- Woodwind Ensemble -
- A -
Woodwind Duo  
Bach,P.D.Q.         [Dutch] Suite G for Bn. & Tuba (Joke Music)(ps) TP \1,190   WE2B002
Bartok,B.           20 Duos for Fl. & Cl.(from 44 Duos)(Langer)(ps) UE \3,030   WE2B016
Beethoven,L.v.      3 Duos WoO.27 for Cl/Fl/Ob/Vn.Bn/Vc. (s&p) Ama \3,360   WE2B005
Beethoven,L.v.      3 Duos WoO.27 for Cl & Bn. (Kirkbride/Taylor) [B] IMC \2,170   WE2B015
Bozza,E.            Contrastes II for Ob. & Bn. (2ps) Led \4,120   WE2B009
Damase,J.-M.        Conversations for Cl. & Bn. (1999)(ps) [B] Lem \1,900   WE2D007
Dubois,P.M.         Petite Suite for Fl. & Bn.  Led \2,790   WE2D006
Ginastera,A.        Duo for Fl. & Cl. (ps)(orig. Fl. & Ob.) TP \1,820   WE2G011
Gould,M.            Duo for Fl. & Cl. (1972)(2ps)[B] GS \2,790   WE2G005
早川和子            遙 (YO) for Fl. & Cl. (ps)(手書き譜)[B] JIL \1,760   WE2H002
Hoffmeister,F.A.    3 Duos for Fl. & Ob/Vn. Op.38 (ps) FH \1,620   WE2H003
Jacob,G.            3 Inventions for Fl. & Ob. (ps) S&B \850   WE2J001
Jacob,G.            3 Little Pieces for Ob. & Bn. (2ps) MR \1,810   WE2J004
Jolivet,A.          Sonatine for Ob. & Bn. (1963)(2ps) BoH \3,150   WE2J003
Koechlin,C.         Quatre petites pieces Op.173 for Cl. & Hr. (2ps)[B] ME \3,140   WE2K003
Lewin,G  .          Nostalgia d'espana for Fl. & Cl. (ps) [B] BoH \3,030   WE2L001
Mozart,W.A.         Die Zauberfloete Arien for Fl. & Bn. (Bartholomaeus)(s&p) R&E \5,800   WE2M001
Poulenc,F.          Sonata for Cl. & Bn. (ps)[B] Che \1,470   WE2P001
Rivier,J.           Duo for Fl. & Cl. (Rampal) (ps)[B] Bil \1,690   WE2R003
Rutter,J.           3 American Miniatures for Fl. & Cl. (ps) OUP \1,100   WE2R002
Schocker,G.         Flusooning (or, unexpecteed romance) for Fl. & Bn. (s&p) Falls \2,710   WE2S003
Simonet,F.          4 Duos for Cl. & Hr. (s&p) [B] (um 1770- ?) Ama \3,040   WE2S004
Villa-Lobos,H.      Bachianas Brasileiras No.6 for Fl. & Bn. (ps) AMP \1,790   WE2V001
Villa-Lobos,H.      Choros (No.2) for Fl. & Cl. (2ps) [A] ME \1,850   WE2V003
Villa-Lobos,H.      Duo for Ob. & Bn. (ps) ME \4,970   WE2V002
Duets for Clarinet and Bassoon for Beginners (94 pieces)(ps)[B] EMB \3,900   WE2Z105
                     Eyck, Muffat, Couperin, Vivaldi, Telemann, Handel, Haydn, Mozart etc.    
Woodwind Trio
Auric,G.            Trio for Ob.Cl.Bn. (1899-1983)[A] MMP \1,690   WE3A001
Bach,J.S.           Siciliano g for Fl.Cl.Bn. from Fl. Sonata BWV.1031 (Dorff) TP \860   WE3B001
Bach,J.S.           3-Part Inventions Vol.1 (No.1-5) for Fl.Ob/Cl.Bn/BCl. [B] MP \3,600   WE3B021
                     (J.Nowak) (s&p)        
Bach,J.S.           3-Part Inventions Vol.2 (No.6-10) for Fl.Ob/Cl.Bn/BCl. [B] MP \3,600   WE3B022
                     (J.Nowak) (s&p)        
Bach,J.S.           3-Part Inventions Vol.3 (No.11-15) for Fl.Ob/Cl.Bn/BCl. [B] MP \3,600   WE3B023
                     (J.Nowak) (s&p)        
Beethoven,L.v.      Trio C Op.87 for Fl/Ob.Cl.Bn. (arr. by Newhill)(s&p)[B] MR \3,780   WE3B009
Beethoven,L.v.      Trio C Op.87 for Fl.Cl.Bn. (arr. by Weigelt)(s&p)[B] Leu \2,300   WE3B020
Beethoven,L.v.      Trio C Op.87  Bil \4,910   WE3B024
                     for Fl/Ob/Cl[B].Fl/Ob/EH/Cl[B].EH/Cl[A]/Bn/Va/Vc/Sax[Es]        
Beethoven,L.v.      Variations from [Don Giovanni] for Fl.Cl.Bn. [B] MR \2,830   WE3B017
Bizet,G.            Menuet Es from [L'Arlesienne Suite No.2] for Fl.Cl.Bn. アーク \1,375   WE3B018
Cambini,G.          Trio C Op.45/6 for Fl.Ob.Bn. (s&p) MR \3,150   WE3C003
Devienne,F.         Trio d Op.61/6 for Fl.Cl.Bn. (Newhill) MR \2,630   WE3D005
Dusek,F.X.          6 Partiien for 2-Ob.Bn. (s&p) Sup \1,890   WE3D008
Einem,G.v.          Serenade Op.84 for Cl.Bn.Hr. B&B \3,140   WE3E001
Eler,A.F.           Trio F Op.9/1 for Fl.Cl.Bn. (1764-1821) [B] MR \2,400   WE3E002
