- Violin and Piano (E-H) -
Violin and Piano
Eccles,H.           Sonata g (Davis) IMC \1,890   VN2E001
Elgar,E.            Concerto Op.61  MMP \3,050   VN2E023
Elgar,E.            Sonata Op.82  GH \5,040   VN2E048
Elgar,E.            Salut d'amour E  GH \1,620   VN2E044
Elgar,E.            Salut d'amour E (1st & 2nd versions)(Burrows) PE \1,670   VN2E006
Elgar,E.            Salut d'amour E  BSS \1,520   VN2E007
Elgar,E.            Allegretto C (Duo on a theme of 5 notes G-E-D-G-E) BSS \2,090   VN2E028
Elgar,E.            Chanson de Matin & Chanson de Nuit Op.15 (Marshall-Luck)[2] GH \2,470 * VN2E051
Elgar,E.            Chanson de Matin & Chanson de Nuit Op.15  PE \1,670   VN2E010
Elgar,E.            Chanson de Matin & Chanson de Nuit Op.15  Nov \2,210   VN2E011
Elgar,E.            La Capricieuse Op.17 (Heifetz) CF \1,800   VN2E050
Elgar,E.            La Capricieuse Op.17 (Birtel) BSS \2,000   VN2E041
Elgar,E.            La Capricieuse Op.17  BHW \2,070   VN2E005
Elgar,E.            Sospiri Op.70  BHW \1,430   VN2E009
Elgar,E.            Rosemary Nov \1,670   VN2E047
Elgar,E.            Carissma G Nov \1,670   VN2E037
Elgar,E.            10 Pieces Vol.1 Tha \1,910   VN2E042
                     1.Romance 2.Reminiscences 3.Mazurka 4.Allegretto on [GEDGE] 5.Gavotte      
Elgar,E.            10 Pieces Vol.2 Tha \1,910   VN2E043
                     1.Idylle Op.4/1 2.Pastourelle Op.4/2 3.Virelai Op.4/3
                     4.Mot d'Amour Op.13/1 5.Bizarrerie Op.13/2        
Enesco,G.           Sonata No.2 Op.6 Eno \7,420   VN2E025
Enesco,G.           Sonata No.3 Op.25 Eno \8,200   VN2E027
Enesco,G.           Impressions d'enfance  Sal \5,340   VN2E017
Enesco,G.           Aubade (orig. Vn.Va.Vc.) Eno \1,850   VN2E033
Falla,          Suite populaire espagnole (Kochanski) Che \3,370 # VN2F001
Falla,          Music for Violin from El Amor Brujo (Love the Magician) Che \3,630   VN2F002
                     (arr. by Kochanski) Dance of Terror; Pantomime;
                     Ritual Fire Dance        
Faure,G.            Sonata No.1 A Op.13 (Ozim)[2] GH \4,560   VN2F073
Faure,G.            Sonata No.1 A Op.13 (Howat) PE \3,000   VN2F008
Faure,G.            Sonata No.1 A Op.13  BHW \3,400   VN2F009
Faure,G.            Sonata No.1 A Op.13 (Francescatti) IMC \3,650 # VN2F010
Faure,G.            Sonata No.2 e Op.108  GH \5,130   VN2F084
Faure,G.            Sonata No.2 e Op.108 (Krebbers) PF \3,830   VN2F060
Faure,G.            Anthology of Original Pieces (Howat) PE \2,870 # VN2F014
                     Berceuse Op.16; morceau de lecture;
                     Romance Op.28; Andante op.75        
Faure,G.            Apres un reve c for Vc/Vn/Va.Pf. (Howat) PE \2,870 # VN2F016
Faure,G.            Apres un reve g (Elman) CF \830   VN2F017
Faure,G.            Berceuse D Op.16 (Frank Peter Zimmermann) GH \1,620 # VN2F077
Faure,G.            Berceuse D Op.16 for Vn/Vc/ Led \1,680   VN2F018
Faure,G.            Berceuse D Op.16 (Zori) IMC \2,570   VN2F088
Faure,G.            Berceuse D Op.16 (Egelhof) BSS \1,900   VN2F066
Faure,G.            Romance B Op.28  Led \2,130   VN2F020
Faure,G.            Pavane fis Op.50 for Fl/Vn.Pf. (Busser) Led \2,470   VN2F022
Faure,G.            Berceuse E from [Dolly] Op.56 (Howat) PE \1,320   VN2F061
