- Score (Chamber Music) (M-Z) -
Score (Chamber Music)
Mancini,H.          Henry Mancini for Strings Vol.1 (arr. by Zinn)(fs) Alf \3,070   SC4M200
                     for St.Quartet or St.Orch.  (11 pieces)
                     1.Crazy World 2.Dear Heart 3.Hong Kong Fireworks
                     4.Life in a Looking Glass 5.Mr.lucky 6. Newhart 7.Peter Gunn 8.Pink Panther etc.    
Mancini,H.          Henry Mancini for Strings Vol.2 (arr. by Zinn)(fs) Alf \3,730   SC4M182
                     for St.Quartet or St.Orch.  (10 pieces)
                     1.Baby Elephant Walk 2.Charade 3.Days of Wine and Roses
                     4.The Inspector Clouseau Theme 5.Meggie's Theme 6.Moon River etc.      
Martinu,B.          String Trio No.1 (1890-1959) (ms) EBP \3,980   SC4M204
Martinu,B.          String Quartet No.4 (ms) EBP \3,710   SC4M169
Martinu,B.          String Quartet No.5 (ms) EBP \3,990   SC4M170
Martinu,B.          String Quartet No.6 (ms) EBP \3,570   SC4M177
Martinu,B.          Quatre Madrigaux for Ob.Cl.Bn. (ms) ME \4,440   SC4M161
Martinu,B.          Serenade No.1 for Cl.Hr.3Vn.Va.(ms) BA \2,080   SC4M202
Martinu,B.          Serenade No.3 for Ob.Cl.4Vn.Vc.(ms) BA \2,080 * SC4M205
Martinu,B.          Sextet for 2Vn.2Va.2Vc. (DB. ad lib.)(ss) AMP \5,100 # SC4M010
Martinu,B.          Mazurka-Nocturne for Ob.2Vn.Vc. (ss) ME \3,160   SC4M193
Martinu,B.          Nonet No.2 for Fl.Ob.Cl.Bn.Hr.Vn.Va.Vc.DB. (ms) BA \4,660 # SC4M199
Martinu,B.          Nonet (No.2) for Fl.Ob.Cl.Bn.Hr.Vn.Va.Vc.DB. (fs) LML \6,800   SC4M192
Mendelssohn,F.      Complete Chamber Music for Strings (fs) Dov \3,900   SC4M014
                     1 String Octet, 2 String Quintets, 7 String Quartets        
Mendelssohn,F.      String Quartets Op.44/1-3 (ms) GH \4,850   SC4M018
Mendelssohn,F.      String Quartet f Op.80 (ms) GH \2,090   SC4M022
Mendelssohn,F.      String Quartet Es ohne Opus (1823) (手書き譜)(ms) R&E \1,400   SC4M025
Mendelssohn,F.      String Quintets Op.18 & 87 (ms) BHW \3,420   SC4M203
Mendelssohn,F.      String Quintets Op.18 & 87 (ms) GH \2,760   SC4M183
Mendelssohn,F.      String Quintet A Op.18 (ms) EE \1,700   SC4M026
Mendelssohn,F.      String Octet Es Op.20 (ms) BHW \3,020 # SC4M162
Mendelssohn,F.      String Octet Es Op.20 (ms) EE全音 \1,320   SC4M163
Mendelssohn,F.      Piano Trio No.1 d Op.49 (ms) EE \2,570   SC4M031
Mendelssohn,F.      Overture C for Winds Op.24 (fs) BA \4,630   SC4M175
Mendelssohn,F.      Nocturno C for Winds (fs) BA \4,280   SC4M187
Messiaen,O.         Quartuor pour la fin du temps for Cl.Vn.Vc.Pf. (ss) Du \3,730 # SC4M034
Milhaud,D.          String Octet (String Quartet No.14 & 15) (ms) Heu \7,420   SC4M037
三善晃       Sonata for Fl.Vc.Pf. (ss) 音友 \1,980   SC4M045
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento Es K.563 & Fragment for Vn.Va.Vc.(ms) GH \2,280   SC4M048
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento Es K.563 & Framents for Vn.Va.Vc.(ms) BA \2,040   SC4M049
Mozart,W.A.         Complete String Quartets (fs) Dov \3,900 SC4M051
