- Violin and Piano (I-M) -
Violin and Piano
Igudesman,A.        Sonata No.1 (Bastard Sonata)(1987)(1973-    ) UE \3,590   VN2I021
Igudesman,A.        Horoscope Preludes (12 Easy to Intermediate Pieces) UE \3,980   VN2I024
Igudesman,A.        In the Zoo 1 (10 easy pieces) UE \2,840   VN2I025
Igudesman,A.        In the Zoo 2 (10 easy pieces) UE \2,840   VN2I026
Igudesman,A.        In my Garden 1  UE \3,030   VN2I027
Igudesman,A.        Happy Birthday Variations C UE \2,460   VN2I028
池辺晋一郎           ヴァイオリンの花束(3つのコンチェルティーノ) 全音 \1,980   VN2I016
Ireland,J.          Sonata No.1 d S&B \3,600   VN2I008
Ireland,J.          Cavatina D  S&B \1,890 # VN2I009
Ives,C.             Sonata No.3  TP \2,790   VN2I013
Ives,C.             Sonata No.4 (Children's Day at the Camp Meeting) AMP \3,400   VN2I014
Ives,C.             Variations on [America] TP \1,390   VN2I023
Janacek,L.          Sonata  UE \4,500   VN2J003
Janacek,L.          Ein verwehtes Blatt (Stedron) Sup \660   VN2J006
Janacek,L.          Works for Violin and Piano (Krejci & Memcova) BA \4,170   VN2J019
                     Romance; Dumka; Sonata; Allegro        
Jenkins,K.          Chatterbox ! (2014) (1944-    ) BoH \2,570   VN2J030
Joachim,J.          Fantasy on Hungarian Themes (1850) and BA \5,120   VN2J031
                     Fantasy on Irish (Scottish) Themes (1852)        
Joachim,J.          3 Stuecke op.2  BHW \3,590   VN2J013
                     1.Romance B 2.Fantasy Piece 3.A Spring Fantasy        
Joachim,J.          Romance C (Mueller) Dob \3,950 * VN2J032
Jolivet,A.          Aubade (1932) (1905-1974) Bil \1,780   VN2J026
Joo,Hyung-Ki        Lullaby for Leo (1973-    ) UE \2,090   VN2J029
Joplin,S.           6 Ragtimes (Perlman) GS \3,400   VN2J014
                     The Easy Winners; The Ragtime Dance; Bethena;
                     The Strenuous Life; Elite Syncopations; The Entertainer        
Joplin,S.           6 Ragtimes (Forster) Vol.2 Kun \4,780   VN2J016
                     Maple Leaf Rag; The Easy Winners; The Strenuous Life;
                     Cleopha; The Sycamore; The Cascades        
Kabalevsky,D.       Concerto C Op.48  HS \5,610   VN2K195
Kabalevsky,D.       20 Pieces Op.80 HS \3,600   VN2K169
Kabalevsky,D.       Improvisation Op.21/1 & Rondo Op.69  HS \4,280   VN2K005
Kapustin,N.         Sonata Op.70 BSS \5,610   VN2K218
Karlowicz,M.        Concerto A Op.8 (Cofalik) (1876-1909) PWM \4,800   VN2K008
Ketelbey,A.         In a Persian Market  Bos \1,200   VN2K007
Kernis,A.J.         Air (1995) AMP \1,190   VN2K009
Khachaturian,A.     Concerto  全音 \2,530   VN2K189
Khachaturian,A.     Sonata (Fortunatov) HS \4,560   VN2K014
Khachaturian,A.     Sabre Dance (Heifetz) HS \1,810   VN2K015
Khachaturian,A.     Chant-Pome  HS \1,440   VN2K016
Khachaturian,A.     Selected Works (5 Pieces) HS \4,750   VN2K017
                     1.Dance 2.Song-Poem 3.Sabre Dance 4.Nocturne 5.Neneh Variations[Gayaneh]    
Kilar,W.            Film Music for Vn/Fl. & Pf. Vol.1 (Papara) PWM \2,850   VN2K211
                     1.Love theme from [Dracula] 2.Vocalise from [The Ninth Gate]
                     3.Theme from [The Pianist] 4.Prologue from [The Portrait of a Lady]
