- Cello And Piano (Album) -
Cello and Piano
ロンドンデリー・エアー (Kreisler-Duo Hayashi) 神戸 \990   VC2Z101
二つの日本民謡(幸松肇編曲)江差追分;八木節 神戸 \1,760   VC2Z232
Albeniz, Tango & Brahms, Hungarian Dance No.5 (Thomas-Mifune) Kun \1,860   VC2Z243
Adagio I (Thomas-Mifune) (8 pieces) Kun \3,490   VC2Z102
                     Albinoni, Adagio; Schubert, Ave Maria; Chopin, Largo from Sonata;
                     Tanejew, Andante; Gretschaninoff, Nocturne; Falla, Asturiana;
                     Faure, Apres un reve; Chopin, Prelude Op.28/4        
Adagio II (Thomas-Mifune) (8 pieces) Kun \3,280   VC2Z103
                     Purcell, Aria; J.S.Bach, Aria; Bach-Gounod, Ave Maria;
                     Wagner, Traeume; Bizet, Blumenarie des Don Jose; Tchaikovsky,
                     Andante cantabile; Saint-Saens, Air; Krein, Lyrisches Fragment      
Album of 5 Pieces : Chausson, Interlude; Glazunov, Melodie Arabe;  IMC \3,020 # VC2Z104
                     1.Chausson, Interlude 2.Glazunov, Melodie Arabe
                     3.Liszt, Consolation No.3 4.Moor, Prelude 5.Valensin, Minuet        
Album of 6 Pieces : Chopin, Etude Op.25/7; Chopin, Etude Op.10/6;  IMC \2,790 # VC2Z105
                     1.Chopin, Etude Op.25/7 2.Chopin, Etude Op.10/6 3.Dvorak, Lento 4.Faure, Nocturne
                     Op.36/4 5.Schubert, Moment Musical Op.94/3 6.Tchaikovsky, Chanson triste    
Die Auslese (Anthology) (Draths) (12 Pieces) BSS \3,710   VC2Z110
                     1.Beethoven, Adagio cantabile from Op.13 2.Boccherini, Rondo 
                     3.Godard, Berceuse 4.Goltermann, Andante from Concerto No.1 5.Haydn,
                     Adagio from Concerto D 6.Kreisler, Liebesfreud 7.Kreisler, Liebesleid
                     8.Mendelssohn, Lied ohne Worte 9.Mozart, Ave verum 10.Schubert,
                     Litanei 11.Schumann, Andante from Concerto 12.Tchaikovsky, Chanson triste    
Black Folk Songs (arr. by B.Sieber) (9 pieces) Kun \3,990   VC2Z112
                     Home on the Range; Carry Me Back to Old Virginny; The Lonesome
                     Road; The Cotton Mill Blues; Swanee River; Westend Blues;
                     Rocks on the Montains; The House of the Rising Sun; etc.        
The Casals Legacy (10 Pieces) CF \4,860 # VC2Z284
                     1. Bach,J.S. Adagio from Toccata C 2.Faure, Apres un reve 
                     3.Casals, Song of the Birds 4.Granados, Intermezzo from Goyescas
                     5.Bach,J.S. Jesus, My Joy 6.Handel, Largo from Xerxes
                     7. Popper Mazurka g Op.11/3 8.Bloch, Prayer 9. Rachmaninoff, Romance Op.4/3
                     10.Popper, Vito (Spanish Dance) Op.54/5
Cellists Favorite Contest Album (15 Pieces) (Collier)(+CD) CF \4,590   VC2Z115
                     1.Saint-Saens, Allegro appassionato 2.Goltermann, Andante 3.Lucke, 
                     Andante cantabile 4.Bach, Arioso 5.Schubert, Ave Maria 6.Squire,
                     Bourree 7.Tchaikovsky, Chant sans paroles 8.Massenet, Elegy 9.Ponce,
                     Estrellita 10.Popper, Fond Recollections 11.Bruch, Kol Nidrei 
                     12.Beethoven, Minuet G 13.Pergolesi, Nina 14.Goens, Scherzo
                     15.Saint-Saens, The Swan        
Cellists Solo A lbum (Ambrosio) (24 pieces) CF \4,140   VC2Z117
                     1.Bohm, Calm as the Night 2.Cui, Orientale 3.Elgar, Salut d'amour
                     4.Faure, The Palms 5.Goltermann, Andante 6.Godard, Au Matin 7.Grieg,
                     Chanson d'Amour 8.Grieg, Solvejg's Song 9.Handel, Largo 10.Hauser,