Farkas,F.           Maschere (commedia dellarte) for Ob.Cl.Bn.(s&p) EMB \2,230   WE3F001
Handel,G.F.         Water Music Suite for Fl.Ob/Cl.Cl. (Holcombe)(s&p)[B] MP \3,600   WE3H006
Handel,G.F.         Largo G for Fl.Cl.Bn. (arr. by Fujita)(s&p)[B] アーク \1,210   WE3H002
Mendelssohn,F.      On Wing of Song As for Fl.Cl.Bn.(藤田崇史編)(s&p)[B] アーク \1,210   WE3M022
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento No.1 B for 3BH or 2Cl.Bn. (s&p)[B] BHW \4,160 # WE3M004
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento No.1 B for Fl.Cl.Bn. K.Anh.229/1[B] IMC \2,300   WE3M005
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento No.2 B for 3BH or 2Cl.Bn. (s&p)[B] BHW \2,340   WE3M006
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento No.2 B for Fl.Cl.Bn. (Kraber)[B] IMC \2,700   WE3M025
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento No.3 B for 3BH or 2Cl.Bn. (s&p)[B] BHW \2,160   WE3M007
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento No.3 B for Fl.Cn.Bn. K.Anh.229/3[B] IMC \3,020   WE3M009
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento No.4 B for 3BH or 2Cl.Bn. (s&p)[B] BHW \3,140   WE3M011
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento No.4 B for Fl.Cl.Bn. K.Anh.229/4[B] IMC \1,890   WE3M012
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento No.5 B for 3BH or 2Cl.Bn. (s&p)[B] BHW \2,450   WE3M014
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento No.5 B for Fl.Cl.Bn. (Kraber)[B] IMC \1,310   WE3M026
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento [Die Hochzeit des Figaro] for 3BH or 2Cl.Bn. BHW \4,180   WE3M015
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento [Don Giovanni] for 3BH or 2Cl.Bn.(s&p)[B] BHW \4,200   WE3M016
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento [La Clamenza di Tito] for 3BH or 2Cl.Bn. BHW \2,640   WE3M017
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento [Die Zauberflote] for 3BH or 2Cl.Bn.(s&p) BHW \4,160   WE3M018
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento [Die Entfuehrung aus dem Serail] BHW \2,640   WE3M029
                     for 3BH or 2Cl.Bn. (s&p) [B]        
Mozart,W.A.         12 Variations [Ah' vous dirai-je maman] for Ob.Cl.Bn. Bil \3,210   WE3M030
                     (arr. by Hacquard)(Pierlot)(s&p) [B]        
Mozart,W.A.         Turkish March for Fl.Cl.Bn.(藤田崇史編)(s&p)[B] アーク \1,430   WE3M028
Pleyel,I.           Trio Es Op.20/2 for 2Cl.Bn. (s&p)[B] MR \3,680   WE3P006
Puccini,G.          O Mio Babbiono Caro & Musetta's Waltz for Fl.Ob.Cl. [B] MP \1,500   WE3P005
                     (arr. by C.Rothrock) (s&p)        
Tcherepnin,N.       Divertissement for Fl.Ob.Bn. op.posth.(1873-1945)(s&p) Bel \3,890   WE3T003
Vanhal,J.B.         2 Trios g & C Op.18/4&5 for Cl.Bn/Cl.Bn/Vc. (1739-1813) Ama \3,040   WE3V004
Viecenz,H.          Terzett for 2Ob.Hr. (s&p) (1893-1959) FH \4,460   WE3V002
Villa-Lobos,H.      Trio for Ob.Cl.Bn. (1921) ME \8,440   WE3V003
Vivaldi,A.          Concerto g RV.103 F.XII-4 for Fl.Ob.Bn. (Rampal) IMC \2,660   WE3V001
3 Pieces for Woodwind Trio (Camden) for Ob.Cl.Bn. (s&p)[B] TP \2,870   WE3Z108
                     J.S.Bach, Fugue c; Couperin, Les Petits Moulins a Vent;
                     Dandrieu, Les Fifres        
Wind Trios for Beginners for Fl/Ob/Cl.Cl/ASax.Bn/Cl/TSax. (24 pieces)(s&p) EMB \5,260   WE3Z104
                     Binchois, Fauxbourdon; Marenzio, Madrigal; Monteverdi, Madrigal;
                     Schuetz, Arioso; Lully, Ouverture; Purcell, Air; J.S.Bach, Praeludium;
                     Handel, Bourree; Gluck, Sarabande; Haydn, Trio; Beethoven, Menuet;
                     Chopin, Mazurka; Schumann, Harvester Song; etc.        