Mozart,W.A.         String Quartets Vol.1 K.80,136-138,155-160 (ms) GH \3,800 * SC4M206
Mozart,W.A.         String Quartets Vol.2 K.168-173 (ms) GH \3,420 SC4M201
Mozart,W.A.         String Quartets Vol.3 K.387,421,458,428,464,465 (ms) GH \4,180   SC4M198
Mozart,W.A.         String Quartets Vol.4 K.499,575,589,590 (ms) GH \3,610 SC4M195
Mozart,W.A.         13 Early String Quartets No.1-13 (ms) BA \5,690   SC4M052
Mozart,W.A.         10 String Quartets (No.14-23) (ms) BA \8,350   SC4M053
Mozart,W.A.         String Quartet No.14 G  K.387 (ms) EE \2,000   SC4M056
Mozart,W.A.         String Quartet No.15 d  K.421 (ms) EE \2,000   SC4M060
Mozart,W.A.         String Quartet No.19 C  K.465 (ms) BA \1,700   SC4M069
Mozart,W.A.         Eine kleine Nachtmusik G K.525 (ms) GH \1,280   SC4M178
Mozart,W.A.         Eine kleine Nachtmusik G K.525 (ms) BA \1,620   SC4M083
Mozart,W.A.         Eine kleine Nachtmusik G K.525 (ms) EE全音 \770   SC4M154
Mozart,W.A.         3 Divertimenti K.136-138 (ms) BA \1,850   SC4M086
Mozart,W.A.         Requiem d for 2Vn.Va.Vc. (Lichtenthal) (fs) Gun \3,760 # SC4M166
Mozart,W.A.         Fantasia f K.608 for 2Vn.Va.Vc.(e DB)(Hogwood)(fs) BA \2,000 # SC4M176
Mozart,W.A.         6 String Quintets K.174,515,516,406,593,614 (ms) BA \6,830   SC4M090
Mozart,W.A.         String Quintets Vol.1 K.174, Trio, Finale (ms) GH \2,000   SC4M091
Mozart,W.A.         String Quintets Vol.2 K.406,515,516 (ms) GH \3,520   SC4M092
Mozart,W.A.         String Quintets Vol.3 K.593,614 (ms) GH \3,140   SC4M179
Mozart,W.A.         String Quintet c  K.406 (ms) EE \1,440   SC4M095
Mozart,W.A.         String Quintet C  K.515 (ms) EE \2,470   SC4M097
Mozart,W.A.         String Quintet g  K.516 (ms) EE \2,280   SC4M099
Mozart,W.A.         String Quintet D K.593 (ms) EE \1,440   SC4M101
Mozart,W.A.         Sinfonie g K.550 for 2Vn.2Va.Vc. (Lichtenthal)(fs) Gun \3,560   SC4M167
Mozart,W.A.         Grande Sestetto Concertante for 2Vn.2Va.2Vc.K.364 (fs) BA \4,360   SC4M160
Mozart,W.A.         Piano Concerto No.20 d K.466 for Pf. & St.Quartet Gun \5,720   SC4M188
                     (arr. by Lichtenthal) (fs)        
Mozart,W.A.         4 Flute Quartets K.285,285a,285b,298 (ms) BA \2,380   SC4M111
Mozart,W.A.         Die Zauberfloete for Fl.Vn.Va.Vc. (arr. by Ehrenfried) (fs) Wal \5,070   SC4M189
Mozart,W.A.         Quartet C K.333 for Fl.Vn.Va.Vc. (arr. by Stallman) (fs) Dob \2,230   SC4M190
Mozart,W.A.         Oboe Quartet F K.370 (ms) GH \1,470   SC4M146
Mozart,W.A.         Oboe Quartet F K.370 (ms) BA \1,430   SC4M114
Mozart,W.A.         Clarinet Quintet A K.581 & Fragment K.Anh.91 (ms) GH \1,620   SC4M147
Mozart,W.A.         Clarinet Quintet A K.581 (ms) BA \1,700   SC4M116
Mozart,W.A.         Horn Quintet Es K.407 (ms) GH \1,810   SC4M173
Mozart,W.A.         Horn Quintet Es K.407 (ms) BA \1,760 # SC4M119
Mozart,W.A.         2 Quintets K.452 & K.617 (ms) GH \2,660   SC4M157
                     Es K.452 for Pf.Ob.Cl.Hr.Bn.; K.617 for Glass harmonica,Fl.Ob.Va.Vc.      