                     Berceuse 11.Jarnefelt, Berceuse 12.Mascagni, Intermezzo sinfonico
                     13.Massenet, Melodie 14.Mendelssohn, On Wings of Song 15.Offenbach
                     O Belle Nuit 16.Popper, The Augumn Flower 17.Raff, Cavatina 18.Schumann,
                     Traeumerei 19.Simonetti, Romanza 20.Tosti, Good-Bye 21.Tchaikovsky,
                     None but the Lonely Heart 22.Wagner, Introduction and Song to the Evening
                     Star 23.Wagner, Walther's Prize Song  24.Wagner, Siegmund's Love Song      
Cello Collection (Sassmannshaus) (17 pieces) BA \4,471 # VC2Z260
                     1.Simonetti, Madrigal 2.Beethoven, Menuet 3.Dvorak, Humoresque
                     4.Wolf, Lullaby 5.Gabriel-Marie, La Cinquantaine 6.Goltermann,
                     Notturno Op.43/3 7.Goltermann, Notturno Op.92/1 8.ten Have, Romance
                     Op.12/1 9.Seitz, Die Zigeuner kommen 10.Goltermann, Notturno Op.59/1
                     11.Klengel, Sarabande-Gigue Op.1 12.Faure, Berceuse Op.16 13.ten Have,
                     Reverie Op.27 14.Mendelssohn, Lied ohne Worte Op.109 15.Faure,
                     Sicilienne Op.78 16.Leclair, Gavotte 17.Saint-Saens, The Swan        
The Cello Collection (Easy to Intermediate Level) (14 pieces)(オーディオ・アクセス付) GS \3,400   VC2Z261
                     1.J.S.Bach, March G 2.J.S.Bach, Minuet C 3.Boccherini, Minuet
                     4.Brahms, Waltz Op.39/15 5.Faure, Lydia 6.Grieg, Solveig's Song
                     7.Handel, Siciliana 8.Haydn, Minuet 9.Holst, Jupiter Chorale
                     10.Mozart, German Dance [The Sleigh Ride] 11.Offenbach, Barcarole
                     12.Schubert, To Music 13. Schumann, The Two Grenadiers
                     14.Tchaikovsky, Andante cantabile from Symphony No.5        
Cello Recital Album (Sassmannshaus) Vol.1 (1st position) for or 2vc BA \3,030 # VC2Z294
                     1.Schlemueller, Hunting Song 2.Oehmler, The Little Bugler
                     3.Traditional, Pit A Pat Rain 4.Sassmannshaus, Jnping Beans etc.      
Cello Recital Album (Sassmannshaus) Vol.2 (1st position) for or 2vc BA \3,030 # VC2Z295
                     1.Winner, Favorite Melody 2.Krogmann, The Pony Race 
                     3.Volti, Pas redouble 4.Traditional, English Folk Song etc.
Cello Sonatas Vol.1 (Cabuoto) (6 sonatas) C \3,960   VC2Z264
                     1.G.Chinzer, Sonata g Op.1/6 2.Boismortier, Sonata g Op.26/5
                     3.Galliard, Sonata V a 4.Telemann, Sonata D
                     5.Boni, Sonata E Op.1/7 6.Valentini, Sonata No.10 E        
Cello Sonatas Vol.2 (Cabuoto) (5 sonatas) C \3,960   VC2Z265
                     1.J.C.F.Bach, Sonata G 2.Giannotti, Sonata C
                     3.Chiabrano, Solo D 4.Geminiani, Sonata a Op.5/6
                     5.Klein, Sonata E Op.4/4        
Cello Music by French Composer (Deri) (11 Pieces) GS \2,550   VC2Z119
                     1.Couperin, La Badoline 2.Marais, 2 Old Dances 3.Caix d'Hervelois, 
                     La Milanese 4.Lalo, Chants Russes 5.Massenet, Melodie (Elegy)
                     6.Saint-Saens, Allegro appassionata 7.Faure, Elegy 8.Faure, Papillon
                     9.Faure, Apres un Reve 10.Debussy, Reverie 11.Debussy, Menuet
Cello Solos (Everybody's Favorite Series No.40) (53 Pieces) Ams \3,730 # VC2Z120
                     Beethoven,Menuet G; Bizet, Habanera; Braga, Serenade; Brahms, Waltz;
                     Chopin, Nocturne; Cui, Orientale; Debussy, Reverie; Dvorak, Humoreske; etc.    