Faure,G.            Andante B Op.75  Led \1,960   VN2F023
Faure,G.            Sicilienne g Op.78 for Vn/Va.Pf.(Howat) PE \1,430   VN2F025
Faure,G.            Piece a  Led \1,750   VN2F027
Fibich,Z.           Poem C Op.41/6 (Op.39) (Birtel) BSS \950   VN2F085
Fibich,Z.           Poem Des Op.41/6 (Tatrai) EMB \360   VN2F034
Fibich,Z.           Poem C Op.41/6 (Jamry&Bacewicz) PWM \870   VN2F074
Fiocco,J.-H.        Allegro G (Gingold) IMC \1,490   VN2F035
Foster,S.           Old Folks at Home (Heifetz) CF \1,790   VN2F042
Foster,S.           Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair (Heifetz) CF \1,800   VN2F043
Francaix,J.         Sonatine (1934)  BSS \2,720   VN2F046
Franck,C.           Sonata A & 2 pieces (Andantino quietoso Op.6, Melancolie) BA \3,900   VN2F086
Franck,C.           Sonata A (Menuhin-Hope) [2] GH \3,990   VN2F087
Franck,C.           Sonata A (Gawriloff) WUE \3,980   VN2F048
Gade,Jacob          Tango Jalousie (E.Larsen) WH \2,210   VN2G057
Gallon,N.           L'Album de Sandra Vol.2 Bil \1,510   VN2G087
Gardel,C.           Tango [Por Una Cabeza] (arr. by J.Williams) HL \2,700   VN2G066
Gardel,C.           Tango (arr. by D.Collatti) UE \3,600   VN2G074
                     1.Melodia de arraval 2.Por una cabeza 3.El dia que me quieras
                     4.Mi Buenos Aires querido 5.Volver        
Gershwin,G.         Preludes (3 Prelueds) (Heifetz) Alf \2,130   VN2G011
Gershwin,G.         3 Prelueds (Birtel) BSS \2,340   VN2G081
Gershwin,G.         from [Rhspsody In Blue] (arr. by G.Mortimer) EMR \2,880 VN2G084
Gershwin,G.         Heifetz Plays Gershwin (The Heifetz Collection Vol.2) CF \5,220 VN2G013
                     1.An American in Paris 2.Five Selections from Porgy and Bess
                     [1.Summertime/A Woman Is A Sometime Thing 2.My Mans Gone Now 3.Bess,
                     You Is My Woman Now 4.It Aint Necessarily So 5.Tempo di Blues]
                     3.Three Preludes for Piano
Gershwin,G.         Porgy and Bess (arr. by Heifetz) Cha \2,340   VN2G014
                     1.Summertime/A Woman Is A Sometime Thing 2.My Man's Gone Now 3.Bess,
                     You Is My Woman Now 4.It Ain't Necessarily So 5.Tempo di Blues
Gershwin,G.         20 Greatest Hits (arr. by C.Mourey) EMR \4,680   VN2G083
                     1.Andante from Piano Concerto 2.Blues from [An American in Paris]
                     3,Clap Yo'Hands 4.Cuban Overture excerpts 5.Do It Again
                     6.Fascinating Rhythm 7.I Got Rhythm 8.Liza 9.Lullaby excerpts
                     10.Of Thee I Sing 11.Prelude II 12.Promnade 13.Rhapsody in
                     Blue excerps 14.Somebody Loves Me 15.Swanee 16.Strike Up The Band
                     17.Summertime 18.Sweet And Low-Down 19.Tell Me More 20.The Man I Love      
Giazotto,R.         Adagio g (Albinoni's Adagio) GR \960   VN2G017
Ginastera,A.        Pampeana No.1 BoH \2,880 # VN2G059
Glass,P.            Concerto (1987) Che \4,190   VN2G063
Glazunov,A.         Concerto a Op.82 (Oistrakh) IMC \3,920   VN2G018
Glazunov,A.         Concerto a Op.82 (Auer) Bel \3,230   VN2G019
Glazunov,A.         Concerto a Op.82 (Oistrakh) Muzyka \2,520   VN2G088
Glazunov,A.         2 Pieces from theBallet [Raymonda] Op.57 Bel \2,760   VN2G082
