt; 
                     Consolation No.3; Concert Etude Des; Sposalizio; Il penseroso;
                     Sursum Corda; Saint-Saens, Le cygne; Tchaikovsky, Humoresque
                     Op.10/2; Theme original et variations Op.19/6; Liadov,
                     4 Russian Folk Songs; J.Strauss, 12 Themes from Waltzes;
                     Skryabin, Etude cis Op.2; Poeme Op.32/1; Rachmaninoff,
                     Romanze Op.8/2; Prelude g Op.32/12        
13 Ways of looking at the Goldberg (New Variations on the Goldberg Theme) PN \4,250   PF1Z171
                     1.J.S.Bach 2.C.Curtis-Smith 3.Jennifer Hidgon 4.Mischa Sarche Zupko
                     5.Stanley Walden 6.Bright Sheng 7.Derek Bermel 8.J.S.Bach
                     9.David Del Tredici 10.Fred Lerdahl 11.William Bolcom 12.Lukas Foss
                     13.Ralf Gothoni 14.Fred Hersch 15.J.S.Bach        
25 Plus Piano Solo : 25 years Women in Music Fur \4,750   PF1Z164
                     1.Liana Alexandra, Cadenza 2.Silvia L. A. de la Fuente, Variaciones
                     3.Maria de Alvear, Soles interiores 4.Caroline Ansink, Los
                     5.Matilde Capuis, Coeale 6.Carmen Maria Carneci, Con Solar
                     7.Diana Cemeryte, Still 8.Gloria Coates, The Books 9.Andrea Csollany,
                     Short Story 10.Violeta Dinescu, Telomer 11.Susanne E. Swiridoff, Pagode
                     12.Siegrid Ernst, Klangschatten 13.Tsippi Fleischer, In Chromatic Mood
                     14.Ursla Goersch, Piano latinero 15.Barbara Heller, Nacht-Tagebuch
                     16.Ursla Mamlok, Inward journey/In high Spirits 17.Bernadetta Matuszczak,
                     Kontraste 18.Ruth McGuire, Fuenf lyrische Miniaturen 19.Florentine
                     Mulsant, Sonate 20.Vivienne Olive, Prometheus meets Purcell
                     21.Sibylle Pomorin, Zahlenspiele 22.Ruth Schonthal, Toccata and Arietta
                     23.Eva Schorr, Tango 25 24.Margarete Sorg-Rose, Corrente 25.Joanna
                     Stepalska-Spix, Non perpetuum mobile 26.Ludmila Yurina, Angel of
                     White Day 27.Marliese Zeiner, Capricietti        
50 Classic Piano Rags Dov \2,880 PF1Z184
                     Hampton; Cataract Rag, Agitation Rag, Hunter; Tickled to Death,
                     Possum and Taters, Back to Life, Johnson; Cum Bac Rag,
                     "Blue Goose"Rag, Joplin; Maple Leaf Rag, Original Rags, 
                     The Easy Winners, A Breeze from Alabama, Elite Syncopations,
                     The Entertainer, Palm Leaf Rag, The Cascades,
                     The Chrysanthemum, Pleasant Moments, Reflection Rag
Floh Walzer (arr. By Baumann) BSS \760   PF1Z161
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