Cello Song (J.L.Webber)(14 pieces)  Che \3,700   VC2Z122
                     1.Villa-Lobos, Song of the Black Swan 2.Bach, Arioso 3.Casteluovo-Tedesco, 
                     Sea Murmurs 4.Schumann, Langsam from Op.102 5.Skryabin, Etude Op.8/11
                     6.Rachmaninoff,  Romance 7.Grieg, To Spring 8.Delius, Serenade 9.Elgar, Romance 
                     10.Chopin, Largo 11.Brahms, As if Melodies were Passing by Op.105/1 12.Dvorak, 
                     Songs my mother taught me 13.Star of the County Down 14.Debussy, Beau Soir    
Cello World (Steven Isserlis) (10 pieces) FM \3,120   VC2Z123
                     1.Leonard, The Donkey and the Driver 2.Faure, Morceau de concours
                     3.Rachmaninoff, Lied 4.Scriabin, Romance 5.Dvorak, Romantic Piece Op.75/4
                     6.J.Isserlis, Souvenir Russe 7.Schumann, Intermezzo 8.Tsintsadze,
                     Chonguri 9.Popper, Elfentanz 10.Villa-Lobos, Song of the Black Swan      
Classical and Romantic Pieces (Forbes) (12 pieces) (easy) OUP \3,110   VC2Z124
                     1.Rebikoff, Chanson Triste 2.Schubert, Andantino 3.Purcell, Rondeau
                     4.Beethoven, Menuet 5.Mozart, Romance 6.J.S.Bach, Polacca 7.Handel,
                     Boree 8.Haydn, Divertimento 9.Carissimi, Vittoria! 10.Tchaikovsky,
                     The Doll's Lament 11.Chopin, Prelude 12.Grieg, Norwegian Dance      
Classical Pieces (Schulz) Vol.1 MMP \2,030   VC2Z125
                     J.S.Bach, Sarabande; Gluck, Andante; Handel, Largo; J.S.Bach, Bouree I & II;
                     Handel, Sarabande; Tartini, Andante cantabile; Mozart, Menuet;
                     Beethoven, Menuet; Handel, Bouree; Mozart, Larghetto; etc.        
Classical Pieces (Schulz) Vol.2 MMP \2,370   VC2Z126
                     Campagnoli, Romanze A; Haydn, Serenade; Beethoven, Andante from Op.16;
                     Schubert, Andante from Op.100; Mzart, Larghetto from K.537;
                     Martini, Gavotte F; Mozart, Rondo D; Schumann, Traumerei; etc.      
Concert Favourites (Kliegel) (13 pieces) BSS \2,560 # VC2Z267
                     1.Glazunov, Serenade espagnol Op.20/2 2.Popper, L'Andalouse
                     Op.54/4 3.Popper, Gnomes' Dance Op.50/2 4.Popper, Chanson
                     Villageoise Op.62/2 5.Popper, Nocturne Op.47 6.Popper,
                     Once Upon More Beautiful Days Op.64/1 7.Popper, Lullay Op.64/3
                     8.Senaille, Allegro spiritoso 9.Chopin, Nocturne cis
                     10.Schubert, Serenade 11.Tchaikovsky, Melodie Op.42/3
                     12.Debussy, La fille aux cheveus de lin 13.Saint-Saens,
                     Allegro appassionato Op.43        
The du Pre Legacy (Marion Feldman)(7 Pieces) CF \5,400   VC2Z292
                     1.Saint-Saens, Allegro appassionato Op.43 2.Bach, Arioso
                     3.Elgar, Concerto E Op.85 4.Faure, Elegie 5.Schumann,
                     Fantasiestueck Op.73 6.Bruch, Kol Nidre Op.47 7,Paradis, Sicilienne      
Easy Concert Pieces Vol.2 (Deserno & Mohrs) (17 Pieces) (+CD) BSS \3,040   VC2Z282
                     1.Duval, Un peu gay 2.Telemann, Fanfare 3.Bach,J.S., Minuett
                     4.Paxton, Allegretto 5.Hook, Tempo di Menuetto 6.Weber, Waltz
                     7.Gretchaninoff, Burlesque 8.Gretchaninoff, Thieves and Policemen
                     9.Gretchaninoff, On Winter's Eve 10.Schlemuller Scherzo
                     11.Schlemuller, Landler 12.Hindemith, Easy Piece 13.Regner, 
                     From Another Planet 14.Koeppen, Wind Song 15.Koeppen, Disco Hit
                     16.Kemminer, Lords of Chords 17.Kemminer, Shana Tova        
Easy Concert Pieces Vol.3 (Deserno & Mohrs) (13 Pieces) (+CD) BSS \3,040   VC2Z283
           1.Corelli, Largo affettuoso 2.Fesch,Arietta 3.Schaffrath, Allegro
                     4. Stanley, Allegretto grazioso 5.Cirri, Sonata C 6.Haydn, Andante
                     from Surprise Symphony 7. Breval, Sonata C 8.Mozart, The Bird Catcher's