Easy Trios (Andras) for (22 pieces) EMB \2,790 WE3Z114
                     4 European folk songs; Marenzio, Villanella; Monteverdi, Canzonetta;
                     Ritornello; Scherzo musicale; Corelli, Sonata Op.1/2; Handel, Ballo;
                     Menuet; Bach, Musette; Tartini, Stabat Mater; etc.
Music for Weddings Vol.1 (Holcombe) for Fl/Ob/Cl.Fl/Ob/Cl.Bn/Cl/BCl. (s&p) [B] MP \3,000   WE3Z109
                     1.Handel, Allegro Maestoso 2.Grieg, Ich liebe Dich
                     3.Barnby, O Perfect Love 4.Wagner, Bridal Chorus
                     5.Mendelssohn, Wedding March        
Music for Weddings Vol.2 (Holcombe) for Fl/Ob/Cl.Fl/Ob/Cl.Bn/Cl/BCl. (s&p) [B] MP \3,000   WE3Z110
                     1.Clarke, Trumpet Voluntary 2.Pachelbel, Canon 
                     3.Wagner, Prayer [Lohengrin] 4.Beethoven, Ode to Joy        
Woodwind Quartet
Bach,J.S.           Air for the G string D or F for Fl.Ob.Cl.Bn/BCl.  (arr. by Holcombe) (s&p) [B] MP \2,700   WE4B009
Eler,A.-F.          Quartet d Op.11/2 for Fl.Cl.Hr.Bn. (Dienstbier)[B] Leu \2,710   WE4E003
Eler,A.-F.          Quartet F Op.11/3 for Fl.Cl.Hr.Bn. (Dienstbier)[B] Leu \2,710   WE4E004
Fasch,J.F.          Sonata F for 2-Ob.2Bn. (Cembalo ad lib.)(s&p) DVM \2,420   WE4F003
Francaix,J.         Quartet for Fl.Ob.Cl.Bn. (1933) [B] BSS \4,280   WE4F002
Gambaro,G.B.        Quartet No.1 F for Fl.Cl.Bn.Hr. (Balassa)(1785-1828)[B] EMB \840   WE4G001
Gambaro,G.B.        Quartet No.2 d for Fl.Cl.Bn.Hr. (Balassa)[B] EMB \660   WE4G004
Gambaro,G.B.        Quartet No.3 G for Fl.Cl.Bn.Hr. (Balassa)[B] EMB \560   WE4G005
Greaves,T.          4 Bagatelles for 2Fl.2Cl. (2ps)[B] Eme \1,980   WE4G003
Ibert,J.            2 Mouvements for 2Fl.Cl.Bn. (s&p)[AB] Led \5,360   WE4I001
Janacek,L.          3 Moravian Dances for Fl.Ob.Cl.Bn. (Munclinger)(s&p)[B] IMC \2,520   WE4J003
Mozart,W.A.         Adagio b K.540 for Ob/Fl.Cl.Hr.Bn. (Stallmann)[A] IMC \2,970   WE4M001
Mozart,W.A.         Andante F K.616 for Fl.Ob.Cl.Bn. (Munclinger)(s&p)[B] IMC \2,660   WE4M010
Mozart,W.A.         Adagio and Allegro f K.594 for Fl.Ob.Cl.Bn. (Munclinger)(s&p)[B] IMC \3,020   WE4M008
Mozart,W.A.         Fantasia f K.608 for Fl.Ob.Cl.Bn. (Munclinger)(s&p)[B] IMC \3,650   WE4M009
Pleyel,I.           Quartet Es for Fl.2Cl.Bn. (s&p)[B] MR \2,640   WE4P001
Rossini,G.          6 Quartes for Fl.Cl.Hr.Bn. Vol.1[B] BSS \6,080   WE4R001
Rossini,G.          6 Quartes for Fl.Cl.Hr.Bn. Vol.2[B] BSS \6,080   WE4R002
Rossini,G.          6 Quartets for Fl.Cl.Hr.Bn. Vol.1 [B] MMP \3,390   WE4R007
Quartets for Woodwinds (Zempleni) (s&p) (19 pieces) [B] EMB \3,890   WE4Z110
                     (9 Quartets for Fl.Ob.Cl.Bn.) 1.Palestrina, Ricercare 2.Purcell,
                     The mavis 3.Mozart, German dance 4.Schubert, Waltz 5.Donizetti,
                     Romanze 6.Franck, Panis angelicus 7.Bizet, Habanera 8.Tchaikovsky,
                     Mazurka 9.Tchaikovsky, Polka (5 Quartets for Fl.Ob.2Cl.) 10.Posch,
                     Intrade & Courante 11.Susato, Bergerette 12.Caldara, Canon
                     13.Mozart, Contretanz 14.Grieg, Waltz (5 Quartets for 2Fl.2Cl.)