                     5.Phantasms of Love 6.Music of the Cuise 7.Waltz [Land of Promise]      
Kilar,W.            Film Music for Vn/Fl. & Pf. Vol.2 (Papara) PWM \2,850   VN2K212
                     1.Theme from [The Quarterly Balance] 2.Polnaise from [Pan Tadeusz]
                     3.In the Wide Steppe from [Przygody pana Michala]
                     4.Theme from [The Polaniecki Family] 5.Waltz from [The Leper]        
Kim,R.              3 Romances BA \2,650   VN2K214
Kirchner,T.         Romanze und Schlummerlied Op.63 (1823-1903) Ama \3,040   VN2K215
                     Anhang: Un poco agitato Op.82/6, Walzer Op.86/5, Abedlied Op.59/2      
Kochanski,P.        Serenada G (1887-1934) PWM \320   VN2K206
河内琢夫             フォーク・テイルス マザー \2,046   VN2K164
Kodaly,Z.           Intermezzo from [Hary Janos] (Szigeti) UE \2,970 # VN2K025
Kodaly,Z.           Adagio  EMB \1,690 # VN2K205
Kodaly,Z.           Valsette B (Emil) EMB \1,690   VN2K027
Kodaly,Z.           The Kallo Double-Dance (arr. by Fejgin) EMB \1,700   VN2K219
Komarowski,A.       Concerto No.2 A  PF \4,070   VN2K031
Korngold,E.W.       Concerto D Op.35  BSS \5,500 # VN2K032
Korngold,E.W.       Sonata G Op.6 (1897-1957) BSS \7,410   VN2K033
Korngold,E.W.       Caprice fantastique [Wichtelmaennchen] BSS \3,140   VN2K177
Korngold,E.W.       Tanzlied des Pierrot BSS \2,000   VN2K213
Kosma,J.            Sonatine Eno \2,220   VN2K191
Kreisler,F.         Fritz Kreisler Repertoire Vol.1 (14 pieces) ショット \3,080   VN2K039
                     Caprice Viennois; Berceuse Romantique; Polichinelle;
                     Sheperds Madrigal; Gypsy Caprice; Syncopation; Chanson
                     Louis XIII and Pavane; Preludium and Allegro; Sicilienne
                     and Rigaudon; Liebesfreud; Liebesleid; Schoen Rosmarin;
                     Granados, Danse espagnole; Albeniz, Tango        
Kreisler,F.         Fritz Kreisler Repertoire Vol.2 (14 pieces) ショット \2,970   VN2K041
                     Tambourin Chinois; March miniature viennoise; Rondino;
                     Romanze; Aucassin und Nicolette; Aubade Provencale;
                     Rimsky-Korsakov, Arabian Song; Rimsky-Korsakov, Hindoo Song;
                     Londonderry Air; Paganini, Le Streghe Op.8; Paganini, Moto
                     perpetuo Op.11; Schubert, Moment musical Op.94/3; Mendelssohn,
                     Song without Words Op.62/1; Chopin, Mazurka Op.33/2        
Kreisler,F.         Fritz Kreisler Repertoire Vol.3 (11 pieces) ショット \3,520   VN2K178
                     Brahms, Hungarian Dance No.17; Dvorak, Indian Lamento; Slavonic
                     Fantasie; Slavonic Dances No.1;  Slavonic Dances No.2;  Slavonic
                     Dances No.3; Largo; Songs my mother taught me; Humoreske;
                     Paderewski, Menuet Op.14/1; Paderewski, Melodie Op.16/2        
Kreisler,F.         The Fritz Kreisler Collection Vol.1  CF \5,760   VN2K185
                     Caprice Viennois; Tambourin Chinois; Liebesfreud; Liebesleid;
                     Schoen Rosmarin; Rondino; La Gitana; Variations on a theme by Corelli;
                     Chanson Louis XIII and Pavane; Sicilienne and Rigaudon;