                     Song from The Magic Flute 9. Gretchaninoff, Twillight
                     10. Gretchaninoff, Homesickness 11.Putz, Spiritual 12. Koeppen, At the Beach
                     13.Kemminer, Los ninos del Tango        
Encores For Cello (Starker) (6 Pieces) GS \2,340   VC2Z134
                     1.Schubert, Moment Musicale 2.Schumann, Abendlied 3.Faure, Sicilienne 4.Saint-Saens,
                     The Swan 5.Popper, Hungarian Rhapsody Op.68 6.Popper, Tarantelle Op.33    
The Feuermann Legacy (Feldman) (6 pieces) CF \6,800 VC2Z268
                     1.Handel, Adagio and Allegro Op.4/3 2.Davidoff, At the
                     Fountain Op.20/2 3.Popper, Hungarian Rhapsody Op.63 
                     4.Chopin, Polonaise Brillante 5.Dvorak, Rondo 
                     6.Tartini, Variations on a theme of Corelli
Finlandia : Finnish Cello Pieces (Pullinen)(16 Pieces) Faz \5,020   VC2Z136
                     1.Mielck, Romance 2.Sohlstrom, Elegie 3.Jarnefelt, Berceuse 4,O.Merikanto,
                     Romance 5.Kuula, Chanson sans paroles 6.Melartin, Menuetto 7.Sibelius,
                     Elegie Op.27/1 8.Sibelius, Romance Op.78/2 9.Kuusisto, Consolation
                     10.Sonninen, Juvenalia 11.Marttinen, Andante religioso 12.Salmenhaara,
                     Adagio 13.Saikkola, Arioso 14.Johansson, Canzona 15.Johansson,
                     Menestrel 16.Sallinen, Metamorfora        
Grandi Temi (Great Themes) (Cavuoto) (7 pieces) GR \2,660 VC2Z269
                     1.Saint-Saens, Mon coeur s'ouvre a ta voix 2.Elgar, Canto
                     Popolare 3.Elgar, Salut d'amour 4.Debussy, Bohemian Dance
                     5.Respighi, The Adoration of the Magi 6.Ravel, Menuet
                     Antique 7.Skryabin, Reverie
The Great Cello Solos (J.L.Webber) (7 pieces) Che \2,660 # VC2Z143
                     1.Saint-Saens, Allegro appassionato 2.Faure, Apres un Reve 3.Bach, Arioso 4.Faure,
                     Elegie 5.Bruch, Kol Nidrei 6.Mendelssohn, Song without Words 7.Saint-Saens, The Swan
Hochzeitsmusik (Wedding Music) for Cello and Organ/Piano (Kalke)(7 pieces) Uetz \2,660   VC2Z245
                     1.Grieg, Hochzeitstag aus Troldhagen 2.Mendelssohn, Hochzeitsmarsch
                     3.Mozart, Reich mir die Hand, mein Leben 4.Kalke, Here Comes The Bride
                     5.Kalke, Vogelhochzeit 6.Schubert, Ungeduld 7.Kalke, The Wedding Blues    
Joy of Music (Discoverites from the Schott Archives) (14 pieces) BSS \4,560 * VC2Z297
                     1.Lee, Berceuse Op.71/2 2.Servaise, Duo brillant [Tannhaeuser de
                     Wagner] 3.Franchomme, Fantaisie sur [La Flute enchantee de Mozart] Op.40
                     4.Offenbach, Fantaisie facile sul Rossini's [Barbier] Op.71
                     5.Piatti, Siciliana op.19 6.Goltermann, Alla Mazurka Op.41/3
                     7.Paque, Romance et Tarantelle Op.23 8.Baerwolf, Morceau de Salon Op.54
                     9.Swert, Valse en mi mineur de Chopin 10.Harraden, Tristesse, Romance
                     sans paroles 11.Goens, Tarantelle Op.44 12.Becker, Andante religioso Op.2
                     13.Barns, L'Escarpolette/Swing Song 14.Trowell, Le Rappel des Oiseaux Op.3/2    
Lost Melodies (Verschollene Klaenge) (Stutschewsky) (12 pieces) UE \2,390   VC2Z227
                     Haydn, Andante; Haydn, Allegro; Marcello, Largo;
                     M.Haydn, Minuetto;  Handel, Adagio; Philidor, La Sauterelle;
                     Chiesa, Minuetto; Ribino, Adagio; Albrechtsberger, Scherzando;
                     Corelli, Grave; d'Herveloix, Gavotte; Schenk, Gigue        
Mein erstes Konzert (My First Concert) (25 easy pieces) (Deserno)(+CD) BSS \2,720   VC2Z296
                     1.Milan, Pavane Fesch, Arietta 3.Cirri, Menuetto
                     4.Schaffrath, Allegro 5.Paxton, Sonate 6.Reinagle, Sonata G
                     7.Gretchaninoff, Morning Stroll 8.Gretchaninoff, Twilight etc.      