                     1.Grand Adagio 2.Valse        
Glazunov,A.         Albumblatt  Bel \1,210   VN2G022
Glazunov,A.         Mazurka Oberek  Bel \3,150   VN2G023
Glazunov,A.         Meditation D Op.32 (Heifetz) CF \1,800   VN2G086
Glazunov,A.         Meditation D Op.32  Bel \1,240   VN2G024
Glazunov,A.         Meditation D Op.32 (A.Rosand) IMC \2,840   VN2G064
Glazunov,A.         Melodie Arabe (Dushkin) BSS \1,890   VN2G025
Glazunov,A.         Valse C Neuma \740   VN2G067
Glinka,M.           L'Alouette (Balakireff-Auer) (1804-1857) MMP \890   VN2G060
Godard,B.           Berceuse F from [Jocelyn]  BSS \1,050 # VN2G031
Godowsky,L.         Alt-Wien (Heifetz) CF \1,800   VN2G033
Goldmark,C.         Concerto a Op.28 (Auer) CF \3,420   VN2G034
Goldmark,C.         Ballade G (1830-1915)  UE \2,320   VN2G037
Gorecki,H.M.        Concerto-Notturno PWM \2,870   VN2G077
Gounod,C.           Ave Maria C ショット \770   VN2G044
Granados,E.         Sonata A  UME \1,190   VN2G047
Granados,E.         3 Dances of Spain (Marder) IMC \2,210 VN2G048
                     Playera e Op.37/5; Orientale h Op.37/2 ;Jota D Op.37/6
Granados,E.         2 Spanish Dances (Orientale, Danza triste) MMP \1,110   VN2G049
Grieg,E.            Sonata No.1 F Op.8 (Kraggerud) [2] GH \3,230 * VN2G089
Grieg,E.            Sonata No.1 F Op.8 (Benestad) PF \3,590 # VN2G076
Grieg,E.            Sonata No.2 G Op.13 (Schliephake) [2] GH \3,230   VN2G085
Grieg,E.            Sonata No.2 G Op.13 (Benestad) PE \3,830   VN2G080
Grieg,E.            Sonata No.3 c Op.45 (Schliephake) [2] GH \4,280   VN2G055
Grieg,E.            Sonata No.3 c Op.45 (Benestad) PF \4,310   VN2G078
Gruber,F.X.         Silent Night (Lloyd-Butler) PN \1,000   VN2G079
Halvorsen,J.        Kleine Tanz Suite Op.22/1 Franzoesish (Gavotte) d WH \1,190   VN2H183
Handel,G.F.         Complete Works (T.Best)(vc) BA \5,610   VN2H003
                     9 Sonatas G HWV.358; d HWV.359a; A HWV.361(Op.1/3);
                     g HWV.364; D HWV.371(Op.1/13); g HWV.368(Op.1/10);
                     F HWV.370(Op.1/12); A HWV.372(Op.1/14); E HWV.373(Op.1/15);
                     Allegro c HWV.408; Andante a HWV.412        
Handel,G.F.         7 Sonatas Op.1:3,10,12,13,14,15,6 (Rohrig)(vc)[2] GH \5,800   VN2H006
Handel,G.F.         6 Sonatas (Davisson)(vc) Vol.1 Op.1:3,10,12 PF \2,390   VN2H010
Handel,G.F.         6 Sonatas (Davisson)(vc) Vol.1 Op.1:3,10,12 (+CD) PF \5,390   VN2H011
Handel,G.F.         6 Sonatas (Davisson)(vc) Vol.2 Op.1:13,14,15 PF \2,390   VN2H012
Handel,G.F.         6 Sonatas (Francescatti) Vol.1 Op.1:3,10,12 IMC \2,660   VN2H014
Handel,G.F.         6 Sonatas (Francescatti) Vol.2 Op.1:13,14,15 IMC \2,480   VN2H015
Handel,G.F.         Sonata No.4 D (Doflein) BSS \1,240   VN2H018
Handel,G.F.         Airs and Dances from [Water Music]  ML \1,110   VN2H020
Handel,G.F.         5 Pieces from [Music from the Royal Fireworks](Urbainczyk) ML \1,030   VN2H021
Harty,H.            Irish Fantasy G (1879-1941) MMP \1,350   VN2H024
林光                ヴァイオリンとピアノのためのラプソディ 音友 \2,530   VN2H098
Haydn,J.            Concerto C Hob.VIIa-1 (Guntner)(Cad:Beyer) GH \2,760   VN2H026
Haydn,J.            Concerto C Hob.VIIa-1 (Zehetmair)(Cad:Zehetmair) BHW \2,640   VN2H082
