- String Orchestra -
- A - (A-L)
String Orchestra
Albinoni,T.         Sinfonia a 4 B (Kolneder) (St. Cem.)        
                              FS (=Cembalo)  BSS \3,150 SOA019FS
                              Set 3B BSS \7,770   SOA019B3
Albinoni,T.         Sonata g Op.2/6 (Giegling) (St. Cem.)        
                              FS (=Cembalo)  EK \2,160   SOA005FS
Albinoni,T.         Concerto a cinque A Op.7/7 (Kolneder) (St. Cem.)        
                              FS (=Cembalo)  Kun \3,400   SOA037FS
Anderson,L.         A Christmas Festival (arr. by M.Story) (St.)        
                              FS & Set 10B Alf \11,900 # SOA038F8
Anderson,L.         Blue Tango (arr. by Cerulli) (St.(Vn.Va.Vc.DB.)(1st position)        
                              FS & Set 10B Alf \6,500   SOA035F9
Anderson,L.         Jazz Pizzicato (arr. by Applebaum) (St.)        
                              FS & Set 6B Alf \9,350   SOA023B6
Anderson,L.         Plink, Plank, Plunk! (St.)        
                              FS Alf \1,530 SOA024FS
                              FS & Set 8B Alf \10,030   SOA024F8
Anderson,L.         Sleigh Ride (Applebaum) (St. Sleigh Bells)        
                              FS & Set 8B Alf \10,030   SOA025F8
Anderson,L.         Suite of Carols (St.)        
                     1.Pastores a Belen 2.It came upon the midnight clear
                     3.O, little town of Bethlehem 4.Bring a torch, Jeanette, Isabella
                     5.Away in a manger 6.Wassail Song
                              FS & Set 5B Alf \11,050   SOA026F5
Anderson,L.         The Syncopated Clock (arr. by Cerulli)(easy) (St. Pf.)        
                              FS & Set 5B Alf \5,400   SOA027F5
Anderson,L.         Anderson for Strings (arr. by Zinn)(15 pieces) (St. DB. ad lib.)      
                     1.Belle of the Ball 2.Blue Tango 3.Fiddle-Faddle
                     4.Forgotten Dreams 5.Horse and Buggy 6.Jazz Legato
                     7.Jazz Pizzicato 8.Plink, Plank, Plunk 9.Sandpaper Ballet
                     10.Serenata 11.Sleigh Ride 12.The Syncopated Clock
                     13.Trumpeters Lullaby 14.The Typewiter 15.he Waltzing Cat
                              FS Alf \3,730 SOA028FS
                              Set 1A Alf \5,900 SOA028A1
                              Set 2A Alf \8,260 SOA028A2
                              Set 3A Alf \12,980   SOA028A3
Arensky,A.          Variations on a theme by Tchaikovsky Op.35 (St.)        
                              FS LML \1,700 SOA029FS
                              Set 4B LML \9,350   SOA029B4
Bach,J.S.           Ciaccona d from Partita No.2 BWV.1004 (Bittenbinder)(St.)        
                              FS & Set 4B EA \11,800 # SOB089F4
Bach,J.S.           Ricercare a 6 from BWV.1079 (Neville Marriner) (St.(3Vn.Va.2Vc.DB.))      
                              FS EK \1,700   SOB113FS
Bach,J.S.           Ricercare a 6 from BWV.1079 (May) (St.(3Vn.Va.2Vc.DB.))        
                              FS BSS \3,420 SOB020FS
                              Set 4B BSS \9,120   SOB020B4
Bach,J.S.           Ricercare a 6 from BWV.1079 (Lenzewski) (St.(2Vn.2Va.2Vc.DB.))        
                              FS & Set 1B Vie \3,520   SOB021F1
Bach,J.S.           Air D from the Suite No.3  (St. Cem.)        
                              FS 神戸コウベ \440 SOB023FS
                              Set 3A (cembalo part 付き)  神戸コウベ \1,320   SOB023A3
Bach,J.S.           Prelude h (Well-Tempered Clavier)(Stokowski) (St.)        