Performance Pieces for Violoncello Vol.1 (easy) (27 Pieces) EMB \2,090   VC2Z286
                     Brodszky, Ruf an die Sonne; Brodszky, Storchenlied; Baklanova Lied
                     Brodszky, Pfingdtgruss; Schubert, Zur Feier; Haydn, Lied etc.        
Repertoire Classics (Ramos) (23 pieces) (piano part = PDF file) CF \2,700   VC2Z271
                     1.J.S.Bach, Jesus, My Joy 2.Bloch, Prayer 3.Bohm, Perpetual
                     Motion 4.Chopin, Largo from Sonata Op.65 5.Dvorak, Silent Wood
                     6.Faure, Apres un reve 7.Faure, Sicilienne 8.Glazunov, Chant
                     du Menestrel 9.Goltermann, Concerto No.4 10.Kreisler, Chanson
                     Louis XIII and Pavane 11.Kreisler, Schoen Rosmarin 12.MacDowell,
                     To a Wild Rose 13.Mendelssohn, Lied ohne Worte Op.109 14.Monti,
                     Csardas 15.Saint-Saens, The Swan 16.Schlemueller, A Mountain Maiden
                     17.Schlemueller, A Song 18.Schlemueller, Cradle Song 19.Schumann,
                     Traeumerei 20-23.Squire, At Morn, At Twilight,Bourree, Fairy Tales      
Rostropovich in Memoriam (Feldman) (9 pieces) CF \7,200 VC2Z287
                     1.Popper, Ballade Op.69 2.Goltermann, Capriccio Op.24 3.Tchaikovsky,
                     Chanson triste 4.Popper, Dance of the Elves 5.Rimsky-Korsakov,
                     Flight of the Bumblebee 6.Tchaikovsky, Nocturne Op.19/4 7.Cui, Orientale
                     8.Tchaikovsky, Pezzo capriccioso Op.62 9.Rachmaninoff, Vocalise
Salon-Stuecke (W.Thomas-Mifune) Vol.1 (8 pieces) Kun \5,500   VC2Z169
                     Popper, Widmung Op.11/1; Saint-Saens, Romance Op.51; Offenbach, Musette;
                     Bargiel, Adagio; Davidoff, Romance sans Paroles; Massenet, Melodie; etc.    