Mozart,W.A.         Quintet Es K.452 for Pf.Ob.Cl.Hr.Bn. (ms) EE \1,280   SC4M122
Mozart,W.A.         17 Divertimenti (fs) Dov \3,390   SC4M125
                     No.1 Es K.113  No.2 D K.131  No.3 Es K.166  No.4 B K.186  No.5 C
                     K.187  No.6 C K.188  No.7 D K.205  No.8 F K.213  No.9 B K.240
                     No.10 F K.247  No.11 D K.251  No.12 Es K.252  No.13 F K.253
                     No.14 B K.270  No.15 B K.287  No.16 Es K.289  No.17 D K.334        
Mozart,W.A.         5 Divertimenti for 2-Ob.2Hr.2Bn.K.213,240,252,253,270 (ms) GH \4,090   SC4M191
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento No.10 F K.247 & March 248 for 2Hr.2Vn.Va.Basso (ms) GH \2,660   SC4M197
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento No.14 B K.270 (ms) EE \1,430   SC4M133
Mozart,W.A.         A Musical Joke K.522 for 2Vn.Va.Bass 2Hr. (ms) GH \1,710   SC4M196
Mozart,W.A.         Serenade No.10 B K.361 [Gran Partita] (ms) GH \3,230 # SC4M158
Mozart,W.A.         Serenade No.10 B K.361 [Gran Partita] (ms) BA \2,270 # SC4M139
Mozart,W.A.         Serenade No.10 B K.361 [Gran Partita] (ms) EE全音 \1,210 SC4M181
Mozart,W.A.         Serenade No.11 Es K.375 (a6) for 2Cl.2Hr.2Bn. (ms) GH \1,600   SC4M165
Mozart,W.A.         Serenade No.11 Es K.375 (a8) for 2-Ob.2Cl.2Hr.2Bn. (ms) GH \2,070   SC4M159
Mozart,W.A.         Serenade No.12 c K.388 for 2-Ob.2Cl.2Hr.2Bn. (ms) GH \1,760   SC4M148
なかにしあかね   弦楽四重奏曲 (fs) マザー \1,870   SC4N012
中村茂隆      序・破・急(三人のマリンバ奏者のための)(fs) マザー \1,914   SC4N008
中村茂隆      萬葉抄 其之壱(三人のマリンバ奏者のための)(fs) マザー \1,793   SC4N009
中村茂隆      萬葉抄 其之貳(三人のマリンバ奏者のための)(fs) マザー \1,551   SC4N010
Nielsen,C.          String Quintet for 2Vn.2Va.Vc. (fs) WH \2,200   SC4N014
Nielsen,C.          Quintet for Fl.Ob.Cl.Hr.Bn. Op.43 (fs) WH \3,750 # SC4N011
Paert,Alvo          fratres fur streichquartett (1977/89)(ss) UE \2,390   SC4P003
Paert,Alvo          Summa for 8(or e) violoncelli (fs) UE \3,190   SC4P043
Paganini,N.         24 Caprices Op.1 for Vn.solo (ms) GH \3,330   SC4P040
Piatti,A.           12 Capricci Op.25 for Vc.solo (ms) GH \2,310   SC4P042
Piazzolla,A.        Primavera Portena for Vn.Va.Vc. or 3Vc. (Thomas-Mifune)(fs) Ton \5,200   SC4P027
Piazzolla,A.        Verano Porteno    for Vn.Va.Vc. or 3Vc. (Thomas-Mifune) Ton \5,200   SC4P028
Piazzolla,A.        Otono Porteno     for Vn.Va.Vc. or 3Vc. (Thomas-Mifune) Ton \5,200   SC4P029
Piazzolla,A.        Invierno Porteno  for Vn.Va.Vc. or 3Vc. (Thomas-Mifune) Ton \5,200   SC4P030
Piazzolla,A.        Primavera Portena for String Quartet (Thomas-Mifune)(fs) Ton \5,800   SC4P033
Piazzolla,A.        Verano Porteno    for String Quartet (Thomas-Mifune) Ton \5,800   SC4P034
Piazzolla,A.        Otono Porteno     for String Quartet (Thomas-Mifune) Ton \5,800   SC4P035
Piazzolla,A.        Invierno Porteno  for String Quartet (Thomas-Mifune) Ton \5,800   SC4P036
Piazzolla,A.        Fugata [Silfo y ondina] No.2 for Pf. Bandoneon, Vn. Gtr. DB. (fs) Ton \3,040   SC4P037
Poulenc,F.          Mouvements Perpetuels for Fl.Ob.Cl.Bn.Hr.Vn.Va.Vc.DB. (fs) Che \1,750   SC4P038
