- Vocal -
- A -
- Voice and Piano -
Voice Solo        
Berberian,C.        Stripsody PN \3,150   VO1B002
Berio,L.            Sequenza III per voce femminile UE \2,480   VO1B003
Concone,G.          50 Lessons Op.9 (H) コンコーネ50番(高声用) 全音 \1,320   VO1C005
Concone,G.          50 Lessons Op.9 (M) コンコーネ50番(中声用) 全音 \1,100   VO1C006
Concone,G.          50 Lessons Op.9 (L) コンコーネ50番(低声用) 全音 \1,430   VO1C007
Lavignac,A.         Des Solfeges Vol.7A Lem \3,000   VO1L001
Wuellner,F.         全訳コールユーブンゲン (No.1-87)(信時潔訳)大阪開成館 開成館 \880   VO1W001
Wuellner,F.         学生版コールユーブンゲン 全音 \330   VO1W002
Wuellner,F.         標準版コールユーブンゲン 全音 \385   VO1W003
Wuellner,F.         全訳コールユーブンゲン 第2巻(2声部、3声部) 全音 \1,980   VO1W005
Voice and Piano        
Bach-Gound          Ave Maria G or F or D (Nichols) Vn. ad lib. PE \1,310   VO2B001
Barber,S.           Dover Beach Op.3 GS \1,360   VO2B021
Beethoven,L.v.      Ah! perfido Op.65 GH \1,280   VO2B012
Beethoven,L.v.      Adelaide B Op.46 (H) GH \1,330 # VO2B016
Beethoven,L.v.      An die ferne Geliebte Op.98 (Luehning)(H) GH \2,380 # VO2B004
Beethoven,L.v.      Goethe-Lieder (H) GH \3,040   VO2B022
Beethoven,L.v.      Saemtliche Lieder Vol.1 (Luehning) GH \5,890   VO2B005
Bellini,V.          15 Composizioni da Camera  GR \3,020 # VO2B024
Bernstein,L.        Vocal Selections from [West Side Story] (+CD) BoH \3,250   VO2B015
Bernstein,L.        Art Songs and Arias (29 Selections) BoH \3,520   VO2B017
                     SONGS 1.Afterthought 2.from Arias and Barcarolles 3.La Bonne
                     Cuisine 4.I Hate Music! 5.My Twelve-Tone Melody 6.Piccola
                     Serenata 7.Silhouette 8.from Songfest 9.Two Love Songs
                     ARIAS 1.from Candide 2.from Mass 3.from A Quiet Place        
Bernstein,L.        Song Album BoH \3,740   VO2B007
                     9.TAKE CARE OF THIS HOUSE 11.IT MUST BE SO 12.MY HOUSE
                     13.PETER, PETER 14.WHO AM I? 15.NEVER-LAND        
Brahms,J.           Lieder Vol.1 (51 Lieder) (H) PF \5,640   VO2B014
Brahms,J.           Lieder Vol.1 (51 Lieder) (M) PF \8,390   VO2B023
Brahms,J.           Lieder Vol.2 (33 Lieder) (H) PF \7,490   VO2B018
Brahms,J.           Lieder Vol.3 (65 Lieder) (H) PF \8,250   VO2B019
Brahms,J.           4 Serious Songs Op.121 (L) PF \2,850   VO2B020
Canteloube,J.       Chants d'Auvergne 1ere Serie Heu \4,000   VO2C001
Canteloube,J.       Chants d'Auvergne 2e Serie Heu \4,000   VO2C002
Canteloube,J.       Chants d'Auvergne 3eme Serie Heu \3,940   VO2C003
Canteloube,J.       Chants d'Auvergne 4eme Serie Heu \6,130   VO2C004
Canteloube,J.       Chants d'Auvergne 5e Serie Heu \6,130   VO2C005
Castelnuovo-Tedesco,M. Vocalise-etude Led \1,520   VO2C011
Chopin,F.           Songs (Ekier) (18 songs) [Pl.E] PWM \3,730   VO2C010
Delvincourt,C.      Quand vous voudrez faire une amye Du \980   VO2D005
Dvorak,A.           Rusalka's Song to the Moon Sup \940 # VO2D001
Dvorak,A.           Gypsy Songs Op.55 for S/T.Pf (original) [C,G,E] Sup \3,220   VO2D003
Dvorak,A.           Gypsy Songs Op.55 for A/Br.Pf [C,G,E] Sup \2,310   VO2D004
Elgar,E.            Land of Hope and Glory C BoH \950   VO2E001
Falla,          7 Spanish Folksongs (H) Che \2,390   VO2F001
Falla,          7 Spanish Folksongs (M) Che \2,990   VO2F002
Faure,G.            Melodies et Duos Vol.1 (Daitz et Nectoux) Ham \8,860   VO2F005
                     Premieres melodies (1861-1875)        