                     15.Hasseler, Madrigal 16.Hassele, Gagliarda 17.Tchaikovsky, Maman
                     18.Tchaikovsky, Russian Song 19.Bardos, Hungarian folksong        
Woodwind Quintet
Agay,D.             5 Easy Dances for W5 (s&p) TP \4,500   WE5A001
Albeniz,I.          Suite Espagnole for W5 (s&p) MMP \2,650   WE5A002
Albrechtsberger,J.G. Serenata a 5 Es for Ob/Fl.Ob.Cl.Hr.Bn.(1736-1809) (s&p)[B] Dob \3,800   WE5A005
Arnold,M.           Three Shanties for W5 [B] Pat \1,990   WE5A004
Bach,J.S.           Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring for W5 (Holcombe)(s&p) MP \1,800   WE5B011
Barber,S.           Summer Music for W5 (s&p)[B] GS \5,090   WE5B012
Beethoven,L.v.      Coriolan Overture c Op.62 for W5 (Linkelman)(s&p)[B] BA \3,670   WE5B016
Berio,L.            Opus Number Zoo for Fl(Alt.Fl.).Ob.Cl.Bn.Hr. (rev.1970)[B] UE \6,500   WE5B019
Berlioz,H.          Marche hongroise for W5 (Linckelmann) BA \2,000   WE5B020
Besozzi,C.          Sonata No.20 C for 2-Ob.2Hr.Bn. or W5 (1738-1791)[B] Leu \3,110   WE5B041
Bizet,G.            Carmen Suite for W5 (D.Walter)(s&p)[AB] Bil \9,410   WE5B023
Bizet,G.            Jeux d'enfants for W5 (arr. by Davies)[AB] BSS \3,200   WE5B024
Bozza,E.            Pentaphonie for W5 [B] Led \4,060   WE5B039
Brahms,J.           Menuetto from Serenade No.1 for W5 (Walter)(s&p)[B] Bil \2,940   WE5B036
Cambini,G.          Quintet No.1 B for W5 (Rottler) Leu \2,400   WE5C001
Cambini,G.          Quintet No.2 d for W5 (Sirker)[B] Leu \3,120   WE5C002
Danzi,F.            Quintet B Op.56/1 for W5 (Weigelt)[B] Leu \2,930   WE5D003
Danzi,F.            Quintet g Op.56/2 for W5 (Weigelt)[B] Leu \2,790   WE5D004
Danzi,F.            Quintet F Op.56/3 for W5 (Kneusslin)[B] Leu \4,790   WE5D006
Danzi,F.            Quintet G  Op.67/1 for W5 (Rottler)[A] Leu \2,240   WE5D007
Danzi,F.            Quintet e  Op.67/2 for W5 (Rampal) IMC \2,430   WE5D008
Danzi,F.            Quintet e  Op.67/2 for W5 (Kneusslin)[A] K \2,400   WE5D009
Danzi,F.            Quintet Es Op.67/3 for W5 (Kneusslin)[B] K \3,990   WE5D011
Danzi,F.            Quintet A Op.68/1 for W5 (Kneusslin)[A] K \3,900   WE5D030
Danzi,F.            Quintet F Op.68/2 for W5 (Kneusslin) K \2,400   WE5D013
Danzi,F.            Quintet d Op.68/3 for W5 (Vester) MR \2,560   WE5D014
Debussy,C.          Petite Suite for W5 (Davies)[B] BSS \4,750   WE5D015
Debussy,C.          Chrildren's Corner for W5 (D.Walter)(s&p)[B] Bil \2,940   WE5D017
Debussy,C.          The Little Negro for W5 (Bozza)(s&p) Led \3,370   WE5D018
Debussy,C.          Reverie F for W5 (Holcombe) (s&p) [B] MP \2,700 WE5D032
Dittersdorf,C.      Divertimento B for2-Ob.2Cl.Bn. (Wojciechowski) HS \3,200   WE5D025
Dvorak,A.           Quintet F Op.96 for W5 (Walter)(s&p)(orig.SQ)[B] Bil \10,060   WE5D028
Dvorak,A.           Serenade Op.44 for W5 (Holcombe)(s&p)[B] MP \8,100   WE5D033
Farkas,F.           Early hungarian Dances from the 17th Century for WW.Quintet EMB \4,330   WE5F003
Faure,G.            Pavane Op.50 fis for W5 (Cheron) (s&p) Ham \3,380   WE5F006
Faure,G.            Dolly Suite for W5 (Davies) BSS \4,520   WE5F007
Fibich,Z.           Poeme from Op.39 Des for W5 (Linckelmann)(s&p)[B] BSS \1,680   WE5F014
Francaix,J.         Quintet No.1 for W5  BSS \6,840   WE5F009
Francaix,J.         Quintet No.2 for W5 (+EH) [B] BSS \6,720   WE5F011
Franck,C.           Scherzo g for W5 (Emerson)[B] Eme \1,300   WE5F012
Gade,Jacob          Tango Jalousie for W5 (Jorgensen)(s&p)[B] WH \4,750   WE5G016
Gebauer,F.-R.       Quintet No.2 Es for W5 (Sirker)[B] Leu \3,680   WE5G001