Prokofieff,S.       String Quartet No.1 Op.50 (ms) BoH \3,330   SC4P022
Prokofieff,S.       String Quartet No.2 Op.92 (ms) HS \3,800   SC4P017
Prokofieff,S.       Quintet g Op.39 for Ob.Cl.Vn.Va.DB. (ms) BoH \3,330   SC4P018
Rameau,J.-P.        6 Concerts for 3Vn.Va.2Vc. (Saint-Saens) (ss) Du \7,940   SC4R044
Ravel,M.            String Quartet F (ms) BA \3,790 # SC4R035
Ravel,M.            String Quartet F (ss) Du \3,050   SC4R002
Ravel,M.            Piano Trio a (ss) Du \3,250   SC4R001
Ravel,M.            Introduction and Allegro for Harp,Fl.Cl.2Vn.Va.Vc. (ms) GH \2,190   SC4R048
Ravel,M.            Introduction and Allegro for Harp,Fl.Cl.2Vn.Va.Vc. (ss) Du \3,620   SC4R003
Reger,M.            3 Suites Op.131c for Vc.solo (ms) GH \2,100   SC4R043
Reger,M.            String Trios Op.77b & Op.141b (ms) GH \2,420   SC4R005
Reger,M.            String Quartet No.4 Es Op.109 (ms) EE \1,880   SC4R011
Reger,M.            Serenades for Fl.Vn.Va. Op.77a & Op.141a (ms) GH \2,850 # SC4R034
Reger,M.            Clarinet Quintet A Op.146 (ms) GH \2,950   SC4R047
Reich,S.            Duet for 2 solo violins & Strings (4Va.3Vc.DB) (ms) BoH \3,240   SC4R052
Reicha,A.           Woodwind Quintet Es Op.88/2 (ms) GH \2,760   SC4R040
Rheinberger,J.      String Quartet No.1 c Op.89 (fs) CV \2,720   SC4R041
Rheinberger,J.      String Quartet No.2 F Op.147 (fs) CV \1,440   SC4R042
Rheinberger,J.      Nonet Op.139 for Fl.Ob.Cl.Hr.Bn.Vn.Va.Vc.DB. (fs) CV \5,130   SC4R019
Rossini,G.          Sonata No.3 C  for 2Vn.Vc.DB. (ms) Dob \2,160   SC4R023
Rossini,G.          Sonata No.6 D  for 2Vn.Vc.DB. (ms) Dob \3,120 # SC4R026
Roussel,A.          String Trio Op.58 for Vn.Va.Vc. (ss) Du \1,720   SC4R036
Roussel,A.          Trio Op.40 for Fl.Va.Vc. (ss) Du \2,240   SC4R039
Roussel,A.          Serenade Op.30 for Fl.Va.Vc. Harp (ss) Du \5,490   SC4R046
Saint-Saens,C.      String Quartets No.1 Op.112 & No.2 Op.153 (ms) BA \5,690   SC4S211
Saint-Saens,C.      String Quartet No.1 Op.112 (ss) Du \5,630   SC4S207
Saint-Saens,C.      Septet Op.65 for Tpt.2Vn.Va.Vc.DB.Pf. (ss) Du \5,340   SC4S001
Schoenberg,A.       String Trio Op.45 (ms) Phi \3,030   SC4S010
Schoenberg,A.       String Quartet D (1897) (ss) FM \2,400   SC4S012
Schoenberg,A.       String Quartet No.1 Op.7 (ms) Dre \4,090   SC4S013
Schoenberg,A.       String Quartet No.2 Op.10 for Soprano & SQ (ss) UE \3,950   SC4S179
Schoenberg,A.       String Quartet No.3 Op.30 (ms) Phi \3,460   SC4S015
Schoenberg,A.       Verklarte Nacht Op.4 for 2Vn.2Va.2Vc. (ms) Dre \4,090   SC4S017
Schoenberg,A.       Pierrot lunaire Op.21 fuer Sprechstimme & 5 Instrumentalisten (ss) UE \5,590   SC4S020
Schubert,F.         Complete Chamber Music for Strings (fs) Dov \4,580   SC4S027
                     String Quintet C; 15 String Quartets; 2 String Trios        
Schubert,F.         String Trios D.471, D581 (1st & 2nd versions) etc.(ms) BA \2,570   SC4S158
Schubert,F.         String Quartet No.10 Es D.87 Op.125/1 (ms) EE \2,000   SC4S033