                              Set 4B BB \3,330   SOB025B4
Bach,J.S.           3 Choral Preludes (arr. by E.Ormandy)        
                     1.Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring 2.O Man Thy Grievous 
                     Sin Bemoan 3.In Thee is Joy
                              FS & Set 8B BoH \13,500   SOB098F8
Bach,J.S.           [Giant] Fuge d BWV.680 (arr. by Vaughan Williams & A.Foster)(St.)  
                              FS Good \1,100 SOB114FS
Bach,J.S.           4 Movements from Goldberg Variations (arr. by Vigh) (St.)        
                              FS & Set 4B EMB \4,330   SOB093F4
Bach,J.S.           Concerto D for Double String Orchestra (arr. by Lumsden ) (2 St.Orch.)      
                     (orig. Motett [Singet dem Herren BWV.225] for Choir)
                              FS & Set 1A ML \2,510   SOB097F1
Bach,J.S.           Notebook for A.M.Bach (藤井フジイ園子ソノコ編曲ヘンキョク) (St.)        
                              FS (playing score) さきら \2,200   SOB117FS
Bach-Reger          Aria [O Mensch, bewein dein' Suende gross] nach BWV.622 (St.)
                              FS BHW \980 SOB1231
                              Set 3A BHW \5,280 SOB1232
Barber,S.           Adagio for Strings (St.)        
                              FS GS \1,530 SOB068FS
                              FS & Set 8B GS \9,350 # SOB068F8
Beethoven,L.v.      Grosse Fuge B Op.133 (Weingartner) (St.)        
                              FS LML \2,550 SOB118FS
                              Set 4B LML \10,130   SOB118B4
Bernstein,L.        West Side Story (Selection)(arr. by Moss)(St. Pf. Prc.)        
                              FS & set 8B BoH \6,000   SOB092F8
Bizet,G.            Suite from [Carmen] (arr. by McAlister)(St.)        
                     1.Les Dragons d'Alcala 2.Habanera 3.Seguidilla 4.Les Toreadors
                              FS MMP \2,100 SOB102FS
Bizet,G.            L'Arlesienne Suite No.1 (arr. by Ryden)(St.)        
                     1.Overture 2.Minuetto 3.Adagietto 4.Carillon
                              FS & set 8B MMP \11,900   SOB115F8
Bridge,F.           Suite (St.)        
                              FS LML \3,400 SOB121FS
                              Set 4B LML \9,560   SOB121B4
Britten,B.          Welcome Suite from [Welcome Ode Op.95] (St.)
                              FS & Set 4B FM \3,800 SOB112F4
Bruch,M.            Octet B Op.posth. (1920) (4Vn.2Va.Vc.DB. or St.Orch.)        
                              FS Sim \5,700 SOB087FS
                              Set 1B Sim \7,790   SOB087B1
Caccini,G.          Ave Maria a (arr. by J.E.Turner) (St. opp.Per.)
                              FS & Set 8B BM \8,640 # SOC030F8
Durante,F.          Concerto No.1 f (Doflein) (St. Cem.)        
                              FS (=Cembalo)  BSS \4,100 SOD012FS
                              Set 3B BSS \8,400   SOD012B3
Dvorak,A.           Serenade E Op.22 (original length version) (St.)        
                              FS BA \4,360 SOD027FS
                              Set 3A BA \10,150 # SOD027A3
Dvorak,A.           Serenade E Op.22 (Sourek) (St.)        
                              FS (hardcover) LML \7,650 SOD023FS
                              Set 4B LML \15,300   SOD023B4
Dvorak,A.           Serenade E Op.22 (Sourek) (St.)
                              FS Sere \7,650 SOD0261
                              Set 4B Sere \15,300 SOD0262
Dvorak,A.           Notturno H Op.40 (St.)        
                              FS & Set 1B Sup \2,460   SOD017F1
Elgar,E.            Serenade Op.20 (St.)        
                              FS BA \3,140 SOE010FS
                              Set 4B BA \11,250   SOE010B4
Elgar,E.            Elegy Op.58 (St.)        
                              FS LML \680 SOE011FS
                              Set 5B LML \2,810   SOE011B5
Elgar,E.            Elegy Op.58 (St.)
                              FS Good \1,000 SOE009FS
Faure,G.            Nocturne from [Shylock] (St.)        