                     Praeludium and Allegro; Gluck, Melodie; Mozart, Rondo;
                     Mendelssohn, Song withtout Words; Dvorak, Slavonic Dance No.2 e;
                     Granados, Spanish Dance; Albeniz, Tango; Falla, Danse Espagnole;
                     Cadenzas for Beethoven Concerto (solo); Cadenza for Brahms
                     Concerto (solo); Cadenza for Paganini Concerto No.1 (solo)        
Kreisler,F.         The Fritz Kreisler Collection Vol.2 CF \7,200 # VN2K186
                     Allegretto (in the style of Boccherini); Andantino;
                     La chasse; Grave; Preghiera; Scherzo; Tempo di Minuetto;
                     Tchaikovsky, Andante cantabile; Schubert, Ballet Music No.2;
                     Wieniawski, Caprice a; Tchaikovsky, Chanson sans paroles;
                     Friml, La danse des demoiselles; Tchaikovsky, Humoresque;
                     Brahms, Hungarian Dance No.17; Rimsky-Korsakov, Hymn to the Sun;
                     Owen, Invocation; Weber, Larghetto; Scott, Lotus Land;
                     Heuberger, Midnight Bells; Godowsky, Nocturnal Tangier;
                     Poldini, Poupee valsante; Schumann, Romance A; Lehar, Serenade;
                     Dvorak, Slavonic Dance No.1 & & No.3 &; Rimsky-Korsakov,
                     Song of India; Dvorak, Songs My Mother Taught Me;
                     Berceuse romantique; Gypsy Caprice; March miniature viennois;
                     The Old Refrain; Polichinelle; Recitativo and Scherzo (solo);
                     Shepherd's Madrigal; Syncopation        
Kreisler,F.         The Fritz Kreisler Collection Vol.3 CF \6,300 # VN2K187
                     Corelli, La Folia; Corelli, Sarabande and Allegretto; 
                     Tartini, The Devil's Trill; Tartini, Fugue A; Paganini,
                     Caprice No.24; Paganini, Le streghe Op.8; Paganini, Non piu
                     mesta Op.12; Paganini, I palpiti Op.13; Paganini, Caprice No.13;
                     Paganini, Caprice No.20; Paganini, La campanella;
                     3 Extra Variations of Corelli's La Folia        
Kreisler,F.         The Fritz Kreisler Collection Vol.4 CF \6,600 # VN2K188
                     Aubade provencale; Aucassin and Nicolette; Cavatina;
                     Concerto C in the style of Vivaldi; Episode; Malaguena;
                     Minuet (in the style of Porpora); La Precieuse; Romance Op.4;
                     Study on a Chorale; Toy Soldier's March; Viennese Rhapsodie        
Kreisler,F.         Favorite Encore Folio (11 pieces) CF \3,960   VN2K042
                     Brahms, Waltz A; Schuet, Slavonic lament; Valdez,
                     Gypsy Serenade; Willeke, Chant sans paroles;
                     J.S.Bach, Gavotte E; Rameau, Tambourin; Townsend, Berceuse;
                     Milloecker, The Blue Lagoon; Bizet, Adagietto; White, Nobody
                     Know De Trouble I7ve Seen; Mendelssohn, Lied ohne Worte        
Kreisler,F.         Concerto C (in the Style of Vivaldi) BSS \3,040   VN2K044
Kreisler,F.         Allegretto (in the Style of Boccherini) BSS \1,470   VN2K046
Kreisler,F.         Allegretto in g (in the Style of Porpora) ChF \680   VN2K047