Schubert,F.         String Quartet No.12 c D.703 [Quartetsatz] (ms) GH \1,430   SC4S212
Schubert,F.         String Quartet a Op.29 & Quartetsatz c D.703 (ms) BA \2,380 # SC4S036
Schubert,F.         String Quartet No.13 a D.804 Op.29 [Rosamunde] (ms) GH \1,620   SC4S208
Schubert,F.         String Quartet No.14 d D.810 [Death & the Maiden] (ms) BA \2,080   SC4S041
Schubert,F.         String Quartet No.15 G D.887 Op.161 (ms) GH \1,530   SC4S170
Schubert,F.         Quartet Movement c D.103 (completed by Newbould)(ms) SJM \3,110   SC4S214
Schubert,F.         String Quintet C D.956 (ms) GH \2,660   SC4S162
Schubert,F.         String Quintet C D.956 (ms) BA \2,380   SC4S049
Schubert,F.         Complete Chamber Music for Pf. & Strings (fs) Dov \3,210   SC4S052
                     Trout-Quintet; Adagio & Rondo; Piano Trios Op.99,100,Notturno        
Schubert,F.         Piano Trios D.898(Op.99), D.929(Op.100), D.28, D.897(ms) GH \5,320   SC4S053
Schubert,F.         Trout-Quintet A Op.114 (ms) GH \3,520   SC4S057
Schubert,F.         Octet F D.803 for 2Vn.Va.Vc.DB.Cl.Hr.Bn.(ms) GH \2,950   SC4S201
Schulhoff,E.        Concertino for Fl.Va.DB. (ms) Phi \3,140   SC4S064
Schumann,R.         Chamber Music (fs) Dov \3,900   SC4S068
                     Piano Quintet Op.44; Piano Quartet Op.47;
                     Piano Trios Op.63,80,110; String Quartets Op.41/1-3        
Schumann,R.         3 String Quartets Op.41/1-3 (ms) GH \4,850   SC4S202
Schumann,R.         3 String Quartets Op.41/1-3 (Urfassung First Version)(ms) Pfeffer \4,190   SC4S183
Schumann,R.         String Quartet No.2 F Op.41/2 (ms) EE \1,890   SC4S072
Schumann,R.         Piano Quintet Es Op.44 (ms) EE \2,470   SC4S080
Shostakovich,D.     String Quartets No.1-4 (ms) HS \4,750   SC4S087
Shostakovich,D.     String Quartets No.5-8 (ms) HS \4,560   SC4S089
Shostakovich,D.     String Quartets No.11-12 (ms) HS \3,520   SC4S092
Shostakovich,D.     String Quartets No.13-15 (ms) HS \3,680   SC4S093
Shostakovich,D.     String Quartets No.1-3 (ms) 全音 \1,320   SC4S094
Shostakovich,D.     String Quartets No.4-6 (ms) 全音 \1,320   SC4S095
Shostakovich,D.     String Quartets No.7-9 (ms) 全音 \1,430   SC4S096
Shostakovich,D.     String Quartets No.10-12 (ms) 全音 \1,320   SC4S097
Shostakovich,D.     String Quartets No.13-15 (ms) 全音 \1,320   SC4S098
Shostakovich,D.     String Quartet No.1 Op.49 (fs) DSCH \2,160   SC4S184
Shostakovich,D.     String Quartet No.2 Op.68 (fs) DSCH \2,160   SC4S185
Shostakovich,D.     String Quartet No.3 Op.73 (fs) DSCH \4,000   SC4S186
Shostakovich,D.     String Quartet No.4 Op.83 (fs) DSCH \2,160   SC4S187
Shostakovich,D.     String Quartet No.5 Op.92 (fs) DSCH \2,160   SC4S188
Shostakovich,D.     String Quartet No.6 Op.101 (fs) DSCH \2,930   SC4S189
Shostakovich,D.     String Quartet No.7 Op.108 (fs) DSCH \4,000   SC4S190
Shostakovich,D.     String Quartet No.8 Op.110 (fs) DSCH \4,400   SC4S191
Shostakovich,D.     String Quartet No.9 Op.117 (fs) DSCH \2,160   SC4S192
Shostakovich,D.     String Quartet No.11 Op.122 (fs) DSCH \2,640   SC4S194