Salon-Stuecke (W.Thomas-Mifune) Vol.2 (6 pieces) Kun \5,650 # VC2Z170
                     Zelensky, Berceuse Op.32; Goens, Scherzo; Schubert, Moment musical;
                     Goltermann, Cantilena; Godard, Berceuse; Tchaikovsky, Andante cantabile    
Saluts d'Amour (Thomas-Mifune) (11 pieces) Kun \4,760   VC2Z171
                     Elgar, Salut d'Amour; Chopin, Prelude Op.28/4; Tchaikovsky,
                     Napolitanisches Lied; Schumann, Abendlied; A.Rubinstein, Melodie;
                     Rachmaninoff, Vocalise; Chopin, Nocturne cis Op.posth.; Bruch,
                     Kol Nidrei; Tchaikovsky, Valse sentimentale; Kreijn, Lyrisches
                     Fragment; Mendelssohn, Lied ohne Worte        
Solos for the Cello Player (Deri) (17 Pieces) GS \2,890   VC2Z173
                     1.Handel, Allegro 2.Senaille, Allegro Spiritoso 3.Beethoven, Andante
                     4.Gluck, Andante 5.Lotti, Aria 6.Bach, Bourree I & II 7.Marie, La Cinquantaine
                     8.Weber, Country Dance 9.Handel, Larghetto 10.Schumann, Lento 11.Brahns,
                     Lullaby 12.Mozart, Menuet 13.Pergolesi, Nina 14.Debussy, Romance
                     15.Faure, Sicilienne 16.Saint-Saens, The Swan 17.Popper, Village Song      
Solos for Young Cellists Vol.1 (Cheney) SB \2,090   VC2Z242
                     Simple Folk Songs; Schlemuller, Scherzo Op.12/3;
                     Schlemuller, Forward, March! Op.14/6; Cheney, Livi's Blues;
                     Squire, Fairytales; Cheney, Clock Tower Bells; Cheney,
                     Budapesto; Schlemuller, Gondola Song; Vivaldi, Concerto C F.III-6      
Solos for Young Cellists Vol.3 (Cheney) (8 pieces) SB \2,250   VC2Z273
                     1.Debussy, Romance 2.Squire, Bourree 3.Adorian, Serenade
                     Basque 4.Faure, Sicilienne 5.Romberg, Sonata e Op.38/1
                     6.Popper, Fond Recollections Op.64/1 7.Squire, Harlequinade
                     8.Squire, Humoresque        
Solos for Young Cellists Vol.5 (Cheney) (5 pieces) SB \2,250   VC2Z275
                     1.Elgar, Salut d'amour 2.Couperin, Pieces 3.Schumann, Adagio &
                     Allegro Op.70 4.Popper, Mazurka 5.Bridge, Meditation
                     6.Summer, Julir-O for Vc.solo (arr. By Cheney)        
Solos for Young Cellists Vol.6 (Cheney) (5 pieces) SB \2,240   VC2Z276
                     1.Mendelssohn, Song without Words Op.109 2.Boccherini,
                     Sonata C G.4 3.Faure, Papillon Op.77 4.Bloch, Prayer
                     5.Forsyth, Eclectic Suite        
Tortelier Cello Book Two (12 Pieces) (1st position) Che \3,630   VC2Z177
                     1.Handel, Rondo 2.Bonsoir Copain 3.Lully, Ariette 4.Rhanouka 5.Mozart, Choral
                     6.Exaudet, Menuet 7.Taki, Kojo No Tsuki 8.Schubert, Lullaby 9.A, Ola, Ola
                     10.Carol, Fleurs de Neige 11.Tortelier, La Patinette 12.Bach, March      
5 Italian Sonatas (Starker)  GS \5,040   VC2Z189
                     1.Corleli, Sonata d 2.Valentini, Sonata E 3.Locatelli, Sonata D
                     4.G.B.Sammartini, Sonata G 5.Boccherini, Sonata A (No.6)        
6 Transcriptions (Bekcer)  Bos \900   VC2Z190
                     1.J.S.Bach, Air 2.Schumann, Abendlied 3.Schubert, Moment musical
                     4.Tartini, Adagio cantabile 5.Schumann, Adagio 
                     6.Nardini, Andante cantabile        
7 Sonatine (Pejtsik-Mariass)  EMB \2,750 # VC2Z193
                     Beethoven, Sonatine c WoO.43, Sonatine G; Haydn, Sonatina C Hob.XI-107,110;
                     Haydn, Sonatina G Hob.XI-73; Mozart, Sonatina F K.487/1,3,10;
                     Mozart, Sonatine G K.439b/III,V,IV; Schubert, Sonata D D.384        
9 Sonate facili del barocco italiano (Pejtsik) for or 2Vc. EMB \2,460   VC2Z194
                     Belisi(um 1700), Sonata G; Marcheselli(um 1700), Sonata d; Perti(1661-1759),
                     Sonata a; Bernardi(1660-1732), Sonata g; Laurenti(1644-1720), Sonata a; etc.    