Haydn,J.            Concerto C Hob.VIIa-1 (Flesch) PE \2,760   VN2H029
Haydn,J.            Concerto A Hob.VIIa-3 (Guntner)(Cad. Beyer) GH \2,080   VN2H030
Haydn,J.            Concerto G Hob.VIIa-4 (Guntner)(Cad. Beyer) GH \2,570   VN2H033
Haydn,J.            Concerto G Hob.VIIa-4 (Thiemann) PF \3,350   VN2H034
Haydn,J.            Concerto G Hob.VIIa-4 (Kuchler) PF \3,350   VN2H038
Haydn,J.            Sonata G Hob.XV-32 (Guntner/J.Demus) GH \2,280   VN2H041
Hess,N.             Theme from Ladies in Lavender FM \1,440   VN2H176
Hess,N.             Fantasy from Ladies in Lavender FM \1,920   VN2H177
Heykens,J.          Serenade D Op.21  Sim \2,090   VN2H049
平尾貴四男          Sonata Led \10,550   VN2H081
Honegger,A.         Oeuvres pour violon (Violin Works) Sal \5,330   VN2H080
                     Sonata No.1, Sonata No.2, Ariso, Morceaus de concours,
                     Sonata for Vn.solo, Sonatine for 2 Violins        
Hubay,J.            Carmen Fantasi-brillante Cho \2,380   VN2H100
Hubay,J.            Csardajelenetek No.1 Op.9 Neuma \980   VN2H084
Hubay,J.            Csardajelenetek No.2 [Kis furulyam] Op.13 Neuma \1,470   VN2H085
Hubay,J.            Csardajelenetek No.3 [Maros Vize…] Op.18 Neuma \1,330   VN2H161
Hubay,J.            Csardajelenetek No.4 [Hejre Kati] Op.32 Neuma \1,220   VN2H086
Hubay,J.            Csardajelenetek No.5 [Hullamzo Balaton] Op.33 Neuma \1,060   VN2H087
Hubay,J.            Csardajelenetek No.6 [Sarga cserebogar] Op.34 Neuma \1,130   VN2H106
Hubay,J.            Csardajelenetek No.7 [Kossuth-nota] Op.41 Neuma \1,000   VN2H107
Hubay,J.            Csardajelenetek No.8 [Azt mondjak] Op.60 Neuma \1,950   VN2H131
Hubay,J.            Csardajelenetek No.8 [Azt mondjak] Op.60 WH \2,390   VN2H127
Hubay,J.            Csardajelenetek No.10 [Szalatnai emlek] Op.69 Neuma \1,200   VN2H108
Hubay,J.            Csardajelenetek No.11 [Szomorufuz hervadt lombja] Op.82 Neuma \1,470   VN2H109
Hubay,J.            Csardajelenetek No.12 [Pici tubiczam] Op.83 Neuma \1,070   VN2H162
Hubay,J.            Csardajelenetek No.13 Op.102 Neuma \1,870   VN2H110
Hubay,J.            Csardajelenet a[Falu rozza] cimu dalmubol Neuma \650   VN2H185
Hubay,J.            Bucsu elott (Adeu - Farewell) Neuma \870   VN2H160
Hubay,J.            Liebestraum G Neuma \1,070   VN2H163
Hubay,J.            Rozsa-Csardas E  Neuma \1,270   VN2H112
Hubay,J.            The Violin Maker of Cremona (Cremona hegedus) Neuma \430   VN2H088
Hubay,J.            Fantaisie Hongroise h Op.1  Neuma \1,690   VN2H133
Hubay,J.            Suite Op.5 Neuma \2,250   VN2H134
                     1.Gavotta 2.Idylle 3.intermezzo 4.Finale        
Hubay,J.            Idylle Op.5/2 Neuma \560   VN2H135
Hubay,J.            Plaintes Arabes Op.6/1 Neuma \560   VN2H136
Hubay,J.            Danses diaboliques Op.10/2 Neuma \630   VN2H137
Hubay,J.            Un conte Es  Op.15./1 Neuma \870   VN2H184
Hubay,J.            Maggiolata (Szecsodi) B Op.15./2 Neuma \1,300   VN2H179
Hubay,J.            Sonate romantique D Op.22 Neuma \2,260   VN2H113
Hubay,J.            Romance F Op.25 Neuma \1,120   VN2H114
Hubay,J.            6 Poemes Hongroises Op.27 Neuma \1,670   VN2H138
Hubay,J.            Der Zephir Op.30/5 E (Tatrai) EMB \590   VN2H066
Hubay,J.            Hejre Kati E Op.32 Bos \1,410   VN2H064