Shostakovich,D.     String Quartet No.12 Op.133 (fs) DSCH \2,160   SC4S195
Shostakovich,D.     String Quartet No.13 Op.138 (fs) DSCH \2,160   SC4S196
Shostakovich,D.     String Quartet No.14 Op.142 (fs) DSCH \2,160   SC4S197
Shostakovich,D.     String Quartet No.15 Op.144 (fs) DSCH \2,160   SC4S198
Shostakovich,D.     Unfinished Quartet(fs) DSCH \4,240   SC4S163
Shostakovich,D.     Unfinished Quartet(ss) 全音 \1,100   SC4S169
Shostakovich,D.     Prelude and Scherzo for String Octet Op.11 (fs) HS \4,310   SC4S107
Smetana,B.          String Quartet No.1 e [From my Life] (ms) GH \2,850   SC4S171
Smetana,B.          String Quartet No.2 d (ms) BA \1,680   SC4S165
Spohr,L.            Double Quartet No.1 d Op.65 for 4Vn.2Va.2Vc. (fs) EK \3,000   SC4S130
Spohr,L.            Double Quartet No.1 d Op.65 for 4Vn.2Va.2Vc. (fs) LML \3,400   SC4S206
Spohr,L.            Double Quartet No.2 Es Op.77 for 4Vn.2Va.2Vc. (ss) MPH \3,400   SC4S174
Spohr,L.            Octet E Op.32 for Cl.2Hr.Vn.2Va.Vc.DB. (ms) EE \3,680   SC4S132
Spohr,L.            Nonet F Op.31 for Fl.Ob.Cl.Hr.Bn.Vn.Va.Vc.DB. (ms) EE \3,040   SC4S133
Strauss,R.          String Sextet from [Capriccio] (ss) BSS \1,710 # SC4S141
Strauss,R.          Metamorphosen (Realisation for String Septet) (ms) BoH \3,330   SC4S142
Strauss,R.          Serenade for 13 Wind Instruments Op.7 (ms) GH \3,230   SC4S213
Strauss,R.          Serenade for 13 Wind Instruments Op.7 (ss) UE \3,410 # SC4S175
Strauss,R.          Suite for 13 Wind Instruments Op.4 (fs) TB \5,200   SC4S145
Stravinsky,I.       3 Pieces for String Quartet (ms) BoH \2,310   SC4S147
Stravinsky,I.       Histoire du Soldat (ss) Che \3,590 # SC4S150
                     for Cl.Bn.Ttp.Tbn.Vn.DB.Prc. & Narrator        
Stravinsky,I.       Septet for Cl.Hr.Bn.Pf.Vn.Va.Vc. (ms) BoH \2,930   SC4S203
Suk,J.              String Quartet No.1 B Op.11 (ms) BA \3,760   SC4S180
Suk,J.              String Quartet No.2 Op.31 (ms) BA \4,940   SC4S205
Suk,J.              Meditace (Meditation) for SQ or St.Orch. Op.35 (ms) BA \2,000   SC4S209
Suk,J.              Meditace (Meditation) for SQ or St.Orch. Op.35 (ms) Sup \720   SC4S178
Suk,J.              Meditace (Meditation) for SQ or St.Orch. Op.35 (ss) MPH \1,330   SC4S181
Taffanel,P.         Quintet for Fl.Ob.Cl.Bn.Hr. (ms) IMC \3,150   SC4T025
武満徹       Le Son-Calligraphie 1 pour 8 instruments a cordes (fs) Sal \2,090   SC4T027
武満徹       Garden rain for brass ensemble (fs) Sal \1,920   SC4T024
Taneiev,S.          String Quintet G Op.14 for 2Vn.Va.2Vc. (fs) Bel \6,650   SC4T028
Tchaikovsky,P.      String Quartet No.1 D Op.11 (ms) EE \2,280   SC4T007
Tchaikovsky,P.      String Quartet No.1 D Op.11 (ms) 全音 \770   SC4T008
Tchaikovsky,P.      String Quartet No.2 F Op.22 (ms) EE \1,600   SC4T010
Tchaikovsky,P.      Souvenir de Florence for 2Vn.2Va.2Vc. Op.70 (fs) Sim \4,850   SC4T012
Tchaikovsky,P.      Souvenir de Florence for 2Vn.2Va.2Vc. Op.70 (fs) IMC \5,580   SC4T013
Tchaikovsky,P.      Piano Trio a Op.50 (ms) EE \3,040   SC4T014