                              FS LML \680 SOF017FS
                              Set 5B LML \4,040 SOF017B5
Finzi,G.           Prelude (St.)        
                              FS & Set 4B BoH \8,270 # SOF019F4
Finzi,G.           Romance (St.)        
                              FS & Set 4B BoH \6,650   SOF020F4
Foster,S.          Beautiful Dreamer (Lewis) (St.)
                              FS & Set 8B L-M \7,650   SOF018F8
Friedrich der Grosse, Erste Sinfonie G (Lenzewsky) (St. Cem.)        
                              FS (=Cembalo)  Vie \4,220 SOF015FS
                              Set 3B Vie \5,180   SOF015B3
Friedrich der Grosse, Zweite Sinfonie G (Lenzewsky) (St. Cem.)        
                              FS (=Cembalo)  Vie \1,920 SOF016FS
                              Set 3B Vie \5,180   SOF016B3
Gade,N.W.           Noveletten No.2 E Op.58 (St.)        
                              FS LML \3,400 SOG037FS
                              Set 4B LML \13,390 # SOG037B4
Gershwin,G.         Porgy and Bess for Strings (arr. by Zinn) (St.)        
                     Summertime; It Ain't Necessarily So; Bess, You Is My Woman Now;
                     I Got Plenty o'Nuttin' A Woman Is a Sometime Thing; There's a Boat Dat's
                     Leavin' Soon for New York; My Man's Gone Now; Oh Lawdm, I'm on My Way
                              FS WB \2,790 SOG009FS
Giazotto,R.         Adagio g (Albinonis Adagio) (St. Org.)        
                              FS GR \1,720 SOG010FS
                              Set 3B GR \4,880   SOG010B3
Gould,M.            Elegy from NBC TV Film [Holocaust] (St.)        
                              FS & Set 5B GS \6,000   SOG015F5
Gounod,C.           Funeral March of a Marionette (arr. by Rosenhaus) (St.)        
                              FS & Set 8B L-M \4,800   SOG027F8
Grainger,P.         Irish Tune from County Derry (Londonderry Air) (St. Horn(s) ad lib.)      
                              FS LML \850 # SOG029FS
                              FS & Set 8B LML \5,100   SOG029F8
Grieg,E.            Holberg Suite op.40 (St.)        
                              FS EE-BHW \4,160   SOG035FS
Grieg,E.            Holberg Suite op.40 (St.)
                              FS LML \2,550 SOG027FS
                              Set 4B LML \9,560   SOG027B4
Grieg,E.            Elegiac Melodies Op.34 (St.)        
                              FS LML \850 SOG033FS
                              Set 4B LML \2,550 SOG033B4
Grieg,E.            Elegiac Melodies Op.34 (St.)        
                              FS PF \3,110 SOG019FS
                              Set 3B PF \4,180   SOG019B3
Grieg,E.            2 Melodies Op.53 (St.)        
                              FS LML \1,360 SOG020FS
                              Set 5B LML \6,320 # SOG020B5
Grieg,E.            2 Norwegian Airs Op.63 (St.)        
                              FS LML \2,040 SOG034FS
                              Set 4B LML \9,560   SOG034B4
Grieg,E.            Death of Ase & Anitra's Dance (St. Triangle)
                              FS Good \1,100 SOG028FS
                              FS & Set 4B Good \6,600 SOG028F4
Grieg,E.            14 Easy Pieces (arr. by Zempleni)(3Vn.Vc.)        
                              FS & Set 3B EMB \4,830 SOG023F5
Hindemith,P.        5 Stucke Op.44/4 (St.)        
                              FS BSS \4,180 SOH056FS
                              Set 5B BSS \8,740   SOH056B5
Holst,G.            St. Pauls Suite (St.)        
                              FS Cur \1,280 SOH058FS
                              FS & Set 8B Cur \12,750 # SOH058F8
Holst,G.            Brook Green Suite (St.)        
                              FS Cur \1,280 SOH059FS
                              FS & Set 5B Cur \7,650 SOH059F5
Holst,G             A Moorside Suite (arr. by Philip Lane)(St.)        