Kreisler,F.         Andantino (in the Style of Martini) BSS \1,680   VN2K048
Kreisler,F.         Berceuse Romantique Op.9  BSS \1,710   VN2K051
Kreisler,F.         Caprice Viennois  BSS \1,330   VN2K052
Kreisler,F.         Chanson Louis XIII et Pavane (in the style of Couperin) BSS \1,680   VN2K053
Kreisler,F.         Episode  BSS \1,110   VN2K198
Kreisler,F.         La Gitana  BSS \1,710   VN2K165
Kreisler,F.         Liebesfreud  BSS \1,710   VN2K059
Kreisler,F.         Liebesfreud ショット \660   VN2K060
Kreisler,F.         Liebesleid  BSS \1,710   VN2K061
Kreisler,F.         Liebesleid ショット \990 # VN2K062
Kreisler,F.         Liebesleid CF \1,550   VN2K201
Kreisler,F.         Liebesleid (Rachmaninoff-Lidstroem) BSS \3,040   VN2K216
Kreisler,F.         Malaguena (Birtel) BSS \1,390   VN2K175
Kreisler,F.         Marche miniature viennoise  BSS \1,710   VN2K064
Kreisler,F.         Menuet (in the style of Porpora) BSS \1,520   VN2K065
Kreisler,F.         Polichinelle  BSS \1,470   VN2K067
Kreisler,F.         Praeludium and Allegro (in the style of Pugnani)  BSS \1,900   VN2K068
Kreisler,F.         Praeludium and Allegro (in the style of Pugnani) ショット \990   VN2K069
Kreisler,F.         La Precieuse  BSS \1,330   VN2K070
Kreisler,F.         Rondino Es BSS \1,710   VN2K073
Kreisler,F.         Rondino Es ショット \880   VN2K074
Kreisler,F.         Sicilienne and Rigaudon  BSS \1,710   VN2K079
Kreisler,F.         Sicilienne and Rigaudon ショット \770   VN2K080
Kreisler,F.         Sicilienne and Rigaudon CF \1,670   VN2K202
Kreisler,F.         Syncopation  BSS \1,520   VN2K081
Kreisler,F.         Tambourin Chinois  BSS \1,520   VN2K082
Kreisler,F.         Tambourin Chinois ショット \880   VN2K083
Kreisler,F.         Tempo di Minuetto  BSS \1,710   VN2K084
Kreisler,F.         Zigeuner-Capriccio (Gypsy Caprice) BSS \1,710   VN2K086
Kreisler,F.         Albeniz : Tango BSS \1,710   VN2K087
Kreisler,F.         Brahms : Hungarian Dance No.17 Sim \1,670   VN2K090
Kreisler,F.         Chaminade : Serenade Espagnole Eno \1,450   VN2K166
Kreisler,F.         Corelli : Sarabande and Allegretto BSS \1,470   VN2K096
Kreisler,F.         Dvorak : Indian Lamento (from Sonatine Op.100) Sim \1,520   VN2K097
Kreisler,F.         Dvorak : Slavonic Phantasy Sim \2,090   VN2K098
Kreisler,F.         Dvorak : Slavonic Dance No.1 g Sim \1,700   VN2K099
Kreisler,F.         Dvorak : Slavonic Dance No.2 e Sim \2,090   VN2K100
Kreisler,F.         Dvorak : Slavonic Dance No.3 G Sim \1,700   VN2K101
Kreisler,F.         Dvorak : Negro Spirituals from Symphony No.9 Sim \1,880   VN2K102
Kreisler,F.         Dvorak : Songs my mother taught me Sim \2,310 # VN2K103
Kreisler,F.         Dvorak : Humoreske Ges-dur Sim \1,880   VN2K104
Kreisler,F.         Falla : Spanish Dance BSS \1,900   VN2K105
Kreisler,F.         Glazunov : Serenade espagnole BSS \1,120   VN2K107
Kreisler,F.         Gluck : Melodie BSS \1,800 # VN2K108
Kreisler,F.         Grainger : Molly on the Shore BSS \1,710   VN2K109
Kreisler,F.         Granados : Spanish Dance BSS \1,470   VN2K110
Kreisler,F.         Lehar : Frasquita (Serenade) JW \1,060   VN2K199
Kreisler,F.         Mendelssohn : Song without Words BSS \1,620   VN2K115