Faure,G.            Two newly published songs (Deux melodies inedites) Ham \2,140   VO2F006
                     1.Puisque j'ai mis ma levre… 2.Tristesse d'Olympio        
Faure,G.            Apres un reve (H) d, (M) c, (L) b PE \1,250   VO2F007
Gershwin,G.         Seven by Gershwin (MH) (+CD) Alf \4,240   VO2G006
                     1.By Strauss 2.Clap Yo' Hands 3.I Got Rhythm 4.Love Is Here to Stay
                     5.The Man I Love 6.Summertime 7.They Can't Take That Away from Me      
Gliere,R.           Concerto for Coloratura Soprano & Orch. Op.82 HS \3,510   VO2G005
Grieg,E.            Centenary Song Album (9 pieces) (M)(original)(+CD) [D,G,E] PE \3,000   VO2G004
                     1.I Love but Thee 2.Solveig's Song 3.A Swan 4.Album Lines 5.With a
                     Water-lily 6.Last Spring 7.Greeting 8.The Time of Roses 9.A Dream      
Handel,G.F.         Aria Album (from Operas) for MS.Pf. BA \3,990   VO2H005
Kissin,E.           Thanatopsis Op.4 (forbemale voice & piano)(2016-2020) GH \3,230 * VO2K005
黒髪芳光            歌曲集 II JILA \2,200   VO2K003
黒髪芳光            歌曲集 III JILA \2,200   VO2K004
Liszt,F.            25 Songs Vol.2 (H) (14 Songs) [G] (R.Miller) IMC \3,090   VO2L002
Liszt,F.            22 Songs Vol.2 (L) (10 Songs) [G] (R.Miller) IMC \3,350   VO2L003
Mahler,G.           O Mensch, gib Acht! : Alto solo from Sym. No.3 UE \1,430 VO2M010
Mahler,G.           Wir geniessen die himmlischen Freuden (S) from Sym.No.4 UE \2,380   VO2M011
Mascagni,P.         Ave Maria F from [Cavalleria rusticana] (H) BoH \860   VO2M026
Massenet,J.         Melodies Vol.1 [F,E] UMP \2,260   VO2M017
                     1.Sonnet 2.Berceuse 3.Nuit d'espagne 4.Les alcyons
                     5.La mort de la cigale 6.Soleil couchant        
Massenet,J.         Melodies Vol.2 [F,E] UMP \2,260   VO2M018
                     1.L'ame des oiseaux 2.Les mains 3.Rondel de la belle au bois
                     4.Ce que disent les cloches 5.Voix supreme 6.Soir de reve        
Massenet,J.         Melodies Vol.3 UMP \2,260   VO2M019
                     1.Il pleuvait 2.Plus vite 3.La riviere 4.Mousme
                     5.Voix de femmes 6.Heure vecue        
Mendelssohn,F.      Lieder (H) Op.19,34,47,57,71,84,86,99,8,9,etc.  PE \6,950 VO2M027
Messiaen,O.         Chants de terre et de ciel Du \4,440   VO2M003
Mozart,W.A.         Konzert-Arien for high Soprano BA \6,080   VO2M024
Mozart,W.A.         Konzert-Arien for Soprano BA \5,690   VO2M025
Mozart,W.A.         Konzert-Arien for Bass BA \4,090   VO2M028
Mozart,W.A.         Konzert-Arien fuer Sopran (F.Beyer) Vol.1 BHW \4,180   VO2M007
Mozart,W.A.         10 Arias for Coloratura Soprano (from Operas) (Kagen) IMC \2,310   VO2M022
                     Die Entfuehrung, Die Zauberfloete, Lucio Silla,
                     Ascanio in Alba, The Impressario        
Mozart,W.A.         Exsultate, jubilate K.165 BA \1,670   VO2M004
Paderewski,I.J.     12 Songs Op.22 PWM \4,830   VO2P012
Pert,A.             Vater unser fuer Knabensporan und Klavier (2005/2011) UE \2,390   VO2P005
Piazzolla,A.        Balada para el Ton \1,280   VO2P007
Popper,D.           5 Songs Op.2 for Soprano & Pf. Paladino \2,720   VO2P013
Poulenc,F.          The Best of Poulenc (35 Melodies choisies) [H] Sal \4,440   VO2P014
Poulenc,F.          The Best of Poulenc (40 Melodies choisies) [M] Sal \4,440   VO2P015