Vaughan Williams,R. Sting Quartet c (1898) (fs) FM \2,400   SC4V023
Vaughan Williams,R. Sting Quartet g (1909, revised 1921) (fs) Cur \2,590   SC4V021
Verdi,G.            String Quartet e (ms) GR \3,050   SC4V022
Verdi,G.            String Quartet e (ms) EE \2,280   SC4V003
Villa-Lobos,H.      String Trio (ss) ME \3,800   SC4V016
Villa-Lobos,H.      String Quartet No.1 (ss) Pee \3,590   SC4V004
Villa-Lobos,H.      String Quartet No.3 (ss) ME \3,300   SC4V005
Villa-Lobos,H.      String Quartet No.9 (1945)(fs) Pee \2,710   SC4V024
Villa-Lobos,H.      String Quartet No.10 (ms) Pee \1,360   SC4V007
Villa-Lobos,H.      Trio for Ob.Cl.Bn. (ss) ME \3,290   SC4V018
Villa-Lobos,H.      Quintet en forme de choros for Fl.Ob.EH.Cl.Bn. (ss) ME \4,520   SC4V019
Villa-Lobos,H.      Bachianas Brasileiras No.1 for 8Vc. (ss) AMP \2,550   SC4V009
Villa-Lobos,H.      Bachianas Brasileiras No.5 for Sop. & 8Vc. (fs) AMP \3,400   SC4V010
Vivaldi,A.          Concerto g F.XII-6 for Fl.Ob.Vn.Bn. & Bc. (fs) GR \2,120   SC4V013
Walton,W.           String Quartet a (手書譜)(os) OUP \5,070   SC4W001
Weber,C.M.v.        Clarinet Quintet B Op.34 (ms) EE \2,570   SC4W004
Webern,A.           5 Satze Op.5 for String Quartet (ms) Phi \1,890   SC4W006
Webern,A.           6 Bagatellen Op.9 for String Quartet (ms) Phi \1,610   SC4W007
Webern,A.           Langsamer Satz for St.Quartet (1905) (ss) CF \2,700   SC4W010
Webern,A.           Rondo for String Quartet (ca.1906)(fs) CF \2,510   SC4W024
Weil,K.             Franentanz Op.10 for Soprano,Fl.Va.Cl.Hr.Bn. (fs) UE \3,540   SC4W027
Ysaye,E.            6 Sonatas Op.27 for Vn.solo (ms) GH \2,610   SC4Y011
Zemlinsky,A.        String Quartet No.2 Op.15 (ms) GH \3,710   SC4Z007
Zemlinsky,A.        String Quartet No.2 Op.15 (ms) Phi \3,520   SC4Z001
Zemlinsky,A.        Humoreske (Rondo) for Fl.Ob.Cl.Bn.Hr. (fs) UE \2,120   SC4Z005
弦楽四重奏のための日本民謡組曲第1番(幸松肇編曲)(fs) 神戸 \880 SC4Z110
弦楽四重奏のための日本民謡組曲第2番(幸松肇編曲)(fs) 神戸 \1,100   SC4Z111
Tchaikovsky & Borodin : Complete String Quartets (fs) Dov \3,390   SC4Z102
                     Tchakovsky, String Quartets Op.11,22,30; Borodin, String Quartets No.1 & 2    
Les Vendredis       Vol.2 (7 Pieces for String Quartet) (ms) Bel \2,570 # SC4Z104
Encores Plus!  Book 1 (Ryden) (fs) MMP \1,070   SC4Z114
                     1.The Star-Spangled Banner 2.Battle Hymn of the Republic
                     3.Auld Lang Syne 4.Danny Boy 5.Air o the G String 6.Pachelbel's
                     Canon 7.The Entertainer 8.Pomp and Circumstance        
Encores Plus!  Book 2 (Ryden) (fs) MMP \1,160   SC4Z115
                     1.America 2.America the Beautiful 3.Dixie 4.Drink To Me
                     Only With Thine Eyes 5.To Music 6.Master piece Theater
                     Theme 7.Hallelujah Chorus 8.The Maple Leaf Rag        
Movie String Quartets (Patrick) (fs) Alf \3,450 SC4Z118
                     1.Nobody Does it Better 2.Raiders March 3.The Magnificent Seven
                     4.James Bond Theme 5.The Gremlin Rag 6.Hedwig's Theme etc.