                              FS Good \1,440 SOH064FS
                              FS & Set 4B Good \9,600   SOH064F4
Ireland,J.          A Downland Suite (St.)        
                              FS & Set 8B Alan \12,600   SOI002F8
Janacek,L.          Suite (St.)        
                              FS LML \2,550 SOJ007FS
                              Set 4B LML \13,640   SOJ007B4
Janacek,L.          Suite (St.)
                              FS Ama \4,560 SOJ008FS
                              Set 6B Ama \8,360 SOJ008B6
Janacek,L.          Idyll for Strings (1878) (St.)        
                              FS LML \4,250 SOJ006FS
                              Set 4B LML \9,560   SOJ006B4
Kalinnikov,V.       Serenade g (1891) (St.)        
                              FS LML \2,550 SOK003FS
                              Set 5B LML \10,200   SOK003B5
Kalinnikov,V.       Chanson triste g (Maganini) (St.)        
                              FS LML \450 SOK004FS
                              FS & Set 8B LML \3,750   SOK004F8
Lane,P.             Pantomime (St.)
                              FS Good \1,680 SOL003FS
                              FS & Set 4B Good \7,280   SOL003F4
Lekeu,G.            Adagio Op.3 (Vn.Va.Vc.solo, St.(8Vn.4Va.4Vc.DB.))  
                              FS LML \1,700 SOL007FS
                              Set 1B LML \5,950 SOL007B1
Lewis,P.            English Suite C (St.)        
                              FS Good \1,560 # SOL002FS
                              FS & Set 4B Good \6,480   SOL002F4
Liszt,F.            2 Satze (2 Movements) (Riedel-Beyer) (St.Quartet or St.Orch.)        
                              FS & 1B Ama \3,420   SOL001F1
Leyden,N.           Serenade (St.)        
                              FS & 8B Colla \16,150   SOL008F8
Lully,J.-B.         Musique a Versailles (Tognon) (St.)        
                     1.Amadis (with Timpani) 2.Bellerophon 3.Le Temple de la Paix
                     4.Le triomphe de l'Amour
                              FS & CD(=parts PDF file) C \4,540   SOL006F6
String Orchestra (parts=rental)
Azarashvili,V.      Song without Words for St.Orch. & Piano        
                              FS 全音ゼンオン \1,760   SOA802FS
Beethoven,L.        String Quartet cis Op.131 (arr. by Colin Davis)(St.)        
                              SS JW \3,500   SOB803SS
Britten,B.          Simple Symphony        
                              FS Che \3,550 # SOB806FS
Honegger,A.         Symphony No.2 (Trumpet ad lib.)        
                              FS Sal \4,010   SOH802FS
Kilar,W.            Orawa (St.)  
                              FS PWM \5,000 SOK801FS
Lutoslawski,W.      Preludes and Fugue for 13 Solo Strings (St.)        
                              SS Che \5,990   SOL802SS
Lutoslawski,W.      5 Folk Melodies (St.)        
                              SS Che \2,850   SOL803SS
以上イジョウが9ガツ28ニチ現在ゲンザイ在庫ザイコです。 上記は在庫分の価格ですので、
1) スコアの種類シュルイツギトオりスコアのサイズをアラワしています。
 FS = Full Score          フルスコアがチェンバロ兼用のものは Full Score (=Cembalo) と表記します。
 OS = Octavo Size Score
 SS = Study Score
 MS = Miniature Score
2) パートはプルトスウによりツギのようにアラワしています。トク記入キニュウのないものはテュッティのゲンのみです。
 B)出版社で決まっているもの              A)当店で決めているもの
  Set 1B = 又は       Set 1A =
  Set 2B =                      Set 2A =
  Set 3B = 又は       Set 3A =
  Set 4B = マタは ナド
  Set 5B =                      Set 5A =
  Set 8B =                      Set 8A =
  出版社により追加は                      楽譜は演奏されるプルト数をお求め下さい。在庫の販売プルト数で
  出来ない場合が有ります。                不足するときは追加の弦のエアーメイル代はサービスします。
3) その略号リャクゴウ
 aRc  :  alto Recorder         Cem : Cembalo             Pf  : Piano
 St   :  Strings               SQ  : String Quartet      VdG :  Viola da Gamba
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