Gebauer,F.-R.       Quintet No.3 c for W5 (Sirker)[B] Leu \3,680   WE5G002
Gershwin,G.         Rhapsody in Blue B for W5 (Kalke) (s&p)[B] Wal \4,360   WE5G020
Gershwin,G.         Rhapsody in Blue B for W5 (Linckelmann) (s&p)[B][A] BA \5,120   WE5G023
Gershwin,G.         Porgy and Bess for W5 (5 Songs Medley)(Kalke) (s&p) [B] Wal \3,500   WE5G022
                     Summertime - I Got Plenty O'Nuttin' - I Loves You, Porgy -
                     It Aint Necessarily So - Bess, You Is My Woman Now        
Granados,E.         A la Cubana for W5 (McAlister)(s&p) MMP \1,160   WE5G009
Greaves,T.          Beethovens Fifth Bossa Nova for W5 Eme \2,400   WE5G010
Grieg,E.            Danses norvegiennes op.35 for W5 (Walter)(s&p)[A] Bil \9,060   WE5G012
Handel,G.F.         2 Arias for 2-Ob.2Hr.Bn.  MR \1,760   WE5H004
Haydn,J.            Divertimento No.1 B for W5 Hob.II-46 (s&p)[B] TP \3,490   WE5H005
Haydn,J.            Divertimento No.1 B for W5 (Perry)(s&p) BoH \2,470   WE5H006
Hindemith,P.        Kleine Kammermusik Op.24/2 for W5[B] BSS \6,650   WE5H013
Hummel,J.N.         Quintet Es from Octet (1830) (D.Walter)(s&p) Not \4,220   WE5H023
Humperdinck,E.      Hansel & Gretel for W5 & Narrator (by H.Mills)(s&p) Eme \6,320   WE5H022
Ibert,J.            3 Pieces Breves for W5 (s&p)[B] Led \7,270   WE5I001
Jacob,G.            Quintet No.2 G for W5 (s&p)(1895-1984) MR \3,680   WE5J012
Kilar,W.            Quintet  for W5 (1952) (s&p) [B] PWM \5,320   WE5K004
Klughardt,A.        Quintet C Op.79 for W5 (1847-1902) Kal \2,240   WE5K001
Kreisler,F.         Liebesfreud & Liebesleid for W5 (Linckelmann)(s&p)[B] BSS \4,560   WE5K002
Kreisler,F.         Schoen Rosmarin D for W5 (Holcombe)(s&p)[B] MP \2,250   WE5K005
Lachner,F.          Quintet No.2 Es (1827) for W5 [B] MR \3,680   WE5L001
Lefebvre,C.         Suite Op.57 for W5 (1847-1917) IMC \3,410   WE5L003
Ligeti,G.           6 Bagatelles for W5 (1953) [B] BSS \7,320   WE5L010
Liszt,F.            5 Pieces for W5 (s&p) EMB \2,270   WE5L005
Liszt,F.            3 Concert Pieces for W5 (Andraud)(s&p)[B] SMC \1,500   WE5L006
                     from [Years of Pilgrimage] Pastoral; Le Mal du Pays; Eglogue        
Liszt,F.            3 Morceaux from [Annees de Pelerinage] for W5 (Lassen)(s&p) Ebe \3,330   WE5L009
                     1.Pastorale 2.Le mal du pays 3.Eglogue        
Ludwig,C.-D.        Happy Birthday (5-course birthday dinner) for W5  BSS \4,000   WE5L008
                     (Tarkmann) (s&p) [B]        
Marais,             Le Basuqe for Hr.solo & Fl.Ob.Cl.Bn. (s&p)[B] McC \2,250   WE5M048
Mendelssohn,F.      Wedding March for W5 (Rosenhaus)(s&p)[B] MMP \1,070   WE5M005
Milhaud,D.          Divertissement for W5  Heu \7,580   WE5M007
Milhaud,D.          2 Sketches for W5 : Madrigal & Pastoral [B] TP \1,790   WE5M008
Molter,J.M.         3 Maersche 2Hr.2-Ob.Bn. (P.Damm)(1696-1765)(s&p) Uetz \2,350   WE5M044
Mozart,W.A.         Adagio B K.411 for W5 (Weigelt)[B] Leu \1,680   WE5M012
Mozart,W.A.         Adagio c K.540 for Fl.Eh.Cl.Hr.Bn. (Walter)(s&p)[A] Not \2,550   WE5M045
Mozart,W.A.         Adagio und Rondo C K.617 for W5 (Heckl)(s&p)[B] Dob \4,100   WE5M014
Mozart,W.A.         2 Divertimenti K.253 & 270 for W5 (D.Walter)(s&p)[B] Bil \6,780   WE5M020
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento No.8 F K.213 for W5 (Weigelt)[B] Leu \1,840   WE5M021
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento No.9 B K.240 for W5 (Weigelt)[B] Leu \1,840   WE5M022
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento No.12 Es K.252 for W5 (Rottler)[B] Leu \1,920   WE5M023