Puccini,G.          Un bel di Ges or E or D [I,E] PE \1,190   VO2P010
Puccini,G.          Quando me'n vo (Musetta's Waltz) E or D or H [I,E] PE \1,190   VO2P011
Puccini,G.          Nessun dorma [Turandot] GR \510   VO2P001
Puccini,G.          O Mio Babbino Caro [Gianni Schicchi] (Soprano) GR \1,330 # VO2P016
Rachmaninoff,S.     Songs Vol.2 Op.26,34,38 BoH \8,400   VO2R013
Rachmaninoff,S.     Vocalise Op.34/14 (H) cis, (M) h, (L) g PE \1,550   VO2R012
Rachmaninoff,S.     Vocalise cis Op.34/14 (H) GH \1,520   VO2R014
Rachmaninoff,S.     Vocalise cis Op.34/14 (H) BoH \1,700   VO2R002
Ravel,M.            Piece en forme de Habanera g (H)(elevees) (No.141) Led \1,790   VO2R007
Ravel,M.            Vocalise-Etude en forme de Habanera f (M)(Moyenne)(No.20) Led \1,790   VO2R008
Ravel,M.            Vocalise-Etude en forme de Habanera es (L)(grave)(No.142) Led \1,790   VO2R009
Ravel,M.            Chanson espagnole Du \1,490   VO2R010
Ravel,M.            Tripatos Sal \1,200   VO2R011
Ravel,M.            2 Melodies Hebraiques Du \2,490   VO2R017
Respighi,O.         Il Tramonto GR \2,320   VO2R015
Rimsky-Korsakov,N.  Hindu-Lied from [Sadko] G (H) [R,F,G] Bel \1,250   VO2R005
Rimsky-Korsakov,N.  Hindu-Lied from [Sadko] E (L) [E,F,G] Bel \1,250   VO2R006
Ropartz,J.G.        Chant d'automne (1905) (1864-1955) Sal \1,140   VO2R016
Satie,E.            Allons-y Chochotte Sal \750   VO2S042
Satie,E.            Tendrement Sal \1,260   VO2S070
Schoenberg,A.       Litanei & Entrueckung from String Quartet No.2 GH \1,800 * VO2S082
Schoenberg,A.       Litanei(3rd Mov.) from String Quartet No.2 Op.10 UE \3,030 # VO2S080
Schoenberg,A.       Entrueckung (4th Mov) from String Quartet Op.10 UE \3,140 # VO2S081
Schoenberg,A.       Pierrot lunaire Op.21 UE \9,200   VO2S017
Schubert,F.         Lieder Vol.1 Op.1-25 (H)(BA 9101) BA \5,750   VO2S001
Schubert,F.         Lieder Vol.1 Op.1-25 (L)(BA 9141) BA \5,750   VO2S003
Schubert,F.         Lieder Vol.2 Op.26-79 (H)(BA 9102) BA \5,750   VO2S004
Schubert,F.         Lieder Vol.2 Op.26-79 (L)(BA 9142) BA \5,750   VO2S006
Schubert,F.         Lieder Vol.3 Op.80-98 (H)(BA 9103) BA \5,590   VO2S033
Schubert,F.         Lieder Vol.3 Op.80-98 (L)(BA 9143) BA \5,590   VO2S035
Schubert,F.         Lieder Vol.4 (H)(BA 9104) BA \5,750   VO2S043
Schubert,F.         Lieder Vol.5 (M)(BA 9125) BA \5,750   VO2S047
Schubert,F.         Lieder Vol.6 (H)(BA 9106) BA \5,750   VO2S049
Schubert,F.         Die schoene Muellerin Op.25 (H)(BA9117) BA \2,570   VO2S052
Schubert,F.         Die schoene Muellerin Op.25 (M)(BA9137) BA \2,460   VO2S053
Schubert,F.         Die schoene Muellerin Op.25 (L)(BA9157) BA \2,840   VO2S054
Schubert,F.         Winterreise Op.89 (H)(BA9118) BA \3,030   VO2S036
Schubert,F.         Winterreise Op.89 (M)(BA9138) BA \2,950   VO2S037
Schubert,F.         Winterreise Op.89 (L)(BA9158) BA \3,030   VO2S038
Schubert,F.         Schwanengesang D 957/965A (H)(BA9116) BA \2,840   VO2S066
Schubert,F.         Schwanengesang D 957/965A (M)(BA9136) BA \2,930   VO2S067
Schubert,F.         Schwanengesang D 957/965A (L)(BA9156) BA \2,930   VO2S068
Schubert,F.         Ave Maria (H) B (M) As (L) G PE \1,190   VO2S039
Schumann,R.         Complete Songs Vol.1 (H) PF \8,390   VO2S074
Schumann,R.         Complete Songs Vol.2 (H) PF \6,600   VO2S075
Schumann,R.         Complete Songs Vol.3 (H) PF \6,600   VO2S076