Kreisler,F.         Mozart  : Rondo BSS \2,380   VN2K116
Kreisler,F.         Mozart  : Rondo ショット \770   VN2K117
Kreisler,F.         Paderewski : Menuet Op.14/1 & Melodie Op.16/2 B&B \1,670   VN2K118
Kreisler,F.         Paganini : La Campanella from Concerto No.2 Op.7 BSS \2,190   VN2K119
Kreisler,F.         Paganini : La Campanella from Concerto No.2 Op.7 IMC \1,620   VN2K179
Kreisler,F.         Paganini : Le Streghe Op.8 EE \2,470   VN2K120
Kreisler,F.         Paganini : Moto Perpetuo Op.11 IMC \1,580   VN2K180
Kreisler,F.         Paganini : Moto Perpetuo Op.11 BSS \2,470   VN2K203
Kreisler,F.         Paganini : J Palpiti Op.13 EE \2,640   VN2K123
Kreisler,F.         Paganini : Caprice No.24 BSS \1,070   VN2K126
Kreisler,F.         Poldini : Dancing Doll CF \1,430 # VN2K127
Kreisler,F.         Rachmaninoff : 18th Variation from Rapsodie Op.43 CF \1,610   VN2K128
Kreisler,F.         Rimsky-Korsakov : Arabian Song from [Scheherazade] BSS \1,520   VN2K131
Kreisler,F.         Rimsky-Korsakov : Hymn to the Sun BSS \1,470   VN2K133
Kreisler,F.         Rimsky-Korsakov : Hindoo Song from [Sadko] BSS \840   VN2K135
Kreisler,F.         Schubert : Impromptu Op.90/3 ChF \1,350   VN2K136
Kreisler,F.         Schubert : Moment musical BSS \1,470   VN2K137
Kreisler,F.         Schumann : Romance A BSS \1,710   VN2K138
Kreisler,F.         Tartini : The Devil's Trill BSS \2,470   VN2K139
Kreisler,F.         Tartini : The Devil's Trill IMC \2,610 # VN2K181
Kreisler,F.         Tartini : Variations on a theme of Corelli  ショット \550   VN2K141
Kreisler,F.         Tchaikovsky : Andante cantabile BSS \1,470   VN2K143
Kreisler,F.         Wieniawski : Caprice a Op.18/4 BSS \1,470   VN2K147
Kreisler,F.         Londonderry Air  BSS \1,980 # VN2K149
Kroll,L.            Perpetual Motion D (Heifetz)  CF \2,850 # VN2K221
Kroll,W.            Banjo and Fiddle  GS \1,680 # VN2K154
Kroll,W.            Donkey Doodle (1st position) GS \590   VN2K155
Kuchler,F.          Concertino G Op.11 (1st position)  Bos \1,200   VN2K157
Kuchler,F.          Concertino D Op.12 (1-3 positions) Bos \1,910   VN2K159
Kuchler,F.          Concertino D Op.15 (1 & 3 positions) Bos \1,420 # VN2K160
Lalo,E.             Concerto No.1 f Op.20 (Herrmann) PF \4,490   VN2L001
Lalo,E.             Symphonie Espagnole Op.21  GH \4,850   VN2L003
Lalo,E.             Symphonie Espagnole Op.21  Du \7,640   VN2L004
Lalo,E.             Symphonie Espagnole Op.21 (Herrmann) PF \4,550   VN2L005
Lalo,E.             Symphonie Espagnole Op.21 (Francescatti) IMC \4,200 # VN2L006
Lalo,E.             Symphonie Espagnole Op.21 (Riedel) BHW \4,160   VN2L086
Lalo,E.             Symphonie Espagnole Op.21 (Lichtenberg) GS \2,890   VN2L081
Lalo,E.             Symphonie Espagnole Op.21 (Y.Ohtani) 全音 \2,200   VN2L008
Lalo,E.             Sonata D Op.12 Du \4,850   VN2L084
Lalo,E.             Sonata D Op.12 (Greive) IMC \4,580   VN2L077
Leclair,J.-M.       Sonata D  Op.9/3 (Polnauer)(vc) BSS \3,420   VN2L018
Leclair,J.-M.       Sonata D  Op.9/3 (Francescatti) IMC \1,710   VN2L019
Leclair,J.-M.       Sonata D  Op.9/3 (Lichtenberg) GS \1,700   VN2L021
Leclair,J.-M.       Sonata c [Le Tombeau] (David) IMC \2,150   VN2L024