Fourteen Pieces for Cello and Piano (J.Lloyd Webber) KM \2,620 # VC2Z298
                     1.R.Bennett, African crib carol 2.R.&R.Sherman, Hushabye mountain
                     3.Balfe, I dreamt that I dwelt in marble halls 4.Elgar, In haven
                     5.Orff, In trutina 6.Woodforde-Finden, Kashmiri song 7.Quilter,
                     Music, when solt voices die 8.Piazzolla, Oblivion 9.Chopin, Prelude e
                     10.Schuber, Serenade 11.Faure, Sicilienne 12.Rimsky-Korsakov,
                     Song of India 13.MacDowell, To a wild rose 14.Rasbach, Trees        
20th Century Italian Composers Vol.1 (Cavuoto) (5 pieces) GR \3,530 VC2Z278
                     1.I.Pizzetti, Tre canti (Three songs) 2.E.Mainardi,
                     Ballata e Serenata 3.A.Casella, Notturno 
                     4.Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Scherzino 5.Ferrari-Trecate, 
                     Il canto dell'esule (The exile's song)
Seasong of Carols (Healey) (12 Traditional Carols) HL \1,790   VC2Z279
                     1.Deck The Hall 2.Away In A Manger 3.Greensleeves 4.God Rest Ye
                     Merry, Gentlemen 5.O Come, All Ye Faithful 6.Silent Night
                     7.Ding Dong! Merrily On High! 8.Chanukah, Oy Chanukah 
                     9.Pat-A-Pan 10.O Holy Night 11.Three Holiday Songs
                     12.We Wish You A Merry Christmas        
Violoncello Music for Beginners I (Pejtsik-Lengyel) (easy) EMB \3,290   VC2Z201
Violoncello Music for Beginners II (Pejtsik-Lengyel) (easy) EMB \3,130   VC2Z202
Violoncello Music for Beginners III (Pejtsik) EMB \3,390   VC2Z203
コンサートのためのチェロ曲集 1 (林良一編)(21曲) レッスン \1,760   VC2Z250
                     林、プロムナード; 林、そよ風のワルツ; ウェーバー、主題と変奏;
                     アルメニアン・ダンス; L.モーツァルト、ミュゼット; 小さな汽車;
                     ウェーバー、ワルツ; スクール・デイズ; コレルリ、ラルゴ・アフェットゥオーソ;
                     ムファット、ブーレ; チャイコフスキー、アンダンティーノ; ヘンデル、ガヴォット;
                     シュレミュラー、メヌエット; ゴセック、タンブーラン; ブレヴァル、
                     コンチェルティーノ第5番第1楽章; デラバーコ、パスピエ; マレ、ポロネーズ;
                     シュレミュラー、ゴンドラの歌; 林、コンサート・エチュード「風車」      
コンサートのためのチェロ曲集 2 (林良一編)(17曲) レッスン \2,200   VC2Z251
                     チッリ、ソナタ ハ長調; ベートーヴェン、トルコマーチ; シューマン、
                     小さな練習曲; ワイセンボーン、ユーモレスク; グリーク、民謡; ラモー、
                     タンブーラン; ウォシトゥカ、ロンド; ヴィヴァルディ、コンチェルト
                     ニ長調第1楽章; チャイコフスキー、マズルカ; デプラーヌ、プレリュード;
                     ベーム、無窮動; ブレヴァル、コンチェルティーノ第1番; シューマン、
                     蓮の花; リー、ガヴォット; ブレヴァル、コンチェルト第2番第1楽章
                     メンデルスゾーン、無言歌第20番; 林、ドビュッシィ・ファンタスティック    
ポピュラー&クラシック名曲集(磯部朱美子監修)  ヤマハ \3,300   VC2Z207
                     1.いつか王子様が「白雪姫」 2.「世界の車窓から」テーマソング
                     3.美女と野獣 4.星に願いを「ピノキオ」 5.おくりびと-memory-
                     6.カヴァレリア・ルスチカーナより間奏曲 7.スマイル「モダンタイムス」