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento No.14 B K.270 for W5 (Weigelt)[B] Leu \2,230   WE5M025
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento No.16 Es K.289 for W5 (Rottler)[B] Leu \2,240   WE5M026
Mozart,W.A.         Serenade No.11 Es K.375 for W5 (Gabler)[B] Dob \4,730   WE5M039
Mozart,W.A.         Quintet c K.406 for W5 (Rottler)[B] Leu \6,370   WE5M028
Mozart,W.A.         Symphony No.40 g K.550 for W5 (Linkelman)(s&p)[B] BA \4,720   WE5M029
Mozart,W.A.         Die Zauberflote Overture for W5 (Linkelmann)[B] BA \2,950   WE5M030
Mozart,W.A.         2 Selections from [Le Petits Riens] for W5 [B] EV \1,020   WE5M032
Mozart,W.A.         Rondo a K.511 for W5 & DB. ad lib. (Breuer)(s&p)[A] Sim \3,600   WE5M041
Mozart,W.A.         Eine kleine Nachtmusik B 1st Movement for W5 (Rothrock)(s&p) MP \1,800   WE5M049
Mozart,W.A.         12 Variations [Ah' vous dirai-je maman] for W5 (Whitfield)(s&p)[B] PP \3,890   WE5M051
Mussorgsky,M.       Night on Bald Mountain for W5 (Linckelmann)(s&p)  [AB]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        BA \5,240   WE5M050
Naether,G.          Happy Birthday for W5 (s&p) FH \2,060   WE5N001
Onslow,G.           Quintet F Op.81/3 for W5 (Redel)[B] Leu \2,720   WE5O001
Pachelbel,J.        Canon for W5 (arr. by Dorff)(s&p) TP \1,670   WE5P001
Piazzolla,A.        Le Grand Tango for W5 (Sharretts)(s&p) Ber \3,060   WE5P018
Piazzolla,A.        Tango Suite for W5 (Sharretts)(s&p) Ber \4,070   WE5P019
Pierne,G.           March of the Lead Soldiers for W5  Led \3,380   WE5P003
Pierne,G.           Pastorale Op.14/1 for W5 (s&p) [A] Led \2,860   WE5P015
Pierne,Paul         Suite Pittoresque for W5 (s&p) Led \2,850   WE5P007
Prokofieff,S.       Peter and the Wolf for W5 (Linckelmann)(s&p)[A] HS \7,670   WE5P016
Prokofieff,S.       Suite from Romeo and Juliet for W5 (Linckelmann)(s&p)[AB] HS \6,200   WE5P017
Rachmaninoff,S.     Vocalise c for W5 (horn feature)(Holcombe)(s&p) [B] MP \1,950   WE5R037
Rameau,J.-P.        Suite G for W5 (arr. by Ryohei Nakagawa)(s&p) [B] TP \6,350   WE5R025
Ravel,M.            Piece en forme de Habanera for W5 (Kessler) Led \2,470   WE5R001
Ravel,M.            Le Tombeau de Couperin for W5 (M.Jones) [AB] Du \4,010   WE5R032
Reicha,A.           Quintet e  Op.88/1 for W5 (Klement)[B] TB \6,190   WE5R003
Reicha,A.           Quintet e  Op.88/1 for W5 (Kneusslin) K \7,110   WE5R004
Reicha,A.           Quintet Es Op.88/2 for W5 [B] GH \4,160   WE5R033
Reicha,A.           Quintet Es Op.88/2 for W5 (Weigelt)[B] TB \2,700   WE5R005
Reicha,A.           Quintet G  Op.88/3 for W5 (Kneusslin) [B] K \4,480   WE5R007
Reicha,A.           Quintet d  Op.88/4 for W5 (Kneusslin) [B]or[AB] K \4,720   WE5R008
Reicha,A.           Quintet B  Op.88/5 for W5 (Seydel)[B] TB \3,360   WE5R009
Reicha,A.           Quintet D  Op.91/3 for W5 (Kneusslin) K \6,160   WE5R013
Reicha,A.           Quintet A  Op.91/5 for W5 (Kneusslin) [A] K \3,920   WE5R034
Reicha,A.           Quintet c  Op.91/6 for W5 (Kneusslin) [B] K \7,040   WE5R035
Reicha,A.           Quintet f  Op.99/2 for W5  MR \3,360   WE5R014
Reicha,A.           Quintet A  Op.99/3 for W5 (Kneusslin) K \4,720   WE5R015
Reicha,A.           Quintet D  Op.99/5 for W5 (Kneusslin) [A] K \6,460   WE5R039
Rimsky-Korsakov,N.  Flight of the Bumblebee for W5 [B] MMP \1,190   WE5R023
Rimsky-Korsakov,N.  Flight of the Bumblebee for W5 (Holcombe) (s&p)[B] MP \2,880   WE5R020
Satie,E.            Sonatine bureaucratique for W5 (McAlister)[B] MMP \1,310   WE5S001