Lehar,F.            Gold and Silver Waltz (F.Meyer) Bos \1,190   VN2L070
Lehar,F.            Walzer-Intermezzo from [Lustige Witwe] Dob \2,220   VN2L030
Lehar,F.            Ungarische fantasie d Op.45  JW \1,390   VN2L085
Liszt,F.            La Lugubre Gondola  EMB \2,240   VN2L037
Liszt,F.            Premiere Valse Oubliee (Hubay) EMB \480   VN2L038
Liszt,F.            Valse-Impromptu (Hubay) EMB \2,200   VN2L039
Liszt,F.            Romance oubliee PWM \440   VN2L076
Liszt,F.            Romance oubliee Neuma \500   VN2L087
Liszt,F.            Liebestraume No.3 D (渡辺鉄雄編曲) オンキョウ \550   VN2L079
Liszt,F.            Ungarische Rhapsodie nach [Die drei Zigeuner] d (Hubay) Neuma \2,440   VN2L082
Ludwig,C.-D.        Happy Birthday (A Birthday Serenade)(1997)  BSS \1,980   VN2L049
Lutoslawski,W.      Partita  Che \4,070   VN2L052
Lutoslawski,W.      Recitativo e Arioso Che \1,910   VN2L053
Lutoslawski,W.      Subito (1992)  Che \3,370   VN2L054
Lutoslawski,W.      Lullaby for Anne-Sophie (1989) Che \1,550   VN2L080
Mahler,G.           Adagietto from Sym. No.5 (Wittinger) BHW \2,450   VN2M007
Marteau,H.          24 Caprices Op.25 Vol.3 (No.9-12) Stein \3,200   VN2M244
Martinu,B.          Sonata No.1 Led \10,250   VN2M017
Martinu,B.          Sonata No.2 Sal \2,940   VN2M231
Martinu,B.          Sonata d (1926)  Pan \5,020   VN2M016
Martinu,B.          Ariette Led \3,370   VN2M232
Martinu,B.          5 Madrigal Stanzas  AMP \2,980   VN2M022
Mascagni,P.         Intermezzo sinfonico from [Cavalleria Rusticana] (Saenger) CF \1,430 # VN2M030
Massenet,J.         Meditation from [Thais] (Marsick/Zori) IMC \2,480 # VN2M247
Massenet,J.         Meditation from [Thais] (Nichols) PE \2,150   VN2M031
Massenet,J.         Meditation from [Thais] (Marsick) CF \1,800   VN2M032
Massenet,J.         Meditation from [Thais] (Marsick) CF \2,700   VN2M241
                     (Piano acc. Audio Download)        
Mendelssohn,F.      Concerto e Op.64 (2nd version)(Todd 2005 & Brown 2018)[2] BA \4,820 # VN2M243
Mendelssohn,F.      Concerto e Op.64 (Ozim) GH \4,560   VN2M037
Mendelssohn,F.      Concerto e Op.64 (Mueller)(I.Oistrakh) [2] BHW \4,350   VN2M248
Mendelssohn,F.      Concerto e Op.64 (Francescatti) IMC \3,200 # VN2M040
Mendelssohn,F.      Concerto e Op.64 (Flesch) PE \4,400 # VN2M044
Mendelssohn,F.      Concerto e Op.64 (Flesch)(with CD) PE \6,470   VN2M045
Mendelssohn,F.      Concerto e Op.64 (Schradieck) GS \1,870   VN2M210
Mendelssohn,F.      Concerto d (2nd version) (Menuhin) PN \4,240   VN2M047
Mendelssohn,F.      Concerto d for Vn. Pf. & Orch.(Pf.) (W.H.Bernstein) BHW \5,680   VN2M048
Mendelssohn,F.      Concerto d for Vn. Pf. & Orch.(Pf.)  DMV \4,160   VN2M049
Mendelssohn,F.      Sonatas (complete) BA \10,330 # VN2M211
                     Sonata F (1820); Sonata f Op.4 (1823); Sonata F (1st version)(1838);
                     Sonata F (2nd version)(1839)        
Mendelssohn,F.      Sonata f Op.4 (Hermann) PF \2,750   VN2M050
Mendelssohn,F.      Sonata F (1820) (Unger) DVM \3,500 # VN2M052
Mendelssohn,F.      Sweet Remembrance E Op.19/1 (Heifetz) CF \1,790   VN2M223
Mendelssohn,F.      On Wings of Song D Op.34/2 (Achron-Heifetz) CF \2,640 # VN2M245