The Wedding Album Book 1 (arr. by Ryden)(8 pieces)(fs) MMP \950   SC4Z105
                     Wagner, Bridal Chorus; Purcell, Trumpet Tune; Mozart, Alleluah;
                     Handel, Where'er You Walk; Mendelssohn, Adagio from Organ Sonata;
                     Massenet, Meditation; Bach-Gounod, Ave Maria; etc.        
The Wedding Album Book 2 (arr. by Ryden)(8 pieces)(fs) MMP \950   SC4Z106
                     Bach, Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring; Clarke, Trumpet Voluntary;
                     Handel, Hornpipe; Debussy, Clair de lune; Franz, Dedication;
                     Grieg, I Love Thee; Schubert, Ave Maria; etc.        
The Wedding Album Book 3 (arr. by Ryden)( pieces)(fs) MMP \950   SC4Z107
                     Mendelssohn, Wedding March; Mozart, March; Handel, Air in F;
                     Bach,Sheep May Safely Graze ; Mozart, Adagio ; 
                     Traditional English, Greensleeves; Franck, Panis Angelius; etc.        
Wedding Music for String Quartet (arr. by Aufderhaar) (fs) SMC \3,000   SC4Z112
More Wedding Music for String Quartet (arr. by Aufderhaar) (fs) SMC \3,000   SC4Z113
Mozart,W.A.         Oboe Quartet F K.370 (facsimile) Fuz \4,730   SC6M002
Brown,C. etc.       Performance Practices in Brahms' Chamber Music (E.G) BA \3,560   SC7B005
Fuchs,A.            Taxe der Streichinstrumente (17. Auflage) FH \18,000   SC7F001
ブラウンホカ     ブラームスを演奏エンソウする(アマサキ浩二コウジ福原フクハラアキラヤク 音友 \2,420   SC7B006
ハイメラン・アウリッヒ クワルテットのたのしみ(中野吉郎訳)(改訂版) アカデミア \2,750   SC7H001
ヘマン       弦楽器のイントネ−ション (竹内ふみ子訳) シンフォニア \3,850   SC7H003
コウマツ ハジメ      世界セカイ弦楽ゲンガク四重奏シジュウソウとそのレコード ダイカン アメリカヘン クワルテット \2,200   SC7K003
コウマツ ハジメ      世界セカイ弦楽ゲンガク四重奏シジュウソウとそのレコード ダイカン ドイツ・オーストリアヘン クワルテット \2,200   SC7K004
コウマツ ハジメ      世界セカイ弦楽ゲンガク四重奏シジュウソウとそのレコード ダイ3巻 東欧トウオウ諸国ショコクヘン クワルテット \2,200   SC7K005
コウマツ ハジメ      世界セカイ弦楽ゲンガク四重奏シジュウソウとそのレコード ダイ4巻 欧米オウベイのラテン諸国ショコクヘン クワルテット \2,200   SC7K006
コウマツ ハジメ      世界セカイ弦楽ゲンガク四重奏シジュウソウとそのレコード ダイ5巻 エイ北欧ホクオウ諸国ショコクヘン クワルテット \2,200   SC7K007
コウマツ ハジメ      世界セカイ弦楽ゲンガク四重奏シジュウソウとそのレコード ダイ6巻 日本ニホンヘン クワルテット \2,200   SC7K008
関孝弘/ラーゴ・マリアンジェラ共著 ひと目で納得! 音楽用語事典 全音 \1,980   SC7S002
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ms  : miniature score (miniature size score)(13cmx18cm)-(17cmx24cm)
os  : octavo size score (19cmx27cm)
fs  : full score (=full size score)(24cmx30cm)-(27cmx33cm)
ss  : study score (サイズは不定)
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