Scarlatti,D.        2 Sonatas K.87 & K.455 for W5 (Bastable) (s&p)[AB] IMC \3,040   WE5S051
Scarlatti,D.        Capriccio e Burlesca for W5 (McAlister)(s&p)[B] MMP \1,190   WE5S002
Schoenberg,A.       Quintet Op.26 [A] UE \9,590   WE5S004
Schrammel,J.        Wien bleibt Wien for W5 (Totzauer)(s&p)[B] Dob \3,540   WE5S005
Schrammel,J.        Wien-Berlin Marsch Op.100 for W5(s&p)[B] Dob \2,390   WE5S006
Schubert,F.         Moments musicaux No.3 f for W5 (Walter)(s&p) Bil \1,370   WE5S009
Scott,J.            The Fascinator C for W5 (Holcombe) (s&p)[B] MP \1,800   WE5S047
Shostakovich,D.     String Quartet No.8 Op.110 for W5(Popkin) MR \3,360   WE5S015
Sousa,J.P.          The Liberty Bell F for W5 (Holcombe) (s&p) MP \1,950   WE5S049
Strauss,J.(I)       Kettenbrucken-Walzer for W5(s&p)[A] FH \2,050   WE5S024
Strauss,J.(I)       Radetzky-Marsch D Op.228 for W5 (Totzauer)(s&p)[A/B] FH \2,690   WE5S025
Strauss,J.(II)      Annen-Polka D Op.117 for W5 (Totzauer)(s&p)[A] Dob \2,550   WE5S042
Strauss,J.(II)      Die Fledermaus Overture for W5(Kennedy)(s&p) MMP \3,050   WE5S028
Strauss,J.(II)      Fruehlingsstimmen for W5 (Totzauer)(s&p) [B] Dob \7,050   WE5S030
Strauss,J.(II)      Leichtes Blut Op.319 for W5 (Totzauer) Dob \2,640   WE5S032
Strauss,J.(II)      Morgenblaetter for W5 (Bjelik)(s&p)[B] Dob \4,350   WE5S033
Strauss,J.(II)      Perpetuum mobile for W5 (Gabler)(s&p) [B] Dob \4,130   WE5S035
Strauss,J.(II)      Tritsch-Tratsch Polka A Op.214 for W5 (Totzauer)(s&p)[A] Dob \3,410   WE5S044
Strauss,J.&Josef    Pizzicato-Polka for W5 (Gabler) Dob \2,330   WE5S037
Taffanel,P.         Quintet for W5  IMC \5,400   WE5T002
Telemann,G.P.       Ouverturen-Suite D for W5 [A] Leu \1,920   WE5T007
Tomasi,H.           5 Danses profanes et sacrees for W5 (s&p)[B] Led \8,430   WE5T008
Verdi,G.            Nabucco Overture for W5 (Linckelmann)[A] BA \2,160   WE5V001
Verdi,G.            La Forza del Destino for W5 (Linckelmann) BA \2,950   WE5V002
Verdi,G.            Scherzo from [Falstaff] for W5 (Hastings) IMC \2,170   WE5V003
Villa-Lobos,H.      Quintette en forme de choros for W5 [A] ME \6,970   WE5V004
Looney Tunes (Medley)(Holcombe)(s&p)[B] MP \2,400 WE5Z120
                      This is it; The Merry-Go Round Broke Down;
                      Merrily We Roll Along
Selections from The Sound of Music (Medley)(Holcombe) (s&p) [B] MP \4,500   WE5Z119
                      The Sound of Music; Maria; My Favorite Things; Do-Re-Mi;
                      Sixteen Going on Seventeen; The Lonely Goatherd:
                      So Long Farewell; Edelweiss; Climb Every Mountain        
Three Wedding Marches for W5 (arr. by Nakagawa)(s&p)[B] TP \4,490   WE5Z108
                     Mozart, March [Figaro]; Wagner, Bridal Chorus; Mendelssohn, Wedding March
夏は来ぬ (小山作之助ー宮崎隆編曲) for W5 (s&p) レーヴ \1,500   WE5Z125
浜辺の歌 (成田為三ー宮崎隆編曲) for W5 (s&p) レーヴ \1,500   WE5Z126
A Christmas Concedrt for W5 (Bastable) (s&p) [B] IMC \5,390 WE5Z131
                     Berlioz, The Shepherd's Farewell; Lift Up Your Heads in 
                     Joyful Hope; Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow!; In dulci jubiolo;
                     Mendelssohn, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
A Christmas Jazz Suite for W5 (Holcombe)(s&p) MP \3,600   WE5Z132
                     Deck the Halls; Silent Night; God rest ye Merry Gentlemen;
                     We wish you a Merry Christmas
Woodwind Sextet or more        
Barber,S.           [Adagio for Strings] for Woodwind Choir(20 players) (s&p) GS \3,000   WE6B004