Hubay,J.            Hejre Kati E Op.32 (Saenger) CF \950   VN2H065
Hubay,J.            Fleur de Mai Op.37/1 Neuma \700   VN2H139
Hubay,J.            Des temps Jadis Op.37/2 Neuma \700   VN2H140
Hubay,J.            Devant son image Op.38/1 Neuma \700   VN2H141
Hubay,J.            Nocturne a Op.42  Neuma \820   VN2H089
Hubay,J.            Nocturne a Op.42  R&E \1,680   VN2H070
Hubay,J.            Sirva vigad a magyar Op.44/1 Neuma \980   VN2H142
Hubay,J.            Alkonyat Op.44/2 Neuma \980   VN2H143
Hubay,J.            A fonoban Op.44/3 Neuma \1,270   VN2H090
Hubay,J.            Concert-Mazurka Op.45/1 (Op.54/1) Neuma \1,280   VN2H091
Hubay,J.            Mazurka g Op.45/2 (EN 761) Neuma \670   VN2H164
Hubay,J.            Premier roman Op.46/1 Neuma \630   VN2H144
Hubay,J.            Pagenstreich Op.46/2 Neuma \670   VN2H165
Hubay,J.            Tendre aveu Op.46/3 Neuma \490   VN2H145
Hubay,J.            Serenata Op.48/3 Neuma \600   VN2H166
Hubay,J.            Souvenir F Op.49/1 Neuma \490   VN2H115
Hubay,J.            Sous les arbres Op.49/3 Neuma \630   VN2H146
Hubay,J.            Priere Op.49/4 Neuma \870   VN2H147
Hubay,J.            Barcarolle Op.49/5 Neuma \560   VN2H092
Hubay,J.            Vision Op.49/6 Neuma \830   VN2H167
Hubay,J.            Sicilienne Op.51/1 Neuma \700   VN2H093
Hubay,J.            Bolero a Op.51/3  Neuma \530   VN2H168
Hubay,J.            Bolero a Op.51/3  Bos \1,200   VN2H071
Hubay,J.            Echos des Alpes Op.51/4 Neuma \560   VN2H148
Hubay,J.            Scherzo diabolique Op.51/5 Neuma \1,410   VN2H116
Hubay,J.            Minuet G Op.52/2  Neuma \560   VN2H149
Hubay,J.            Fantaisie Tziganesque Op.55/1 Neuma \1,470   VN2H095
Hubay,J.            Pusztai hangok op.57 Neuma \1,690   VN2H150
Hubay,J.            Tendres paroles Op.58/2 Neuma \870   VN2H151
Hubay,J.            Magyarnotak c Op.67/1 Neuma \520   VN2H117
Hubay,J.            Variations on a Hungarian Theme d Op.72  Neuma \1,690   VN2H118
Hubay,J.            Notturno no.2 Op.73 Neuma \630   VN2H152
Hubay,J.            Tiz Karakterdarab (10 pieces Caracteristique) Op.79 Neuma \4,070   VN2H119
                     1.Barcarolle 2.Valse 3.Epanchement 4.Serenade 5.La Source
                     6.Melancolie 7.Mazurka 8.Priere 9.Berceuse 10.Le Papillon        
Hubay,J.            Scherzo g Op.80 Neuma \1,630   VN2H096
Hubay,J.            Scenes d'Enfants (10 pieces) Op.84 Neuma \2,130   VN2H120
Hubay,J.            Capriccio de Concert d Op.86 Neuma \1,300   VN2H180
Hubay,J.            Concerto No.2 E Op.90 Neuma \3,330   VN2H169
Hubay,J.            Humoreske Op.104/2 Neuma \840   VN2H153
Hubay,J.            Walzer-Paraphrase Op.105 Neuma \1,790   VN2H097
Hubay,J.            Fliederbusch G Op.109 Neuma \1,410   VN2H122
Hubay,J.            Ot koncertetud (5 concert etudes) Op.115 Neuma \2,110   VN2H154
Hubay,J.            Chanson d'amour printainer Op.120/2 Neuma \700   VN2H155
Hubay,J.            Seguidillas a Op.121/2 Neuma \1,200   VN2H124
Hubay,J.            Nostalgie Op.121/3 Neuma \630   VN2H156
Hubay,J.            Venezia Op.121/4 Neuma \630   VN2H157
Hubay,J.            Plaintes rousses Op.121/5 Neuma \630   VN2H158
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