Mendelssohn,F.      On Wings of Song D Op.34/2 (Achron-Saenger) CF \2,420 # VN2M055
Mendelssohn,F.      On Wings of Song D Op.34/2 (Ambosio-G.Perlman) CF \1,070   VN2M238
Mendelssohn,F.      Scherzo from Piano Trio No.1 Op.49 (Heifetz) CF \2,330   VN2M246
Messiaen,O.         Fantaisie Du \3,250   VN2M225
Messiaen,O.         Theme et Variations  Led \4,770 # VN2M060
Miaskovsky,N.       Sonata F Op.70 CdM \5,980   VN2M239
Milhaud,D.          Cinema-Fantaisie d'apres [Le Boeuf sur le Toit] ME \8,520   VN2M062
Milhaud,D.          Le Printemps  Du \2,400   VN2M065
Millies,H.          Concerto D in the style of Haydn (1-7th positions) Bos \1,910   VN2M072
Millies,H.          Concerto D in the style of Mozart (1st position) Bos \1,910   VN2M073
三村晶子             風にのせて マザー \1,540   VN2M184
Mollenhauer,E.      The Infant Paganini E (Sassmanshaus) BA \1,760   VN2M235
Mollenhauer,E.      The Boy Paganini G (Sassmanshaus) BA \1,950 # VN2M236
Monti,V.            Csardas d (Sassmannshaus) BA \1,470   VN2M222
Monti,V.            Csardas d (Buetow) PF \1,670   VN2M206
Monti,V.            Csardas d (Czerwonky) CF \1,800   VN2M078
Monti,V.            Csardas d (Czerwonky) CF \2,090   VN2M202
Moszkowski,M.       Guitarre (Sarasate-Flesch) PE \2,310   VN2M083
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.1 B K.207 (Gunter)(Cad.Gunter) GH \2,840   VN2M088
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.1 B K.207 (Wulfhorst)(Cad.Alard)[2] BA \2,840 # VN2M089
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.2 D K.211 (Gunter)(Cad.Gunter)[2] GH \3,140   VN2M093
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.2 D K.211 (Cad.Auer & Wulfhorst)[2] BA \3,140   VN2M094
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.3 G K.216 (Gunter)(Cad.Gunter) GH \3,800   VN2M098
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.3 G K.216 (Wulfhorst)[2] BA \2,950   VN2M099
                     (Cadenzas by Auer, Ysaye, Franko, Wulfhorst)        
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.3 G K.216 (Eisen)(Cad. Manze) BHW \2,580   VN2M214
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.3 G K.216 (D.Oistrakh)(Cad. Oistrakh) BHW \2,580   VN2M100
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.3 G K.216 (Francescatti)(Cad. Ysaye) IMC \2,610   VN2M102
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.3 G K.216 (Franko)(Cad.Franko) GS \2,100 # VN2M103
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.3 G K.216 (Rostal)(Cad.Rostal) M&S \4,130   VN2M104
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.3 G K.216 (Cad.Ysaye) 全音 \1,430 # VN2M106
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.4 D K.218 (Guntner)(Cad.Guntner) GH \3,140   VN2M107
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.4 D K.218 (Cad.Joachim & Auer)[2] BA \3,300 # VN2M108
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.4 D K.218 (D.Oistrakh)(cad. David & Joachim) BHW \2,640   VN2M110
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.4 D K.218 (D.Oistrakh)(cad. David & Joachim) PF \3,830 # VN2M111
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.4 D K.218 (Joachim)(Cad. Joachim) IMC \2,790   VN2M114