                     Contrabass Cl.(Es),Contrabass Cl.(B), 2A-Sax.T-Sax.Baritone Sax      
Beethoven,L.v.      Sextet Es Op.71 & March WoO.29 for 2Cl.2Hr.2Bn. GH \4,000   WE6B018
Beethoven,L.v.      Parthia Es Op.103 & Rondo Es WoO.25 for 2-Ob.2Cl.2Hr.2Bn.[B] GH \5,700   WE6B020
Beethoven,L.v.      Octet Es Op.103 for 2-Ob.2Cl.2Hr.2Bn. BHW \4,000   WE6B007
Beethoven,L.v.      Fidelio for 2-Ob.2Cl.2Hr.2Bn.DB. (Sedlak) Vol.1 (s&p) MR \6,080   WE6B009
Beethoven,L.v.      Fidelio for 2-Ob.2Cl.2Hr.2Bn.DB. (Sedlak) Vol.2 (s&p) MR \7,680   WE6B019
Bereau,J.S.         Sextuor for W5 & Tpt. (s&p) [B]  Cho \5,260   WE6B015
Dvorak,A.           Serenade F Op.22 for Double Woodwind Quintet & DB. (s&p)[B] ECA \12,500   WE6D002
Hartley,G.          Miniserenade No.2 for 2-Ob.2Cl.2BH.4Hr.2Bn.DB.(s&p)[B] PP \11,500   WE6H002
Janacek,L.          Mladi (Youth) for W5+P & Bass Cl. [B] BA \4,550   WE6J005
Krommer,F.          Octet-Partita F  Op.57 for 2-Ob.2Cl.2Hr.2Bn. & CBn. ad lib. (s&p) MR \7,560   WE6K004
Mendelssohn,F.      Nocturno C for Winds (Hogwood) BA \4,790   WE6M041
                     for Fl.2-Ob.2Cl.2Bn.2Hr.2Tpt. Corno Inglese di basso        
Mendelssohn,F.      Overture C for Winds Op.24 (Hogwood) BA \15,220   WE6M040
                     for Picc.Fl.2-Ob.4Cl.2BH.2Bn.2CBn. Corno Inglese di basso,
                     4Hr.2Tpt.3Tbn. Tamburo, Triangulo, Gran Cassa, Cinelli        
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimenti K.213,240,252,253,270 for 2-Ob.2Bn.2Hr. GH \9,220   WE6M042
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento No.13 F  K.253 for 2-Ob.2Bn.2Hr.  BHW \2,640   WE6M004
Mozart,W.A.         Divertimento No.16 Es K.289 for 2-Ob.2Bn.2Hr.  BHW \2,640   WE6M006
Mozart,W.A.         Serenade No.10 B K.361 for 2-Ob.2Cl.2BH/2Cl.4Hr.2Bn.DB.  GH \10,830   WE6M037
Mozart,W.A.         Serenade No.10 B K.361 for 2-Ob.2Cl.2BH/2Cl.4Hr.2Bn.DB.  BA \9,880   WE6M007
Mozart,W.A.         Serenade No.11 Es K.375 (a 6) for 2Cl.2Hr.2Bn.  GH \3,200   WE6M038
Mozart,W.A.         Serenade No.11 Es K.375 (a 6) for 2Cl.2Hr.2Bn.  BA \4,310   WE6M011
Mozart,W.A.         Serenade No.11 Es K.375 (a 8)for 2-Ob.2Cl.2Hr.2Bn.  GH \5,230   WE6M039
Mozart,W.A.         Serenade No.11 Es K.375 (a 8)for 2-Ob.2Cl.2Hr.2Bn.  BA \5,040   WE6M012
Mozart,W.A.         Serenade No.12 c K.388 for 2-Ob.2Cl.2Hr.2Bn.  BA \4,850   WE6M015
Mozart,W.A.         Serenade No.12 c K.388 for 2-Ob.2Cl.2Hr.2Bn.  GH \4,320   WE6M034
Mozart,W.A.         Parthia B for 2-Ob.2Cl.2Hr.2Bn. K.361 (Blomhert)  Dob \10,400   WE6M018
Mozart,W.A.         Alla Turca for 2-Ob.2Cl.2Hr.2Bn. (B.Mayer) Dob \3,670   WE6M021
Mozart,W.A.         Marriage of Figaro for 2-Ob.2Cl.2Bn.2Hr. (Wendt) Vol.2 MR \8,530   WE6M023
Mozart,W.A.         Don Giovanni for 2-Ob.2Cl.2Bn.2Hr. (Triebensee) Vol.1 MR \9,900   WE6M026
Mozart,W.A.         Don Giovanni for 2-Ob.2Cl.2Bn.2Hr. (Triebensee) Vol.2 MR \9,540   WE6M027
Pierne,G.           Preludio & Fughetta Op.40/1 for 2Fl.Ob.Cl.Hr.2Bn. IMC \1,590   WE6P002
Reinecke,C.         Octet B Op.216 for Fl.Ob.2Cl.2Hr.2Bn. IMC \4,200   WE6R002
Strauss,R.          Serenade Es Op.7 for 2Fl.2Ob.2Cl.2Bn.CBn.4Hr. GH \4,750   WE6S006
Strauss,R.          Serenade Es Op.7 for 2Fl.2Ob.2Cl.2Bn.CBn.4Hr. UE \5,040   WE6S003
Strauss,R.          Suite B Op.4 for 2Fl.2Ob.2Cl.2Bn.CBn.4Hr. TB \14,190   WE6S004
ピアノや弦楽器ゲンガッキハイ管楽器カンガッキ合奏ガッソウは Woodwind Ensemble カタログB をごランください。
金管合奏は Brass Ensemble カタログをご覧ください。
以上が10月11日現在の在庫です。 上記は在庫分の価格ですので、
W5 = Fl.Ob.Cl.Hr.Bn.
+P = + Piccolo : +EH = + English Horn
[A] [B] [C] [G]= パート譜のクラリネットの種類を表します。
[AB]= A管B管両方必要       [A/B]= A管またはB管