Schumann,R.         Liederkreis Op.24 (H) GH \2,850   VO2S013
Schumann,R.         Liederkreis Op.24 (M) (K.Ozawa) GH \3,040   VO2S078
Schumann,R.         Liederkreis Op.24 (L) (K.Ozawa) GH \3,040   VO2S079
Schumann,R.         Myrthen Op.25 (H) GH \4,180   VO2S077
Schumann,R.         12 Gedichte Op.35 (H)&(M) GH \3,420   VO2S073
Schumann,R.         Liederkreis Op.39 (version 1842 & 1850) (H) GH \4,520   VO2S030
Schumann,R.         Liederkreis Op.39 (version 1842 & 1850) (M) GH \4,470 * VO2S083
Schumann,R.         Liederkreis Op.39 (version 1842 & 1850) (L) GH \4,470 * VO2S084
Schumann,R.         Frauenliebe und Leben Op.42 GH \3,710   VO2S014
Schumann,R.         Liederkreis Op.24 (H) BA \2,930 VO2S071
Schumann,R.         Liederkreis Op.39 (H) BA \3,980 VO2S072
Schumann,R.         Dichterliebe Op.48 (H) GH \2,800   VO2S015
Schumann,R.         Dichterliebe Op.48 (M) GH \4,280 * VO2S085
Schumann,R.         Dichterliebe Op.48 (L) GH \4,280 * VO2S086
Shostakovich,D.     6 Poems of Marina Tsveyayeva Op.143 (Alto) HS \3,360   VO2S018
Sibelius,J.         15 Selected Songs (L) BHW \3,990 VO2S031
                     The kiss Op.13/2; Spring is flying Op.13/4; The dream Op.13/5;
                     The young sportsman Op.13/7; Then I ceased to ask those questions
                     Op.17/1; Lost Op.17/4; Evening Op.17/6; Wood on the water Op.17/7;
                     Black Roses Op.36/1; Ingalill Op.36/4; The Diamond in the snow
                     Op.36/6; The first kiss Op.37/1; The Tryst Op.37/5;
                     Come away Op.60/1; Hey ho, the wind and the rain Op.60/2        
Sibelius,J.         Finlandia Hymnen Op.26 (Jalas) F (M) [Fi,Sw,G] BHW \770   VO2S041
Strauss,J.(II)      Fruehlingsstimmen Walzer Op.410 (Coloratura Soprano) BSS \1,240 # VO2S091
Strauss,R.          Lieder Vol.1 BoH \10,080   VO2S020
Strauss,R.          Lieder-Album Vol.3 (10 Lieder) (H) UE \2,800   VO2S059
Strauss,R.          Lieder-Album Vol.4 (12 Lieder) (H) UE \2,800   VO2S062
Strauss,R.          8 Gedichte (Poems) Op.10 (H) GH \4,750 * VO2S087
Strauss,R.          8 Gedichte (Poems) Op.10 (M) GH \3,500 * VO2S088
Strauss,R.          8 Gedichte (Poems) Op.10 (L) GH \3,500 * VO2S089
Strauss,R.          4 Lieder Op.27 (H) GH \3,040 * VO2S090
Strauss,R.          4 letzte Lieder (H) BoH \4,180   VO2S026
Stravinsky,I.       Pulcinella (with voices) Che \3,440   VO2S027
Stravinsky,I.       Russian Maiden's Song BoH \1,800   VO2S069
Szymanowski,K.      6 Lieder der Maerchenprinzessin Op.31 [Pl,F.D] UE \4,310   VO2S065
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    Onegin's Aria from [Eugen Onegin] (Br) [R,F,D,E] BHW \720   VO2T002
Turina,J.           Melpomene Op.93/5 from [Las Musas de Andalucia] [Sp] UME \300   VO2T003
Verdi,G.            Ave Maria (1880) (Volgarizzata da Dante) h (S) CV \450   VO2V002
Villa-Lobos,H.      Bachianas Brasileiras No.5  AMP \1,530 # VO2V001
Wagner,R.           5 Gedichte [Wesendonk-Lieder) (H) PF \2,390   VO2W001
Wolf,H.             Goethe-Lieder Vol.1 PE \2,390   VO2W005
山田耕筰      からたちの花 (声とピアノ)(ヴァイオリンとピアノ) クラフトーン \550 VO2Y001
Ave Maria (Vocal Album) (42 pieces) BSS \4,560   VO2Z101
                     Ave Maria by Caccini, Arcadelt, Cherubini, Marschner, Schubert,
                     Donizetti, Verdi, Bruckner,Saint-Saens, Tosti, Mascagni, Mozart,
                     Faure (Sancta Maria), Mussorgsky (Prayer), etc.        