                     8.見上げてごらん夜の星を 9.ラフマニノフ、ヴォカリーズ
                     10.ドビュッシー、亜麻色の髪の乙女 11.ショパン、別れの曲
                     12.タイスの瞑想曲 13.G線上のアリア 14.グノー、アヴェ・マリア
                     15.カタロニア民謡、鳥の歌 16.サン・サーンス、白鳥 17.ラヴェル、
                     亡き王女のためのパヴァーヌ 18.ビゼー、スペインのセレナーデ
                     19.愛のあいさつ 20.リベルタンゴ 21.バッハ、無伴奏チェロ組曲より2曲      
チェロ ウタココロアフれる名曲メイキョクをチェロで (監修カンシュウ磯部イソベシュ ヤマハ \3,190   VC2Z289
                    1.サウンド・オブ・ミュージック メドレー 2.枯葉カレハ 3.カナしみの水辺ミズベ
          4.スマイル 5.イト 6.故郷フルサト 7.サトアキ 8.紅葉モミジ 9.浜辺ハマベウタ
                    10.ツバサをください 11.ユー・レイズ・ミー・アップ 12.グリーンスリーブス
                    13.アメイジング・グレイス 14.アイ讃歌サンカ 15.アマポーラ
          16.ダレかがワタシつめてる 17.あるれたに 18.メリー・ウィドー・ワルツ
                    19.コイとはどんなものかしら 20.アヴェ・ヴェルム・コルプス
                    21.ばら 22.アヴェ・マリア(カッチーニ)        
チェロ名曲31選(藤沢俊樹編)  ドレミ \2,750   VC2Z205
                     Saint-Saens, 白鳥; Massenet, エレジー; J.S.Bach, 2つのメヌエット; Smetana,
                     モルダウ; グリーンスリーブス; Dvorak, わが母の教えたまいし歌; 
                     ロンドンデリーの歌; Bizet, 真珠採りの歌; Beethoven, メヌエット;
                     Beethoven, ソナチネ; Chaplin, エターナリー; Bock, サンライズ・サンセット;
                     Monnot, 愛の讃歌; Handel, ラルゴ; Satie, ジムノペディ第1番;
                     Schumann, トロイメライ; J.S.Bach, アリオーソ; J.S.Bach, G線上のアリア;
                     Tchaikovsky, 感傷的なワルツ; Elgar, 愛のあいさつ; Mendelssohn,
                     春の歌; Joplin, エンターテイナー; Kreisler, 美しきロスマリン;
                     Schubert, セレナード; Faure, 夢のあとに; Faure, シチリアーノ;
                     Faure, エレジー; Granados, アンダルーサ; Moszkowski, ギターの調べ;
                     Schubert, みつばち; Bruch, コル・ニドライ        
休日のチェリスト(チューニングからコンサートへ)(カラオケCD付)  ドレミ \2,750 VC2Z206
                     森の朝(チューニングのための); 荒城の月; ホワイト・クリスマス;
                     エーデルワイス; 亡き王女のためのパヴァーヌ; ボレロ;
                     愛のあいさつ; リベルタンゴ; 白鳥; 他
チェロアイソウキョクセン(Cello Playing Selection)(小原オハラジン)(61 pieces) ドレミ \3,300   VC2Z291
                ガクす;ウタツバサに;ユウホシウタワタシのおトウさん;ヴォカリーズ etc.        
チェロ 日本の名曲〜花は咲く〜 (磯部朱美子 監修) ヤマハ \3,080   VC2Z281
          1.早春賦 2.おぼろ月夜 3.さくらさくら 4.花(滝 廉太郎)5.どこかで春が
          6. 浜辺の歌 7. この道 8. 夏の思い出 9. 赤とんぼ 10. 里の秋 
                    11.小さい秋みつけた 12. 七つの子 13. ふるさと 14. 夕焼け小焼け
                    15. 荒城の月 16. 花(嘉納昌吉)17. 花は咲く 
                  18. 春よ、来い(松任谷由実) 19. 川の流れのように 20. 少年時代
                  21. 涙そうそう 22. 千の風になって 23. さとうきび畑 24.Stand Alone 
                    25. 見上げてごらん夜の星を        
チェロ シネマ&ミュージカル名曲メイキョクシュウ (監修カンシュウ石黒イシグロ ゴウ ヤマハ \3,300   VC2Z290
                    1.タラのテーマ 2.ニュー・シネマ・パラダイス 3.ムーン・リバー
                    4.シェルブールの雨傘アマガサ 5.キャラバンの到着トウチャク 6.ゴッドファーザー アイのテーマ
                    7.She 8.アイ・ウィル・フォロー・ヒム 9.ワタシのお
                   10.マン・イン・ザ・ミラー 11.エンター・テイナー 12.美女ビジョ野獣ヤジュウ
                    13.ホール・ニュー・ワールド 14.マイ・ハート・ウィル・ゴー・オン
          15.アイ讃歌サンカ 16.ユメやぶれて 17.おくりびと        
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