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.5 A K.219 (Seiffert) GH \3,710   VN2M119
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.5 A K.219 (Cad.Wulfhorst,Joachim,Franko)[2] BA \3,520   VN2M120
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.5 A K.219 (Galamian)(Cad. Joachim) IMC \3,870 # VN2M122
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.5 A K.219 (Eisen)(Cad. Manze) BHW \3,380   VN2M186
Mozart,W.A.         Concerto No.7 D K.271a (Wulfhorst)(Cad. Anon & Wulfhorst)[2] BA \2,710   VN2M194
Mozart,W.A.         Single Movements Adagio E K.261 & 2 Rondos C K.373, B K.269 GH \3,050   VN2M136
Mozart,W.A.         Single Movements Adagio E K.261 & 2 Rondos C K.373, B K.269 BA \3,470 # VN2M137
Mozart,W.A.         Adagio E K.261 (Francescatti) IMC \1,140   VN2M140
Mozart,W.A.         Adagio E K.261 (Beyer) Ama \1,440   VN2M142
Mozart,W.A.         Adagio Es from Divertimento K.287 (J.Rubenstein) IMC \2,250   VN2M208
Mozart,W.A.         Rondo C K.373 (Francescatti) IMC \1,400   VN2M144
Mozart,W.A.         4 Sonatas K.6-9 (B.Schmid)[2] GH \3,600   VN2M228
Mozart,W.A.         4 Sonatas K.6-9  BA \3,470 # VN2M149
Mozart,W.A.         6 Sonatas K.10-15 (B.schmid)(vc)[2] GH \4,200   VN2M229
Mozart,W.A.         6 Sonatas K.10-15  BA \4,730 # VN2M150
Mozart,W.A.         6 Sonatas K.26-31 (B.schmid)[2] GH \3,600   VN2M230
Mozart,W.A.         6 Sonatas K.26-31  BA \3,470 # VN2M151
Mozart,W.A.         Sonatas K.301-306,296,378  BA \3,710   VN2M152
Mozart,W.A.         Sonatas K.379,376,377,380,404,372,403,402 BA \4,740   VN2M153
Mozart,W.A.         Sonatas K.454,481,526,547 BA \3,600   VN2M154
Mozart,W.A.         Sonatas Vol.1 K.301-306 GH \4,750   VN2M146
Mozart,W.A.         Sonatas Vol.2 K.376,296,377-380 GH \4,940   VN2M147
Mozart,W.A.         Sonatas Vol.3 K.454,481,526,547,570 GH \5,130   VN2M148
Mozart,W.A.         Sonatas (Fragments) (Addions by Robert D. Levin) GH \5,460   VN2M234
                     1.Sonatensatz B K.372 2.Andante und Fuge A K.402(385e)
                     3.Fantasie c K.396(385f) 4.Sonatensatz A K.Anh.48(480a/385E)
                     5.Sonata C K.403(385c) 6.Andante und Allegretto C K.404(385d)
                     7.Sonatensatz G K.Anh.47(546a) 8.Sonatensatz A K.Anh.50(526a)        
Mozart,W.A.         Sonatas Vol.1 K.301-306 (Eisen) PE \6,950 # VN2M158
Mozart,W.A.         Sonatas Vol.2 K.296,376-380,402,403 (Eisen) PE \6,950 # VN2M203
Mozart,W.A.         Sonatas Vol.3 K.454,481,526,547 & Variations K.359,360 (Eisen) PE \6,950 # VN2M204
Mozart,W.A.         6 Romantic Sonatas K.Anh.209 c-h (K.55-60)  BHW \3,520   VN2M216
Mozart,W.A.         Sonata e K.304 (Roehrig) GH \1,620   VN2M161
Mozart,W.A.         2 Sonatas K.46d & 46e (vc) BA \1,620   VN2M164
Mozart,W.A.         Variations K.359 & K.360  GH \2,470   VN2M166
Mozart,W.A.         Eine kleine Nachtmusik G K.525 (Herrmann) PE \3,830 # VN2M168
Mozart,W.A.         Eine kleine Nachtmusik G K.525 (Herrmann)(with CD) PE \4,200   VN2M169
Mozart,W.A.         Ave verum A K.618 (Palaschko) BSS \1,100 # VN2M170
Mozart,W.A.         Menuet D from K.334 (Heifetz) CF \1,980   VN2M249
Mussorgsky,M.       Hopak G (Dushkin) BSS \1,710   VN2M240
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