Ave Maria, graia plena for Solo Voice and Organ (26 pieces) BA \4,850   VO2Z125
                     Ave Maria by Alain, Bach-Gounod, Battistini, Bizet, Blazy,
                     Bruckner, Cherubini, Dvorak, Faure, Franck d & C, Goller,
                     Gounod, Guilmant, Hanau, Heydt, Liszt, Philip, Potiron, etc.        
Baerenreiter Opera Kaleidoscope for Soprano BA \950   VO2Z125
                     1,Monteverdi, Signor, quel infelice [Orfeo] 2.Handel, Tornami a
                     vagheggier [Alcina] 3.Handel, Ombra mai fu [Serse] 4.Gluck,
                     Qual vita e questa mai -Che fiero momento [Orfeo ed Euridice]
                     5.Gluck, Divinites du styx [Alceste] 6.Haydn, E amore di natura
                     [La Fedelta premiata] 7.Mozart, Giunse alfin il momento - De vieni
                     non tardar [Figaro] 8.Mozart, Ach ich fuehl's, es ist verschwunden!
                     [Die Zauberfloete] 9.Beethoven, O waer, ich schon mit dir vereint etc.    
OperAria  Bariton Vol.1 (Lyric) (29 pieces) BHW \6,260   VO2Z123
                     from Gluck, Mozart, Kreutzer, Rossini, Donizetti, Lortzing,
                     Thomas, Wagner, Gounod, Saint-Saens, Bizet, Tchaikovsky, Massenet,
                     Leoncavallo, Puccini, R.Strauss, Korngold, Ullmann, Britten        
Vienna, City of     My Dreams (Placido Domingo) (11 Songs) JW \3,590   VO2Z102
                     Sieczynski, Wien, du Stadt meiner Traume; Kalman, Gruss mir
                     mein Wien; Lehar, Da geh' ich zu Maxim; O.Strauss, Leise,
                     ganz leise; Zeller, Schenktman sich Rosen in Tirol; set.        
イタリア歌曲集 高声用1 (畑中良輔編集) 全音 \2,200   VO2Z105
イタリア歌曲集 高声用2 (畑中良輔編集) 全音 \1,870   VO2Z106
イタリア歌曲集 中声用3 (畑中良輔編集) 全音 \2,420   VO2Z109
日本歌曲集1 全音 \2,420   VO2Z118
日本歌曲集2 全音 \2,420   VO2Z119
2 Voices or more and Piano        
Beethoven,L.v.      Saemtliche Lieder Vol.3 (Mehrstimmige Gesaenge)(Luehning) GH \2,470   VO4B001
Haydn,J.            2 Duette from Hob.XXVa for S.T.Pf. GH \2,090   VO4H002
Offenbach,J.        Barcarolle for Sop. Mezzo-Sop. & Pf. PE \1,640   VO4O001
Rossini,G.          Duetto Buffo di Due Gatti d for 2 Voices & Pf. GR \960   VO4R002
Rossini,G.          Duetto Buffo di Due Gatti for 2 High Voices & Pf. PE \1,320   VO4R001
Saint-Saens,C.      Chanson de Grand-pere Op.53 for 2 Female Voices & Pf. Du \1,210   VO4S001
Tchaikovsky,P.I.    5 Duets Op.46 for Sop. Mezzo-Sop. & Pf. IMC \3,450   VO4T001
Verdi,G.            Brindisi from [Traviata] for S.T.Pf. GR \960   VO4V001
Mixed Chorus
Brahms,J.           Geistliche Chormusik (a cappella) BA \4,620   VO9B002
                     1.Marienlieder Op.22 2.Zwei Motetten Op.29 3.Drei geistliche Coere Op.37
                     Coere Op.37 4.zwei Motetten Op.74 5.Fest-und Gedenksprueche Op.1109
                     6.Drei Motetten Op.110        
Mixed Chorus and Piano
Borodin,A.          Polovetsian Dances from [Prince Igor] Bel \3,140   VOAB001
Verdi,G.            Triumphal March from [Aida] EK \1,190   VOAV001
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Vn : Violin   Va : Viola         Vc : Cello     DB : Double Bass  SQ : String Quartet
Fl ; Flute    Ob : Oboe          Cl : Clarinet  Bn : Bassoon      Hr : Horn
Pf : Piano    Bc : Basso continuo
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